Zara’s Nikah update Wednesday 14 October 2020

Zara’s Nikah 14 October 2020: All sit down for dinner, Zeenat says I made it with hardwork. Aazar asks Zara why she is not eating? Zara says I wont eat this food. Ayesha thinks that she might tell that she doesnt eat with us. Tabassum asks why? Zara says Kabir tell why I wont eat this food.. he glares at her. Zara says let me tell you, she brings simple food. Tabassum says daughter in laws dont eat each others cooked food? Zara says no I eat food with less salt. Tabassum asks why her plate is different? Zara says he like heavy salt in food so I have kept my plate different. Aazar says I like less salted food, he tastes her food and says its very nice, you all should try, Kabir try its your wife’s cooked food. Shahbaz eats it and says I really like Zara’s cooked food, Kabir you should try too. All look on. Aazar serves it to Kabir. Kabir eats it. Zara thinks that Shahbaz is doing anything to please Aazar.

Scene 1
Zeenat stops Zara and says why you were getting frank with Asif (Kabir’s cousin)? remain in limit. Zara says we both went to same university so talked. Zeenat says you dont know how Tabassum can take things, she leaves. Zara thinks that Shahbaz called Asif to get deal.

Shahbaz says to Asif that Singapore has become business hub, I have a business proposal, I would suggest to invest in it. Asif and Kashan and looks at it. Kabir turns to leave, Asif asks where is he going leaving the talk of crores? Kabir says prayers are more important for me so I am going. Asif says pray for me too. Kabir says all have to offer namaz for themselves, he leaves.

Tabassum says to Ayesha that you dont even have marble in your house. Zeenat says I will show my side of house. Tabassum says you divided house? Zeenat says no, no its just my room.

Zara says all are busy, I will find out why Shahbaz needs that much money, she goes in his study and checks his files but Ruksaar comes there and says you were stealing here? I will tell everyone.

Tabassum asks Zeenat to make them meet Ruksaar, dont worry I know her condition, we pray for her.

Zara says to Ruksaar that I am your friend and I cant steal, my video game lost so I was searching for it, I have a surprise for family so dont tell anyone and sees if anyone is coming. Ruksaar goes on door while Zara checks files. Zeenat is searching for Ruksaar. She calls out to her and Ruksaar answers but Zara stops her. Zeenat hears her and says she is in Shahbaz’s study room? She comes in but finds Ruksaar alone there while Zara hides behind shelf. Zeenat asks Ruksaar what she is doing here? Ruksaar says I am hiding from Amaan as we are playing hide and seek. Zeenat says okay, come guests want to meet you. Ruksaar says no I will get gift here. Zeenat sees something and starts going towards Zara but stops to get pens from floor, she says to Ruksaar that lets go, she takes her from there. Zara thinks what if Zeenat closes door from outside? Zeenat doesnt and leaves with Ruksaar. Zara checks files and finds deal with Singapore company and debt he took. She hears someone coming in and thinks I have to leave before someone comes here. She runs out and hides. Zeenat comes back and closes door.

Kabir offers namaz and prays to control his anger so he doesnt do anything which we never thought.

Tabassum meets Ruksaar and tells Asif that she is Kabir’s wife. Kabir says we married in helpless condition and I will divorce her when she becomes fine. Asif says this is Islam to marry and divorce for gain? Kabir pulls Zara and says I love her a lot, she sent me to Dubai to save Ruksaar, I didnt divorce her when I didnt have a reason and I wont divorce her till she becomes fine, you cant taunt me when you cant offer namaz. Asif says I dont believe in God and I am scared of extremist like you. Kabir says I want to keep away from people like you who dont trust in God. Zara says enough, Kabir we cant force Islam on others, Prophet was always nice with people who didnt believe in God. She says to Asif that we dont argue on Islam. Asif hugs Kabir, they say sorry to each other. Tabassum says Kabir should sit in mosque instead of arguing here, lets leave. Asif comes out and says to Zara that tell Kabir I dont have any grudge. Zara says you dont believe in Islam then why you gave 3 crore Zakat? Asif says zakat is for poor and it can eradicate poverty, he leaves with family.

Ayesha thanks Zara for keeping their respect. Zeenat says thank God you stopped pretending like a poor and wore good clothes. Zara says these are used clothes and I bought them for 600rs. Ayesha says you wore used clothes to save our respect? Zara says I washed them in warm water, maybe its the dress Tabassum gave in zakat. Kabir says it was given in zakat and you bought it for 600rs? Zara says thats what I am saying, we get a lot of zakat but it doesnt reach poor and we have all duty to make zakat go to right people. Ayesha says ask anything you want today. Zara says just pray that my husband starts working for himself too, that I get eligible to give zakat too, Kabir glares at her and leaves. Shahbaz leaves. Zara thinks that I pray Kabir doesnt get used by Shahbaz.

Shahbaz says to Kashan that Zara handled today’s situation very well, if she starts working for us then she can take our business ahead. Kashan leaves. Zara comes there and says you are praising me right now when you were against me before? lets come face to face, I know your truth, you want zakat money using Kabir, she shows him his debt document and says I can show it to Kabir and make him work but I wont take advantage of your helplessness but if you use my husband then I will tell him, dont use him in sharia board. Shahbaz stops her and says go and tell everything to Kabir, I will see if he trusts you, he will trust me even without proof. Zara says you are right, humans dont know how devil is distracting them but I will free my husband from a devil as a wife. Shahbaz says you called me devil? I promise you that I will never let Kabir get away from my shackles, lets see if father’s grip is strong or wife’s grip on her husband.

Zara lights fire in wood and recalls her face-off with Shahbaz. Zara says I challenged him but he will not stay silent, he will use Kabir against me, God.. She sees Shahbaz coming there with Kabir. They both glare at her. Shahbaz says I have brought him to show how much trust he has on me. He asks Kabir to take burning wood and put it in his hand. Zara tries to stop Kabir and says you cant do it. Kabir pushes Zara and holds burning coal in his hand. Shahbaz smirk. Zara screams and runs to him but gets her foot burned.. it all turns out to be her imagine. Zara says Shahbaz is attached to Kabir and he can hurt Kabir, I have to face this trouble, Kabir is my duty.

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