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Simran and Gunjan run and hug Amba. Amba pushes them away. She does not recognize them. Amba asks Jai what is he doing, is this a drama. Jai says life is doing drama with us, Mannu is not acting, he is saying true, you are really his mummy, those girls are your daughters, its your not joke, they have become a joke. She gets flashes and holds her head.

She says enough, you are lying. Jai says I m not lying, its true, you have to recall, try. Mannu worries seeing Amba’s state and sends Jai. Mannu says its not like that, Jai was joking, I m orphan, those girls are neighbors, calm down, don’t think much, take rest. Mannu makes Amba rest and thinks my try failed even today, Amba is not identifying us. Mannu prays for Amba. Amba holds his hand. Mohini looks on and thinks why is Jai trying to make Amba recall everything, did he fall in love with Amba

Mohini goes to Jai. She asks why did you save Amba and those girls, what do you want, why are you spoiling the game. He says its nothing like that. Amba asks were you angry on Amba, you fell in love with Amba, will you marry her, will she become your wife, its your marriage with her tomorrow, take money and run away, else when I m angry, I don’t like myself. She threatens him. She says I m going to take Sehra for you, along with Jagan, don’t miss me much. Mannu comes there. She smiles and goes.

Mannu asks Jai how can do you this. Jai says I m helpless, Mohini is my boss. Mannu gets shocked. He recalls Jai’s words. Jai says I told you about her, she is very dangerous, you don’t know her, she easily came here and now she wants this marriage to happen, she wants me to do same work, to loot this house and leave from here, you know I can’t do this. Mannu worries. Jai says Amba should recall everything.

Mannu, Simran and Gunjan see Amba. Jai comes there with police. Jai asks inspector to arrest Mannu, he has killed his Dadi. Mannu shouts to Amba. Police catches him. Amba gets memory flashes. Simran and Gunjan go with Mannu to stop police. Amba runs after them. Mannu shouts mummy…..I don’t want to go. He runs and hugs Amba. Amba recalls. Police takes Mannu away from her. Jai looks for Amba’s reaction.

Amba recalls everything and shouts Mannu. She faints. They get shocked. Mannu hopes the idea worked. He says Amba will get fine. Raavi prays for Amba. Simran and Gunjan get surprised.

Jai says this was Mannu’s plan to recreate this to make Amba recall everything. Simran says it means that police was fake. He says yes. Gunjan hugs him and calls him angel.

Jagan and Mohini come back home from shopping. Mohini shows Jai what she got for him. She shows him the sherwani. She says this will suit you a lot. Raavi gets water.

Amba comes and asks Jagan whose marriage is happened. She comes with her children. Jagan gets shocked and calls her Amba. Amba asks him to call her Parjai, you forgot manners, I m elder in relation and post, stop acting, I m Pavaniya’s bahu. Mannu’s mum, Amba Pavaniya has come back. Jagan gets shocked. She asks him to do anything. He goes. Mohini sees Jai smiling. Amba and her children go to room. Mohini thinks how did Amba get memory back suddenly, did Jai do this, I can bear anything, but not cheat.

Mohini asks Jai whether he helped Amba to get memory back. Jai says no, I m also worried. She says my time got wasted, you have become angel for them, did you give heart to Amba. He says don’t be mad, think what will we do now, we have to get a rich party. Mannu says you got fine now mummy. Amba says it would be tough for you all. Gunjan says yes, but Mannu’s partner made everything fine.

Jai comes there. Amba says you…Jai recalls moments with Amba. He thinks Amba forgot those memories, but I can never forget. Mannu says he is Jai, my partner, you got fine because of him. Amba thanks her. Gunjan says he is best. Mannu says he has sent Sushila to jail, and freed Simran and Gunjan from goons. Jai says its enough that Amba got fine, its good thing, Mannu talks a lot about you. Amba says you are like angel for me and my children, I don’t remember anything, stay for here for some days. Jai says I have to go. Everyone ask him to stay.
Jai smiles. Mannu takes Jai’s bag and says you will stay here. Jai tells Mannu that there is much danger here. Mannu says from Mohini, I will tell mummy and make Mohini leave. Jai says no, she is dangerous, I can’t let anything happen to you, I will make her leave, promise me you won’t do anything. Mannu promises and hugs him. Mannu goes.

Light goes. Mohini comes and lights candle. She says we will not go from here. Jai says Amba got memory back, we will go. She says no, this party is rich, Amba has much money, we will trap this house.

Its morning, Mannu meets Raj. Raj says I knew everything will get fine, I m happy. Mannu asks him to come his house. Raj says no its not easy. Mannu says we have to make friendship between two families. Raj says no, my dad will beat me, there is no one to save me, dad has sent Raman to uncle’s house. Simran gives letter to Raman’s friend for Raman. Bunty calls her Bhabhi and asks is she sending love for Raman in this letter. She says once a person goes away, we know his value, much happened with me, some people were going to sell me, I faced all this and came back home, now I want to do what my heart wants, I wrote in this letter that Raman is not with me, but his memories are with me. She cries and goes.

She comes home and hears doctor. She goes and sees Amba unwell. She asks is Amba fine. Amba says I m fine. Mannu says I called doctor for checkup. Doctor asks Amba to take care of diet. Mannu asks doctor can I tell something shocking to Amba. Doctor says no, she just got fine, don’t give her stress. Simran asks Mannu what was he saying. Mannu says nothing, I was asking about mummy. Mannu lies and gets hiccups. Simran thinks Mannu is hiding something.

Jai asks Mannu why can’t we tell Amba about Bheeru. Mannu says doctor asked me not to tell her bad shocking news. Jai says Amba knows Bheeru went to get proof, what will we say if she asks. Amba calls to know about Bheeru. Mannu worries. He runs and falls down. She keeps phone and runs to him. She asks how did you get hurt. Mannu asks to whom were you talking. Amba says Bheeru. Mannu says college has sent Bheeru for some work, you were unwell and could not talk to you. She asks Mannu to freshen up and come to have food. Jagan looks on.

Jagan says enough of Jai’s drama, Amba’s memory has come back, I will tell her now, Jai has made Bheeru reach hospital. He sees Mohini at the door. He says you here. She shuts the door. He asks what happened. She says I was going to ask you, why do you stay worried. He says nothing. She says fine if you don’t want to say, I can read in your eyes, someone dear cheated you, such good handsome men get cheated, will you feel bad if I say something, I don’t like Amba, I feel Amba created problems in your life, I can get your respect and post if you want, I feel having old relation with you, I want to help you. He smiles and holds her. He says your thinking is good, but I m also prepared, I have dark secret against Jai, now he will go out of this house. She says I expected this from you, you should know when and where to use this secret, keep this safe, fun will be double if its out on right time, its your wish. She goes.

Everyone is sitting out and playing. Mannu asks Jai to come and play dumb charades with them. He explains the game to Jai. Jai sees Amba and refuses to them. Mannu adn everyone insist and make Jai join the game. Mohini comes and says this is my fav game, shall I sit. Mannu says yes, come. Sukhi gives her a chit. Mohini gets a chit and acts to say. Everyone guess. Mohini sees Jai and says Sanam Bewafa…… Everyone clap.

Sukhi gives chit to Jai. Jai signs its three words. Mannu guesses first word. Sukhi guesses second word. Jai explains. Amba guesses and says Mujhse Shaadi Karoge. Jai stops and looks at her. Gunjan asks is this the movie. He nods. They clap. Sukhi gives chit to Amba. Amba smiles and signs its 4 word. Jai guesses Hum Aapke Hai Kaun. Amba nods. They clap. Jai cuts apple and his finger gets cut a bit. Amba sees Jai’s hand hurt and cares for him. Mohini looks on angrily.

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