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Saturday Update On Twist Of Fate

King asks Tarun to ask DJ to play nonstop music and asks Chachi what is she doing? Chachi says you didn’t hear what she told. Tanu thinks of Pragya questioning about her marriage and thinks abhi told her about our marriage truth then.

She then thinks of King’s words threatening her and thinks Abhi’s love is a betrayal for me, but King’s love for Pragya is a chance for me. She thinks it is good that King loves Pragya and he will keep her away from Abhi and never free her. She thinks Kiara is Abhi and Pragya’s daughter, but until Pragya is in King’s life, she can’t return in Abhi’s life.

She says now I understood, why Pragya didn’t tell Abhi about Kiara as she knows King will not go away from her life and will not let her go. Mitali laughs and says you speak so much, did you listen what you said. Abhi comes to Pragya and asks her if she was worried about her husband drinking or worrying about Kiara’s truth. He says it was all drama so that I don’t know anything about Kiara.

Pragya says why you are involving him. Abhi says you brought him between us, you made him fake dad. He says whatever you have to done is wrong, and says I will prove that Kiara is my daughter and I will take her home. Pragya holds her hand and says this might be challenge for you, but it is life for me, I won’t let you play with my life and will not give you Kiara, never.

Tanu tells Mitali to leave her alone and asks her to go. Mitali says I am feeling sympathy on you and thought to sympathize with you, but it seems you don’t need it. She suggests her to talk to King and tell him everything. She says then you don’t need to do anything, as King will keep Pragya away from Abhi. She asks her to make King insecure about Pragya and asks her to tell her everything.

She asks her to change his doubt into belief. Tanu gets thinking and thinks to tell King. Pragya thinks where is Abhi? King asks Chachi not to get angry and give some respect to Mitali. Chachi says you are forgetting that I am your Chachi and says you have respect and love for everyone except me. She says you will understand when Pragya and Kiara, both leave you. Tanu comes to King and if I tell him then he will take Pragya away from Abhi.

She tells that it is enough, everything happening infront of everyone. King thinks Abhi was fed up of Tanu and came to me, she might be feeling that he shouldn’t have come to my house. King says I can’t talk to you right now, and says first I will talk to him and then will talk to you. Tanu says how it matters? King says I will talk to both of you. Tanu says Abhi is not understanding my point of view and says he might understand you.

She asks him to sort out everything else two marriages will break together. King says whose marriage will break, it seems she is talking about my marriage. Pragya searches for Abhi and says she needs to talk to him.King asking Pragya if she knows Aaliya and Tanu before she met him. He says why do they don’t like you. He asks her to tell. Pragya says actually I want to tell you about this. Just then Suwarni Dadi falls down.

King and Pragya go to her and help her get up. Pragya says she will take her to room. Dadi says she fell down, but wants to enjoy the party. Abhi comes and says kids and oldies have no difference, and says my dadi and Kiara are both same. King says like that and says then dadi shall be in the party. Dadi says I want to be in the party and asks Pragya to give hand. Pragya helps her.

King thinks to talk to Aaliya later. Servant serves food to Kiara and sunny. Sunny tells Disha that he will talk to his mamma and asks about her father. He calls Disha. Disha collides with Tanu and her phone falls down. Tanu asks her to ask her husband to earn money, and asks until when they will live on her husband’s money. Disha gets angry.

Sunny tells Kiara that his mum is not picking the call. Tai ji asks Taya ji to control his sugar and asks him not to eat sweets. Taya ji laughs and thinks it is fun to eat hiding. He gets Gulab Jamun and tells waiter that he will call him again. Neha talks to Tarun and says there is so much stress, and says both of our mums don’t like us. He keeps finger on her hand.

They sit under the table. Mitali hears them and misunderstand the situation when Tarun asks her not to force him to force her. Mitali comes to King and tells them that Tarun took Neha under the table. She then asks Chachi why Tarun was misbehaving with her daughter, and says she heard them talking and he was scolding her.

Pragya tries to defend Tarun. Mitali says I want to show you all. She says may be he might have slapped her till now. King says Tarun can’t do this. Tarun and Neha hug each other. Taya ji hides under the table and eats jamuns. Everyone go there and see Taya ji having sweets secretly. Mitali is shocked and ask where were they? Chachi says they are there.

Tarun and Neha are standing afar. Tarun says we got saved. Neha says Dadu saved us. Chachi scolds Mitali. Abhi says we shall not take this lightly. King says that Neha and Tarun were under the table. Abhi says may be she had felt and tells that he wants to end the matter. He asks Tarun and Neha if they were under the table. Neha and Tarun get tensed. Dadi asks them to dance.

Abhi tells King that they shall talk. King says they shall go to bar. Pragya comes to King and asks him to come. Abhi thinks he has to hide his moves from Pragya. King is surprised and tells Pragya that today she held his hand and took him to dance floor. Pragya says sorry. King asks why you didn’t do this before, I felt really bad.

They start dancing along with other couples. Abhi thinks she did wrong by hiding the truth, now he will take Kiara with him. Song plays…kab tab mere naam tu…Mitali asks Raj to look how Abhi is looking at Pragya. Taya ji asks Tai ji to cheer up. Tai ji asks him not to do this again. Taya ji says ok. Abhi claps loudly surprising everyone. He says you are too good, to hide truth from King very cleverly. King asks what?

Abhi asks her to tell. Mitali takes Raj to room and says this marriage is happening as Abhi and Pragya still love each other. She says nobody listened to me when I was against the marriage. Raj says Pragya is Abhi’s love and he is my love. He says Pragya and Abhi, both are special to us, we shall not think them wrong. Mitali asks do you support them. Raj says they always love each other, and the love didn’t end between them although they were far from each other since 7 years.

He says they did wrong with us, and I won’t let them do wrong with us. Mitali asks really and asks will you break this relation. Raj says marriage rituals will happen, but marriage will not happen. Abhi asks Pragya to say else he will say. Pragya says you have drink much. Abhi says I will tell and tells that Neha and Tarun’s responsibility is ours, so we shall dance, but I had said that my leg was hurt, but she has much pain and she didn’t tell anyone.

He sees fear on her face and thinks she will tell due to fear.. Pragya thinks I have fear on my face as I haven’t told anything to King yet. King says you didn’t tell me about your pain. Pragya says we shall go now. Abhi says lets play game of truth or dare. Pragya looks on. Abhi telling that they shall play truth or dare game. Neha likes his idea. Tarun says it will be fun. Dasi asks who will play the game? Tanu thinks I can’t let them alone, and thinks to play the game and keep eye on them.

Abhi lifts his hand and asks Pragya to lift her hand. Neha says lets go to terrace and play, it will be fun. Abhi thinks game is old, but rules will be new. They go to the terrace, Abhi says rules are changed and says if we know that someone is lying then we will tell the truth and punish them. Dasi asks what is the use of it. Abhi says if someone lies then will be caught. King says it is the best idea. Pragya says don’t you think that you are changing the rules. Abhi says now people will say the truth.

Tanu thinks something is going in his mind. Neha chooses dare and lifts Tarun. Everyone cheers for her. Next Dasi’s turn comes. Dadi asks her if Somu came 45 years ago. They ask who is Somu? Dadi says our neighbor and asks Dasi did you beat him. Dasi says yes. Dadi says he was my first love and left me as Dasi hit him and went out of village. Abhi says this is truth. Next comes Tarun’s turn. Neha asks him to do pushups in 10 seconds. Tarun fails. Tanu’s turn comes.

Dadi says she was waiting for her turn and asks her to knead the flour. Tanu asks what? Dadi says it is dare for you. They go to kitchen. Next turn is of King. He chooses truth. Pragya says I think you shall choose dare. King says sorry to abhi and says dare. Abhi thinks you found out again what I was going to do. He says this is cheating and says King have to say truth as he has chosen truth.

He asks are you ready for the truth. King says I am ready. Abhi asks him about Kiara’s age. King says honestly, I don’t remember her years as I never counted the years, although we have celebrated together. Pragya smiles. Tarun spins bottle again. It points towards Pragya. Abhi asks truth or dare? Pragya says truth, but no questions regarding Kiara. She says I meant questions shall be asked about the person present here.

Abhi asks do you love your husband? King thinks Abhi wants to know if Pragya loves me. Pragya recalls Abhi telling that he is her husband and says I love my husband a lot. King thinks Pragya talked about her ex husband. He says lets move on. Next Abhi’s turn comes. King asks truth or dare? Abhi says dare. King says you have to win to save the game’s reputation and calls Bahadur. Abhi says I will not accept defeat.

Bahadur brings chillies. Abhi eats it. Pragya feels the pain and thinks I won’t become weak. Neha appreciates him. King goes to check on Tanu along with Pragya. Abhi thinks I won the game, but lost. King stops Aaliya and asks her to hold on. Aaliya stops. Abhi drinks much water as he eats the chillies. Pragya brings honey and asks him to eat, but he refuses.

Pragya says I don’t want you to give excuse of your health. Abhi says I will not change my decision. He says tomorrow is challenge’s first day, may be last. King warns Aaliya and asks her not to take Pragya’s name next time. Aaliya asks what do you want to say. King says Sunny told something to Kiara and when she questioned me, I have no answer to give to my daughter.

Aaliya says she didn’t do anything. King says you tried to harm Purab whom you love. Aaliya says I tried to inform you about pragya. King says I will not give warning next time, whatever I have to ask Pragya, I will ask her. Pragya comes home and asks Servant about Sunny and Kiara. Servant says they slept. King recalls Aaliya’s words and thinks shall I inform Pragya or not, what Aaliya said.

He thinks until Pragya tells me about her past, I will not let her. He thinks I will not disturb Pragya’s life until I get sure of my feelings. He says I am tired and needs to sleep. King recalls Kiara’s words and thinks may be she is acting to be sleep. He thinks to talk to her and lighten his heart. Abhi and Pragya think about each other. Jab tak Jahan me….plays…

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