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Amma Zee World January 2021 teasers

Amma January teasers 2021: Zenaat faces her first challenge in the village, her integrity is questioned. Zeenat stands up to a corrupt system, although...

Amma January teasers 2020 Zee World

  Amma rounds up this January 2020 with heroic act and a rather tragic tale. Tee teasers here..  Wednesday 1 January 2019 Episode 38 Atul keeps getting death...

Amma December teasers 2019

  Zeenat is hunted by memories of the past, later the series takes a leap and a new and matured Zeenat emerges ready to fight...

Amma November 2019 teasers Zee World

  Zeenat is strong and bold. She takes on the world without fear, providing justice and freedom for her loved ones. Amma November 2019 teasers.  Monday 25...