Zara’s Nikah update Sunday 12 July 2020

Zara’s Nikah 12 July 2020: Siraj looks at sleeping Zara and asks how she is? doctor says she will wake up in few minutes. Siraj says I want this room filled with flowers, I want Zara to be surrounded by flowers fragrance when she wakes up, decorate this house like a queen, we are going to get married, servants leave. Siraj says to Zara that you wanted to live in Kashmir, now this Kashmir is all yours, just make me yours once. He sits closer to her and leans in near her lips but moves away. He says I want to come closer to you but not without your permission, you are more beautiful than my thoughts, like rose, I am sorry I took time to save you from your husband but I promise no one will be able to take you from me now.

Kabir is asking inspector to search for Zara, inspector asks if he has her photo, Kabir says I dont have it, please find her. Shahbaz calls him and asks where is Zara? her mom is worried about her, let me talk to her. Kabir says I am out and Zara is in room and I am out. Inspector says if Zara is in your room then why you are lying that she is missing? Shahbaz asks what is happening? Kabir ends call. Inspector says we cant find her without photos.

Ruksaar opens her chat, she reads Siraj”s message that today is win of my love, today I am going to get married to the love of my life. Ruksaar says Siraj kidnapped Zara? now I will get Kabir.

Zara wakes up in a strange room and sees it filled with flowers, she recalls how she fainted after smelling flowers, she says Kabir? and looks around. Siraj comes there and sees her awake. Zara is confused. Siraj says accept my greeting face to face for first time. Zara asks who are you? Siraj says remember I am the same person who you like to talk, with whom you wanted to spend life in Kashmir with, Zara says you are mistaken. Siraj says dont worry, I have plucked you away from that life, he will not come near you again.

Kabir comes to his room and looks around for any photos of Zara, he sees her dupatta and cries. Kabir checks her bag but cant find her photo. He breakdowns and thinks I have to find Zara at any cost.

Siraj takes jewelry and says to Zara accept my love’s first gift. Zara is confused and scared, he moves closer to make her wear it but Zara grabs it and throws it away, it breaks, she says what rubbish is this? who are you and why you are putting false allegations on me? Siraj shows her profile and says this is your profile right? Zara is stunned to see her photo and says this is not my profile, there is some misunderstanding, maybe you tried to know someone else, you are taking me as someone else. Siraj is stunned to hear it. Zara turns to leave but he grabs her arm and pulls her to him. Zara tries to break free. Siraj says if this is cheating then let be it because I want to get this beautiful cheating, this profile might be fake but you are whom I love, Zara says leave my hand. Siraj says I will leave your hand when I get you because now you will do nikah with me. Zara is stunned and pushes him away, she says I am already married. She turns to leave but Siraj laughs hysterically and says Siraj’s darling, that marriage is not a marriage where two bodies and hearts dont unite and you told me your whole story before then why you are pretending now? he moves closer to her and tries to cup her face but Zara pushes him away and says dont touch me. Siraj grabs her and calls his servant, he says this is our bride, remember to take care of her and dont let her have any complaint otherwise your husbands will die, he pushes Zara to women servants and says get ready for marriage. Siraj leaves

Kabir is looking around for Zara in his room. Someone knocks on door. Kabir opens it but its Shahbaz. Kabir is stunned to see him. Kabir cries and is about to hug but Shahbaz stops him and says Zara?

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he calls out for her, Shahbaz looks around in room and says where is Zara? I am asking. Kabir says she is missing. Shahbaz says oh God.. I kept praying during my way here that I am wrong but its not, how can she go missing? is she a baby? and you couldnt take care of her? Kabir cries and looks down, Shahbaz says you were with her? did you fight with her? did she go away herself leaving you? Kabir says no no.. things were getting between us, I dont understand.. he cries and hugs him. Shahbaz consoles him. He says tell me everything from start.

Kabir tells him how they were enjoying pigeons in market, Zara was running around then he lost her and took someone else in burqa as Zara but he realized Zara went missing from site. Shahbaz is tensed and says I think someone kidnapped her. Kabir is stunned and says no.. it cant be possible, we dont have any enemies. Shahbaz says she is not a common girl, she is daughter of head priest of Lucknow, daughter in law of Shahbaz Ahmed and wife of Kabir Ahmed, I am scared that media will know this news, we have to find her before that, Kabir nods. Shahbaz says stop worrying, I wont let my son’s respect get tarnished. Kabir says this is not the time to think about respect or insult.. my wife is missing and I have to find her.

Kabir leaves from hotel with determination to find her. Ruksaar is coming to hotel and sees Kabir coming down from stairs. She hides away from him. Kabir doesnt see her and leaves. Kabir talks to receptionist and calls Shahbaz. Ruksaar looks on and hears him talking to Shahbaz. Kabir says yes father, I have called taxi, come down. He thinks where are you Zara? Ruksaar keeps spying on him and says to herself that dont search for Zara, you wont ever find her now.

Zara is locked in Siraj’s room. She paces around and says God if you have given me to this man because of my sins then forgive my sins. She sees someone coming in and grabs vase to hit them. Servants bring wedding dress for her. Zara puts vase down and asks what is all this? servant says check it madam. Zara is stunned to see wedding dress and jewelry. Servant says here when kings or queens get married, they get dressed like this, our prince made this dress with his liking.

Zara throws it away angrily and says tell your prince that Zara Siddiqui is not his father’s servant, make someone else wear this dress, I have already worn dress for the name which I had to wear for. She hears Siraj barking order and looks out from window. She sees Siraj calling a man Rafiq who is decorator and says you know she is my would be wife and your would be queen, Rafiq says I did decorations as you said. Siraj says then the path from where my love, my life Zara will cross to come for nikah.. why is that empty from flowers? Rafiq says we ran out of flowers. Siraj takes gun and shoots him. Zara is shocked and looks away. Rafiq dies. Siraj asks his man to arrange for flowers.

Zara is in daze seeing all this. Servant says to Zara that if you dont get ready then our husbands will be killed, she cries and pleads to her. Zara says how can I marry? I am already married. Servants says you marry or not but please wear this dress and save us from becoming widows, if you help us then God will help you. Zara looks at wedding dress on floor and looks on.

Shahbaz and Kabir comes to commissioner. Commissioner says to inspector that this is VVIP case and we dont have answer for them, half day has already passed. Inspector says we dont have Zara’s photo so search is difficult. Kabir calls Alina and asks if she has any photo of Zara? please send it to me now.. no everything is fine, he ends call. Alina sends him Zara’s photo of their wedding. Kabir gives it to commissioner.

Scene 2
Ruksaar comes to Kabir’s hotel room and looks around. She sees rope in middle of bed and smirks, She sees Zara’s dupatta hanging over bed, she takes knife and cuts it in shreds, she thinks Zara nobody can snatch my Kabir from me. She throws away dupatta and sees Kabir’s kurta on chair. She hugs it and dances around, She says a day will come when I will come to this Kashmir to celebrate honeymoon with my Kabir, I promise to myself that we will stay in this hotel, in this room together and Zara? I will finish her from your memories, neither she nor her memories will reach you.

Zara gets ready as Kashmiri bride. She hears Kabir calling out her. Kabir comes to her room and hugs her tightly, he cries holding her in his arms, Zara embraces him and is elated to see him, she caresses his face.. they both lovingly look at each other, Kabir kisses her hands.. this all turns out to be Zara’s imagination. She is in tears to see herself alone in room. Zara screams for Kabir.

Ruksaar is still in Kabir’s room when she hears someone opening it. She hides behind chairs. Some servants come there and says this is dont disturb room, we cant be in here, he leaves from there. Ruksaar comes to her room and says if I stay here then I will get trapped, my work is done so I should go to Lucknow. She opens her laptop and says work is done so profile closed, I dont need it nor I need Siraj now, she deletes that fake profile of Zara. She says goodbye Zara, spend your life nicely with Siraj, bye Kashmir.

Kabir searches for Zara on roads. Shahbaz calls officials to help. Kabir prints Zara’s pictures and put it on streets as a missing person. Kabir is broken and prays God wherever Zara is, keep her in your protection.

Servants ask Zara to come down with them otherwise he will kill their husbands, servant says if you dont go with us then he wont spare them, come down for once. Zara agrees.

Zara comes down to marriage reception. Siraj is mesmerized to see her and says thank you for coming in my life darling. Priest greets Zara. Zara is dressed as bride and Siraj as groom. Zara asks priest if he is not scared of Allah? He says I am. Zara says then arent you ashamed to get an already married woman to forcefully marry a stranger? Siraj glares at her. Priest says God this is illegal in Islam, you cannot marry a person who is already in a marriage.

Zara says this man is doing it, Priest says Siraj this nikah cant be done. Siraj says marriage is not a marriage where husband and wife have not shared a night. Priest says you cant marry her when she is already married. Siraj says there must be someway out of this. Priest says she has to take divorce from person who married her first. Priest says this marriage cant happen, she has to take divorce from her husband. Siraj asks his men to bring the person who kept my Zara forcefully with him, my Zara will get free from a forceful marriage, he leaves. Zara looks on. Zara thinks where are you Kabir?

Kabir is searching for Zara in market. Siraj’s men comes to him and says we want to take you to your wife, Kabir is stunned. He grabs their collar but they point gun at him and tries to take him, Kabir hits them and runs from there. He hides in a building. Siraj’s goons searches for him. Kabir beats a goon and asks where is my wife? Another goon is about to attack him with a knife but Kabir beats him too. He tries to fight them all but they catch him and drag him away.

Zara sit in her room and recalls how Siraj called to bring Kabir. Zara says God help Kabir, they can hurt him because of me. Servants bring food and says please eat, Zara says I dont want to eat. Siraj comes there and says you have to eat, your beauty will fade away if you dont eat, I will make you eat with my hands. Zara tries to jerk away but Siraj says dont you know that I dont like to hear No, he offers her food but Zara says you might not like to hear No but I am Zara Siddiqui, I will die but I wont marry you. Siraj throws food away and says you believe in yourself a lot, I like it. Zara says I trust myself and my God, you can use your power but you cant beat that God.

One man shows Zara’s fake profile to Shahbaz and commissioner and says this is that girl. Shahbaz says he is saying rubbish. Man says she is my friend, she has many men friends. Shahbaz says he is lying, I am sure someone made her fake profile. Commissioner asks to call IT manager.

Zara offers namaz and says God please show me path. Goons bring Kabir to Siraj’s house. Zara feels his presence and says Kabir? Kabir hears her voice. He breaks free from goons and runs to her, goons beat him but he runs away and screams for Zara, they are both running to see each other. Goons catch Kabir, Zara comes there and says Kabir? he turns to her, Zara’s smile is so big to see him. Zara runs to him but servants try to stop him. Kabir throws goons out of room and locks them out, he runs to Zara. Zara is screaming for him and breaks free from servants. Kabir asks them to leave her alone.

Zara rushes to him and says this is all happening because of you, I am your wife, why did you leave me alone? Kabir says listen to me.. but I am here. Zara gets emotional. Kabir says lets go.

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