This is fate update Sunday 14 January 2024

This is fate 14 January 2024: Rishabh plays with babies. Karan and Rakhi comes there. Kavya tells them that Shaurya is not listening her. Rishabh gets emotional seeing the babies. He tells Karan to go to office and he decides to spend time with babies by staying in the house. Rakhi asks Karan to take break from office because he won’t get chance to witness these moments again.

4 months later

Srishti plays with Rudraksh. Karan plays with Shaurya. Rakhi says that babies are like Karan. Srishti tells her that babies are like Preeta. Karan says that his babies are like him. Rakhi thinks that everyone become baby and smiles.

This is fate 13 January 2024

1 month later

In the jail, Anjali tells Priyanka that 5 months are over. Priyanka asks her that what’s the plan. Anjali smirks. On the other hand, Rishabh comes downstairs. He sees Srishti and Kavya playing with babies. Then Sameer plays with Rudraksh. Rishabh plays with Kavya and Shaurya.

1 month later

Anjali says that 6 months has been completed. And today she will escape to snatch Preeta’s happiness. Lady constable comes there and tells Anjali and Priyanka that they are shifting them to another jail. Anjali asks fellow prisoner that if the latter remember the plan. Fellow prisoner tells her that she remember it very well.

Kareena asks Rakhi that why the latter is not doing puja. Rakhi informs her that Preeta and Karan going to hospital for vaccination. And she told Preeta to not go today but Preeta did not listen her. Preeta comes there. Rakhi asks her to go to hospital tomorrow for vaccination. Preeta tells her that vaccination is important for babies. She assures her that nothing will happen to babies and leaves from there.

Kareena asks Rakhi to not take tension and everything will be fine. Rakhi performs puja. She drops the aarti plate when fire burnt her hand. Kareena comes there. Rakhi tells her that something bad is going to happen and cries.Police inspector informs prisoners that the new jail will be difficult to survive. She warns them to not make any mistake there. Anjali tells Priyanka that she is going to fulfill her promise today. She thanks her for supporting her. She tells fellow prisoner that the latter will get money for helping her. Priyanka and fellow prisoner fights with each other.

Police inspector tries to stop the fight. Anjali escapes from there using that chance.Kareena tells Preeta to not go to hospital today. Preeta tells her that doctor won’t be available for tomorrow that’s why she can’t postpone the appointment. Karan and Preeta leaves the house with babies.Anjali goes to Nidhi’s house. She tries to stab Nidhi. Nidhi tries to escape from there. Anjali hits her sister head with rod. She notices Karan calling Nidhi. Nidhi escapes from there. Anjali picks Karan’s call learns that he is going to hospital for vaccination.Karan and Preeta reach the hospital. Meanwhile, Anjali recalls that how Karan refused to marry her and also how Preeta stopped the marriage. She drives the car fastly and she takes the shortcut to reach the hospital. She tells herself that no one can save Preeta and soon Nidhi will die too.

On the other hand, Rakhi waits for Karan and Preeta. Kareena asks her to not get worried. Rakhi tells her that Karan should have returned. She opens the door after hearing door bell sound.Nidhi asks Rakhi to save Karan and Preeta. She informs her that Anjali escaped from police custody and loses her consciousness. Kareena calls Sameer. Karan and Preeta gets in the car and leaves the hospital.Kareena tells Sameer to go to the nearest hospital. Rakhi tells Kareena that they should inform Karan that what Anjali did with Nidhi.

She asks her to alert Karan about Anjali. Kareena calls Karan but no response from other side. Rakhi asks Sameer to drive fast.Preeta asks Karan to wear his seatbelt. She notices babies crying and tries to console them. Karan places a kiss on her cheek. She asks him that what is he doing in front of babies. He tells her that they are babies so they don’t know anything.

Anjali sees that and gets pissed off. She asks that how can Karan love Preeta when Preeta did wrong with Karan always. She says that Karan don’t deserve her love and she can’t tolerate the insult she faced due to him. She get off the car. She lies to truck driver and gets in the truck. She follows Karan’s car.Karan tells Preeta that their future will be beautiful. She tells him that she want Shaurya to become a doctor. He tells her that he want Rudraksh to become a cricketer. She tells him that kids will have their own plans.

He stops the car. Anjali hits the car with truck. She get off the truck to see they died or not. She hears baby crying sound. She takes that baby and runs from there. Public comes there and takes the baby out of the car.In the hospital, Luthras gets shocked seeing Preeta. Rakhi takes the baby. Doctor says that Karan’s face got damaged completely. Sameer calls Srishti and tells her everything. Srishti informs Mahesh and Kritika about Karan and Preeta’s accident. They leaves the house.

Later, doctor tells Luthras that Preeta has minor injuries and Karan is in coma. Preeta regains her consciousness and she searches Karan and her babies. She asks Srishti about Karan. She apologizes to Rakhi.Dadi feels dizzy. She tells Preeta to stay away from her. Preeta asks Rakhi that what happened to Karan and where is her babies. Rakhi yells at her. She tells her that she told her to not go to hospital today but the latter did not listen her. She blames her for everything.

Rakhi says Preeta does whatever she desires but has she seen the result of her actions, Preeta questions what has happened to Karan and tries to request that nothing wrong has happened with him, Karina says they had asked her to not go out as the day is not right, Preeta says she made a mistake and this time wants to know what where is her husband, she rushes to Rishab who explains for the first time he is feeling Preeta has made a mistake and she is wrong, Mahesh replies he thinks he made a mistake by trusting her, Preeta asks what has happened to Karan, Rakhi explains he is in a coma while they cannot find Rudraksh, Preeta starts crying requesting them to not talk like this and say it is not the truth, Dadi says it is the truth and she must leave the hospital,

Karina also says it is the truth. Preeta requests them to not talk like this, Rakhi explains she is going to say it a thousand times as her son is alive but not able to live his life, Kritika also says she has done enough but must leave this house, Preeta holding her hand says they should not behave like this, Mahesh explains sometimes they should listen to the elders as she cannot always be right all the time, Karina says she kept saying to everyone that Preeta is not right for Karan but they refused to believe her and now what has happened to their family, Karina pushes Preeta when Rakhi faints.

Preeta asks the nurse where her child is, she rushes to pick Shuriya and assures she would not go anywhere, she explains she will then bring his brother Rudraksh. Karina takes the child from Preeta saying she would not take the child.Shristhi drop the bottle, explaining they have all humiliated her sister when she was not wrong, Sameer explains this time Preeta Bhabhi is wrong and she has to accept it, Shristhi says he should not blame Preeta while trying to defend his family. She explains she never expected this from some members of this family but she questions why did Rishab jee not side with Preeta di when he is her best friend and even supported her when Karan jiju was not there for five years,

Rishab is still quiet so Shristhi rushes to Mahesh asking why did he not say anything when Preeta always took care of him during the time when he had lost his memory and was suffering from fits, she explains they had always thought of him as their father, Shristhi then turns to Rakhi explaining she thought of her as their mother after Sarla Maa, so how was she not able to understand the feelings of Preeta. Bani Dadi explains it is enough because even they have given Preeta the utmost respect, but she still refused to accept their advice, thinking she cannot make any mistake. Rakhi asks them to stop saying it is enough, she mentions the two people who are the most worried are either her for Karan or Preeta for her twins,

she exclaims she should not have said those things to Preeta but it was the heat of the moment that caused such a relation from her side otherwise Preeta does not deserve it in this time because she is her daughter so Rakhi vows to not let her go anywhere, Rakhi leaves when Sameer stops Shristhi explaining that Rakhi Chachi is emotional but this time Preeta Bhabhi is wrong, Rishab angrily stop Sameer asking if cannot see what is happening.

Preeta explains she is giving Shaurya to Shristhi however Karina questions if she thinks of her as a stupid person and she vows to not give Shaurya to anyone, Preeta requests her to not do this as she loves both of her children however Karina says if Preeta has even a slight feeling of guilt then she should go and find Rudraksh as then Bhagwan might give her a chance to be the mother, Preeta leaves crying.

Sameer questions why is Shristhi staring at him like this and this time Preeta Bhabhi is wrong, Shristhi says he should stop because what is wrong with Preeta for taking her children for vaccination, Rishab tries to stop Shristhi but she says she has found out how Sameer is like, saying he never has his own perspective and just sides with them, Shristhi explains that whenever the Auror’s need them then the Luthra’s stand against them, she explains her sister has done a lot for their family but even they always stand against them,

Shristhi mentions she knows that the Aurora’s and Luthra’s can never be together, Rishab questions why is she talking like this as she is the member of this family and should not talk like this, Shristhi explains that she has understood one thing that they all are against them but Shristhi mentions that she has understood one thing that they all are against her and Preeta di, Shristhi leaves explaining today she is going to break her relation with them, Rishab and Mahesh tries to stop Shristhi.

Rakhi enters the room while Karina is holding the baby, Rakhi asks if she has seen Preeta as she thought Preeta would surely come to check on her child.Preeta walks out of the hospital thinking she would surely find her child, she starts driving thinking that her child might still be at the accident site, she stepping out of the car starts calling for her child and she is crying, Preeta hears the cries of her child calling her, she sees Anjali in the corner who explains she has done it when Preeta says she would surely get the child,

Anjali explains just as Preeta said she would take the child then she also does what she desires, she did not let Karan stay alive as now he is dead, Preeta replies her husband is still alive but Anjali explains she neither let him remain as arjun or Karan so he is just like a dead person. Anjali explains that Preeta can live with this child but she is going to leave with the child, Preeta tries to follow Anjali and even stops her at the cab however Anjali hits her on the head, explaining she knew Preeta would surely try to do something so she has made a plan, Anjali gets in the Preeta tries her best to take the child and manages to run away with the child,

Anjali exclaims she is never going to let her remain alive, she starts driving the car towards Preeta and hits her from the back but she is not able to stop the car which falls in the cliff, Shristhi reaches the location in an auto and is shocked to see that her sister is hanging from the tree, Shristhi requests the auto driver to help her and they both rush to save Preeta who is crying.Shristhi also falls but still does not stop, Preeta is trying her best to hold on to the tree, Preeta instructs Shristhi to take Rudra and not be worried about her,

Shristhi then asks Preeta to give her the hand, she manages to pull Preeta from the cliff using all of her strength. Preeta asks Shristhi to take care of Karan and her children if something happens to her, Shristhi starts crying as Preeta is unconscious.Twenty years later, Rakhi enters the house with the Thali handing Pandit jee the Thali for pooja, Karina says how can they hold the pooja of Janmashtami, Karina asks Kritika to call Shaurya when Rakhi sees Bani Dadi so goes to hug her, Rakhi explains she is going to call him, Rishab walks to Rakhi who explains he has not changed since even today his pockets are not tucked in,

but he should keep both he things aside, Rishab replies he surely tends to keeps both the things away. Rakhi goes to call Shaurya. Bani Dadi sees Mahesh so asks him for the newspaper till the time Shaurya comes back.A boy is driving a red sports car and is even drinking, he hits the door of the Luthra Mansion when one of his friends ask what has he done but Shaurya exclaims it is nothing to be worried about, Shaurya steps out of the car when one of the girls sits back as she is really drunk, he assures it is nothing to be worried about. Shaurya even allows two other girls to enter the house, they both run to hug Shaurya.

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