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This is fate update Saturday 26 August 2023

This is fate 26 August 2023: Preeta says anyone who wants to live in this house would have to live as per her rules...

This is Fate update Friday 25 August 2023

This is fate 25 August 2023: Preeta mentions he says he has made a lot of effort but what has he done, she made...

This is fate update Thursday 24 August 2023

This is fate 24 August 2023: The Pandit jee is performing the pooja, there is a sudden gush of wind which starts blowing through...

This is fate update Wednesday 23 August 2023

This is fate 23 August 2023: Sherlin is walking with Prithvi exclaiming that this is the best weapon for the people like Mahesh as...

Zee World: This is fate Update – Friday 18 January 2019

  Sherlin panics as her cell phone goes missing. She turns to observe preeta, she shares with kareena that preeta became round her. they turn...

This is Fate Update – Wednesday 16 January 2019

  Shrishti is excited to see Karan and Preeta together, she says they must cancel everything at Prithvi’s house. Preeta is afraid, Shrishti regrets drinking...