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There’s a flashback scene of King telling Pragya that it is a baby girl and says she is a little angel. He says you scolded me when I saved you, and asked why did I save your life, and says it is because of the baby. He says she is the reason for your life and says she is just like you. Pragya says her destiny is without her father, at least I had my father’s name, but she…? King says he will give his name and everything to her. He says our relation will be stronger. Pragya thinks King gave his name to Kiara and she was scared of telling Abhi fearing that he will take her away from her. She thinks I will not tell him anything about King and me!
Aaliya waits for Tanu.

Mitali thinks who is she waiting for? Tanu comes there. Mitali thinks they have become sisters from friends. Tanu tells that they have to do something and asks where is Abhi? Aaliya says I have no idea. Mitali tells that Abhi went where Disha and Purab went to. Tanu says she doesn’t know and she’s showing enmity on her. Mitali says I learnt from you to show enmity towards others! She says I know all your secrets, but I didn’t tell Abhi. She looks at the Chandelier. Aaliya and Tanu realize what she is saying. Mitali tells them that Purab and Disha went to the hospital as Kiara met with an accident, and tells that she has inquired with the school! She asks Tanu to talk to her with respect and tells that she can’t keep the talks for a long time. Aaliya says we have to do something about this Pragya!

Pragya gets Siya’s invitation and calls her. Siya tells that she is doing maha yagya (5 great sacrifices, and these rituals are believed in Indian, to be very essential for spiritual development in life), and only mata rani (A Mother goddess) can help her. Pragya asks her to have faith in God.
Purab thinks I have to do the test without Pragya’s approval!

Abhi comes to Pragya. Pragya thanks him for giving blood to Kiara. Abhi says did I thank you for taking care of her all these years! He says it is not a favour to give blood to one’s own daughter, and says it is a father’s responsibility! Pragya says Kiara is Mr. Singh’s daughter and he is very good. Abhi says I know everything, he is a good human and knows if he is your husband or not? Pragya asks what do you mean? Abhi says I will tell you.

Disha comes there and asks Abhi to come for an important work! Purab and Disha take him. Pragya thinks what did they know about King and my relation? She then thinks if he knows?

Abhi asks Purab and Disha what was so urgent, that couldn’t wait? Disha says we didn’t want you to tell her the truth. Purab says we don’t want you to reveal it to her now. Disha says we need proofs. Purab says I have a way to prove it and tells that once the DNA test comes in your hand, then all you need do is to show it to the world!
Aaliya says we have to find out what is stopping Abhi and Pragya from uniting!

Tanu says she is going to the hospital to stop them. She asks did you tell anyone that Pragya and King are not married? Aaliya says no. Tanu says she will think of something to close all doors for Pragya! She says she won’t let that moment come even if Kiara dies!

Abhi tells Purab that the DNA test is illegal without the Mother’s consent and says it is a big crime! The Doctor comes and gets happy seeing Abhi. Purab and Disha tells that they want to get the DNA test done without the Mother’s consent. The Doctor says it is illegal! Disha tells the Doctor that there’s nothing like illegal or legal, but just one’s perspective! The Doctor says I am his fan, but can’t let this test happen without the Mother’s consent. Disha tells that Pragya was Abhi’s wife and Kiara is his daughter!

She asks her to see Abhi’s condition and says he is yearning for his daughter. She reminds her of her oath and asks her to save Abhi. The Doctor agrees. Disha tells that she will tell everyone that she has seen God today. Abhi tells Purab that she is so dramatic! Purab says she has learnt a lot from TV serials! The Doctor says I will tell you what to do!

Pragya thinks if Abhi was signaling at something with his words and thinks he might know something surely which Disha and Purab doesn’t want me to know and thinks if King has told them anything.
King asks the Servant about Pragya and Kiara? The Servant says they haven’t return from the school yet. Pragya thinks why will King tell anyone the truth? King calls Pragya and asks where is she? He says he got worried as they didn’t come home. Pragya tells him about Kiara’s accident and a fb is shown. King asks what? He says Kiara met with an accident and you didn’t tell me? He says today, you made me realized that I am not her real father. Pragya says it is not like that. King says I am not her real father, but my love for her is real and tells that they are his priorities. Pragya thinks she has done
wrong with King and doesn’t think of anyone when she is with Abhi and questions herself why she loves him so much!

Abhi comes to Pragya and says sorry. He says I shouldn’t have talked to you like that. Pragya thinks if Purab, Disha are planning something?

King comes to the hospital and his Car collides with Tanu’s car. King says sorry to Tanu and tells about Kiara’s accident. Tanu says it’s okay and thinks why didn’t Pragya tell him?

Purab and Disha are outside the ward. Purab says Abhi should be here. Disha says Abhi shouldn’t be here as if he comes here, then Pragya will come behind him and the DNA test won’t be done then! Purab says you have become so intelligent!

The Doctor comes out and tells that Kiara is out of danger. Disha calls Dr. Anjali. Dr. Anjali comes there and says she has talked to the technical staff. She tells that the CCTV camera is everywhere in the hospital and asks her to take Kiara’s saliva, hair and nail. She asks her to take the sample and go to the lab. Disha says okay. Abhi thinks of how Disha convinced the Doctor and smiles. Pragya asks if something has happened to him and asks why is he behaving so weirdly? Abhi says what happened? Pragya says you are smiling. Abhi says I am smiling as kiara is out of danger, He says if she likes his angry look, then he will become more angry. Pragya goes.

Purab and Disha come to Kiara’s room. Purab says your Mama is proud of you! Disha says she is a fighter and says she is a perfect combo of Pragya and Abhi. She thinks I am doing this without your knowledge and thinks everything will be fine when she gets up. Purab talks to the nurse to distract her and signals to Disha. Disha takes the saliva and hair sample secretly and signals to Purab. Purab tells that they should go out. Disha says let’s inform Abhi that the work is done!

Abhi calls Pragya and stops her. He thinks now, he understood why kids play hide and seek, as it is fun. Pragya thinks he is not here.

King comes and holds Pragya’s hand, and asks her to take him to Kiara. Pragya asks if he is still upset till now? King says I am disappointed and upset.

Tanu comes to Abhi and tells that she came to know about Kiara’s accident! Abhi asks her to do her work and not walk around him!
King asks Pragya if she sees him as too careless for Kiara and says he can’t bear that he is not her real father. Pragya says you are a good father and says she forgot to inform him. King says if you forget me again and again, then he will think that she doesn’t think of him as her father. Pragya says sorry. King says my relation with Kiara is strong and I am possessive about her. He says I should have been here in the hospital. Pragya says I just didn’t… it slipped from my mind. King asks her not to forget that he is Kiara’s father. Pragya says Kiara is your daughter. King says I will always be with you.

King sees Abhi walking towards him and thinks of his Aunt’s words. He asks do you want to say something? Abhi asks him to leave her! King looks at him surprisingly and then at Pragya. Pragya looks tensed. Abhi asks King to leave Pragya and go and meet the doctor as he wants to meet him! He tells that Kiara is fine now, as the surgery is done.
Pragya goes to meet Kiara. King asks Abhi if he came before him? Abhi says I was here since the beginning, you came later! King says in the hospital, and says now you can go. Abhi says it is not necessary that I should go as you have come!

Purab asks Disha to keep the sample safely. Disha says it’s in the bottle, as nobody will know. They collide with the Nurse and the sample falls down near Tanu, who has just come. Tanu picks the bottle and asks if this is a new trick to unite Abhi and Pragya! Purab asks her to give them the bottle! Tanu says your faces are showing all your plans, and you will not get this bottle until you tell me everything!

Pragya comes and asks if they
met Kiara? Purab says yes. Disha asks her to meet her. Tanu asks if their new mission is related to Pragya and Abhi? Disha says we are here for Kiara. Purab says this bottle is not of us, but of the ward boy and if that ward boy goes, then someone’s life will be in danger. Disha asks her to remember that whoever belongs to whom, always gets back. Tanu follows Disha and Purab while they go.

King thinks to find out what is happening. Tanu thinks they are looking at me. Purab asks Abhi to handle Tanu! Abhi says I will see her. Tanu thinks it is confirmed, their plan is working. She thinks Abhi will not let me go if he sees me. She hides.

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