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Family Affairs December teasers 2019

  This December 2019 on Family Affairs Starlife series, Shanti and Sarla continue to conspire against Riya... Family affairs starlife full story Sunday 1 December 2019 Episode...

Family Affairs November teasers 2019 Starlife

    Family affairs November teasers 2019: Mohit and Preeti's private conversation is broadcast over the radio by mistake. The Agarwals are left baffled on learning...

Starlife: Family Affairs October teasers 2019

  Catch more drama, kidnaps and false health conditions at the home of the Shrivastavs this October on Family Affairs Starlife series. Family Affairs Starlife...

Family Affairs August 2019 teasers Starlife

  Even though they are now married, Shivam gets into an argument with Riya on their first night, what could be the problem? Family Affairs...

Family Affairs Starlife: Full story, Plot Summary, Casts, teasers

  Family Affair Starlife Full story - follows the Shrivastavs and their grandmother who controls the family with an Iron fist, her authority is however...