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Close Enemies March teasers 2020 Telemundo

Close enemies March teasers 2020: Olivia and Alejandro join forces to put an end to the Miil Cumbres cartel. The Cartel headed by Roxana,...

Close Enemies Telemundo: Full story, Synopsis, Plot, Casts, teasers

Close enemies telemundo starts with Ten-year-old Alejandro playing innocently with his young sister when a tattooed hit man from one of the many powerful...

Close enemies telemundo February teasers 2020

Close enemies February teasers 2020: Roxana is interrogated by Alejandro, and tells him she was kidnapped. Turkish grows suspicious, and is determined to find...

Close enemies telemundo teasers January 2020

  Two young siblings, Roxana and Alejandro, witness the murder of their parents at the hands of a Mexican drug cartel. Roxana is kidnapped and...