Unfortunate love update Tuesday 22 November 2022


Unfortunate love 22 November 2022: The Episode starts with Mr. Oberoi blesses Lakshmi for coming in their house overcoming all the hurdles and blesses her for victory. Lakshmi then touches Neelam’s feet. Neelam blesses her. Neha refuses to listen to Rano. Rano says she will repent. Neha says why will she repent, she will be having a grand welcome at Rishi’s house. Rishi and Lakshmi are going to the room. His sisters come there and asks Rishi to give his car keys and nek. Ayush says this is blackmail. Lakshmi says this is sister’s rights. He asks his sister to take car keys from Ayush and gives his wallet to Ahana, asking her to return the cards.

Preetam tells that it was good that Lakshmi got married, else don’t know what would have happen. Neha asks Rano to suffocate her to death and asks Preetam why did Lakshmi get Rishi? Preetam says he was in her luck. Neha cries.Sonia asks how was the decoration. Ahana says we shall ask Bhabhi. Ayush says let them rest. Rishi says I will freshen up and goes. Ayush asks Sonia and Ahana to go and asks her to think him as true copy of Rishi and tell her whatever she wants. He asks her not to feel herself lonely here. He goes. Lakshmi sits on the bed. Mr. Oberoi comes there holding the gift. He sees Lakshmi taking out glass pieces from her foot and says she shall be careful.

He calls Rishi. Rishi checks the injury and brings the first aid box. He then takes out the glass piece using the ear buds and says sorry. Song plays….Main phir bhi tumko chahungi. Mr. Oberoi asks Rishi to promise him that he will take care of Lakshmi and stand by her in her testing times, and asks Lakshmi to stand by Rishi in his testing times. Rishi says Dad.Neha tells that her pain will be less when she sees that Lakshmi yearning and feeling pain. She says Lakshmi will be cursed by you. Rano says all the family members are mad about her, and says nothing can harm her, not even your curse.

Rishi holds Lakshmi’s hand and says promise. Lakshmi also says promise. Mr. Oberoi says I came to give gift and taking gift in return. Lakshmi says it seems Bau ji is worried. Rishi says may be seeing your injury. Lakshmi asks him to go and check. Gurucharan prays to God and tells that Rano and Preetam fulfilled their promise, I will give all the property papers and keys of the locker to them. He comes to the room and hears Rano and Neha’s planning of bride swapping, but Preeta and Karan ruined everything. He gets shocked hearing all their planning. Neha says she would have become Rishi’s bride and had made her unconscious, but Preeta and her family saved her. Rano says your magic will not work on Rishi, as he will be celebrating wedding night with Lakshmi. Gurucharan hears and keeps the keys back in his pocket.

Rishi comes back to room and says Dad is fine. He asks why did she cover her head with ghunghat and removes her veil. Main phir bhi tumko chahunga. She recalls Rishi asking him for a kiss. She says sorry for the kiss. She says that day you took me to room, I thought wrong. He asks really. She says if you had kissed me then I would have beaten you. He laughs and says kiss was done. Lakshmi says now we are married, so…Rishi asks if it is allowed. He is about to kiss her forehead and then realizes and gets up, tells that he has some important work and will be back in 2 mins. Lakshmi thinks what happened to Rishi, she thinks if she did something. He goes out and throws the decoration stuff on the floor and also his pearls chain. He comes to terrace and sees Mr. Oberoi standing.

Mr. Oberoi sees him. Rishi serves wine for himself and drinks. Mr. Oberoi says Rishi, you are drinking.Rishi says you are asking as if you don’t know that I drink. Mr. Oberoi says I know and tells that just now you got married, and Lakshmi. Rishi says what to drink, I have to drink to bear that girl, she is in my room. Mr. Oberoi says this smell. Rishi says he will use mouth freshers to get rid of smell. He then smoke. Mr. Oberoi says Rishi. He says I became sweet and haven’t drink since few days. He says I am very angry, that girl Lakshmi is on my bed and I am very angry. Lakshmi thinks of Shalu telling her about the wedding night and says if Maa would have been here, then she would have made you understand.

She asks her not to upset her jiju if he comes near her. fb ends. Lakshmi thinks if Rishi got upset as I told her about that day.Rishi says I lied to her to impress her, that I don’t drink. He says when I offered her drink, her look was to see. He says I can’t stand her. Lakshmi comes out of her room.Rishi telling Mr. Oberoi that he can’t stand by her. He says I lied to her that I don’t drink to impress her, and I offered her drink in party and her look was to see, I can’t stand by her. Lakshmi comes out of room and picks the show piece. Rishi says thank you Dad for arranging non alcoholic drink and that’s how he fooled her. He says I don’t know how can I live with her in the room, with her typical mentality. He says I can’t bear anymore and will tell her the truth.

He says he is feeling suffocated. Mr. Oberoi stops him and says just now you got married, and says this marriage is important for me and you, and you don’t have to do anything. Lakshmi comes there and sees cigarette in his hand. Rishi says it is good that you came here and says I was coming to you, to tell you the truth. Mr. Oberoi tries to stop him. Rishi says I feel suffocated and can’t hide the truth anymore. He says I lied to you that nobody drinks at our home. He says but Dad drinks and even smoke. He says I told him many times, but he didn’t leave this habit and says you can try. Lakshmi holds Mr. Oberoi’s hands and tells that it is not good for health and actually very bad. Mr. Oberoi says I was in tension and have a bit.

He says it is allowed in our family. Lakshmi says not allowed in our family. He says you shall solve your problem, and this thing will make you weak. She asks him to promise that he will never drink. He says he will try. Rishi says you never listen to me, but listened to her. Mr. Oberoi says she is Lakshmi of the house. Bhagyalakshmi plays…..Mr. Oberoi asks them to go and rest. Lakshmi goes. Rishi says I can’t bear her for a moment, how can I live with her. He eats cardamom and says smell will not come. Mr. Oberoi drinks and says for what I am worried. Rishi and Lakshmi come to the room. Rishi tells her that Dad has gifted her phone and tells that he will feed her number, so that she don’t catch her when he was busy in meeting with Dad.

He says he forgot to tell her that she is looking beautiful and touches her cheeks. Lakshmi closes her eyes. Rishi makes a bad face and tells that he has important work to do now and goes. Lakshmi thinks when he will come. Rishi thinks he got saved.Next morning, Lakshmi comes to the inhouse temple. Pandit ji says Neelam ji comes first daily and others late, but today you came first so shall do the aarti. He gives her aarti plate. Lakshmi does the aarti. Neelam comes there and then does the aarti. Mr. Oberoi, Dadi, Ayush join them. Karishma comes out of her room. Sonia wakes up and closes the door. Rishi comes there. Dadi asks Rishi to do aarti with Lakshmi. Rishi does aarti with her.

He gets a call and goes. Ayush goes to attend the call. Shalu is on call and asks him to make her talk to Shalu. Ayush says I will call her. He calls her and asks her to talk. Shalu and Bani are happy to hear Lakshmi. Shalu asks if she is feeling alone. Lakshmi says you both called, now everything is fine. Shalu says she is taking care of Bani. She asks her to close her ears and asks how was the kiss? What happened last night and asks if she lifted knife when he came near her. Lakshmi says what you are talking about, and says you are younger and Bani is there too, don’t talk such things. Shalu asks why she is not normal and says you can talk to me. Lakshmi says I am fine, but this is new house and sometimes I feel strange.

Rano comes there and asks Shalu whose call it is? Lakshmi insists to talk to Rano. Rano says what is remaining to talk. She sees Gurucharan and thinks to act. Neelam comes to Lakshmi and asks her to invite them for muh dikhayi rasam. Lakshmi says ok and says hello. Rano says my tears are not stopping and says our daughter went. Neelam invites them to come at their house for muh dikhayi. Rano says shall I come now itself. Neelam gives the phone to Lakshmi. Dadi asks Lakshmi if she is feeling strange here and says if you do one thing, then everyone will become mad about you. She asks her to make sweets for everyone, and make Rishi eat first and all of us. She calls Ahana.

Ahana takes Lakshmi to kitchen. Lakshmi goes to kitchen. The chef greets her. Lakshmi looks at the kitchen. Karishma asks Dadi, why did you send her to kitchen if you want to have sweets? Dadi says it is a ritual and asks what is your problem with her. Karishma says you knows well. Ahana asks the chef, when the breakfast will be ready. He says 30 mins. Lakshmi says she will make sweets in 30 mins and don’t need anyone’s help. Karishma says Veer Bhaiya and Bhabhi liked Lakshmi and got her married to Rishi for their own reasons. Dadi thinks Karishma can never be happy with anyone.

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