Zara’s Nikah update Thursday 10 December 2020


Zara’s Nikah 10 December 2020: Kabir takes shower and recalls him breaking up with Zara. He beats himself and cries. Shahbaz knocks on door and says tea is waiting. He sees Zara calling him and cuts it. She tries again but Shahbaz cuts it. Zara sends message. Shahbaz hears her voicenote about heart attack to Irfan. Zeenat hears it and says Kabir shouldnt know this, Kabir will go back to Zara, I dont think he got heart attack, they are pretending. Shahbaz says you are right, he deletes her message and switch off his phone. Zara is tensed.

Zara says to Azra that I sent him a message, he read it and turned off his phone, how can he do that? Azra says Irfan’s operation cant happen without reports. Zara calls Ayesha but her phone is off, she cant reach Alina’s phone. Azra says what we will do? Zara leaves from there.

Kabir is crying in bathroom. Zeenat says to Shahbaz that I switched off all phones, what if she comes here? Shahbaz says we cant let her meet Kabir and tell him about Irfan, we have to do something.

Zara comes outside Kabir’s house, guard says that Kabir has asked us to not let you in. Zara says I am requesting you to talk to Kabir and ask him to give reports, I am staying here. Gaurd leaves. Guard gets stopped by Zeenat, she says tell Zara what I am saying. Guard comes to Zara and says I tried to wake up Kabir and told him but he said he is sleeping and told me to tell you to leave and dont comeback.

Zara is stunned and leaves from there.
Shahbaz sees Kabir coming out of bathroom, he thinks Kabir cant see Zara outside.Azra calls Zara and says we need reports for operation. Zara knocks on Kabir’s house door and beg him to open door. Kabir doesnt hear it in his room. Shahbaz tries to distract him. Zeenat comes to Zara. Zara says can you please bring Irfan’s reports from Kabir? he got heart attack. Zeenat says leave from here, he doesnt want to talk. Zara says I dont want to talk to him, just give me reports, she shouts for Kabir. Zeenat says stop, I will bring reports.

Shahbaz says to Kabir that you didnt do any sin. Kabir says I insulted my wife and father in law infront of all, isnt that a sin? Shahbaz gets call and leaves.
Zeenat says to Shahbaz that Zara wont leave without reports, bring them. Shahbaz says if I ask for reports from Kabir then he will know Irfan got heart attack and he wont be able to forgive him, send her back.

Shahbaz asks Kabir where are you going? Kabir says I am going to mosque for prayers. Shahbaz says drink tea first, sit down. Kabir drinks tea and thanks him.

Scene 2
Zeenat comes outside of house and says shame on you, Kabir doesnt have any report, go from here. Zara says dont stop me, he has my father’s reports. Zara pushes her away and tries go inside. Zara comes to Kabir’s car, she tries to open car with earring but cant. She takes hockey stick and breaks glass. Kabir hears it in his room as well. Shahbaz says I will go and check. He sees Zara in driveway from window and is tensed. Zara takes out reports from Kabir’s car. Kabir comes to window and sees Zara, he is stunned. Zara looks at him and recalls his harsh words. Kabir is confused. Zara says send bill for the damage. She sadly looks at him and leaves from there. Kabir is ashamed. Zeenat says look what she did with our car, dont know what she wants.

Kabir offers namaz in mosque with others. He recalls Zara breaking car. He prays for Zara and thinks I hurt her so much that she wanted to take revenge, its fair but please give her peace, make her troubles go away.

Zara offers namaz in hospital and pray for Irfan. Mina comes to them and says surgery was successful but he is not conscious, pray that he becomes conscious, he is still in danger.


Kashan is trying to make Ayesha eat. Zeenat says Zara’s drama is still going on? she tells Ayesha to not be sad infront of Amaan, he has to study. She sends Amaan for school. Amaan says I want to talk to Nussu but Zeenat is not letting me talk to her. Ayesha says your exams are going on, listen to your mom, kids who listen to their moms are good. Kabir hears it and is sad. Amaan says okay I will listen to my mother, he leaves for school. Kabir comes to Ayesha. Ayesha glares at him and recalls Kabir insulting Zara. She leaves from there. Shahbaz comes there and asks Kabir to go and rest.

Zara says to Salma that we are here, you can go home and rest. Mina comes there and says Irfan is conscious now, we can meet him once doctor checks him.

Ayesha comes to lounge with her luggage. All are shocked. Ayesha says Kashan ask Kabir to leave, he wanted to go to Dubai then ask him to leave, I cant breath with him in this house. Kabir is hurt and says you want me to leave this house? You? If you want then I will leave, you have to take care of yourself. Ayesha says you dont care about me, I saw how you respected my promise, ask him to leave. Kashan hugs her and says I know he did wrong thing but we cant throw him out of house.

Shahbaz says Kabir didnt do anything wrong, how dare you ask him to leave my house? he is my son. Ayesha says he proved that he is your son and not mine. Kabir says you are wrong, you have right on me, I cant see your anger for me, you want me to leave? I will leave but remember that I did everything without something in mind, if you want then your son will leave, I will comeback when your anger is gone. He turns to leave but Shahbaz stops him and shouts at Ayesha. He says you are going against me, I dont like this. Kabir stops him. Shahbaz calms down and says if you go against me then it wont be good for you, take her bag back. Kabir says sorry but you cant talk to my mother in this tone. Ayesha gets dizzy and faints. Kashan and Kabir rushes to her.

Scene 2

Mina tells family that they can meet Irfan. Zara comes to Irfan’s room and hugs him. Salma comes there too and asks how is he? He says I am fine. Irfan asks Zara to not cry. Zara says my father is my hero. Azra says yes he is strong and our prayers are with him. Zara recalls Kabir’s words that he didnt give right upbringing to Zara and how Irfan was ready to bow down to Kabir infront of all. Irfan says God says that sometime we dont like something but we have to do it, you dont know what God has planned for you, God says to keep patience and trust God in times of worry. Zara says I know what you are saying but please become fine. Irfan says I am fine.

Doctor checks Ayesha and says she is stressed, dont give her tension. He asks Kabir to bring medicine from city hospital.

Kabir comes to city hospital. Zara strikes with him. They are both stunned to see each other. Kabir asks what are you doing here? Azra comes there and says wow, you had guts to come here? zara says he is a stranger to me, he was my husband but now we will talk on doom’s day infront of God only, she leaves. Kabir is hurt.

Kabir comes out of hospital and recalls Zara’s words. He thinks that I will tell God that I did everything for her betterment.

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