StarLife: Waiting for love teasers – November 2018


Waiting for Love Starlife series will be reaching it’s seasonal finale this November, read teasers for the series here…

Finale alert: Kamini forgives Madhav as she learns about his innocence. Mohini discovers her real parents. Kamini and Madhav resume their love life

Thursday 1 November 2018

Episode 97
Ayaan tells his parents about Mohini. His father speaks to Vijaylakshmi and cancels Ayaan and Madhavi’s marriage. Will she accept the refusal?

Episode 98
Ayaan confesses the truth to Madhavi. Mohini considers Ayaan to be a fraud and shares the same with Kamini. Will Ayaan lose both Madhavi and Mohini?

Friday 2 November 2018

Episode 99
Madhav remembers Kamini when he sees Madhavi’s doll. Ayaan’s father advises him to sort out his differences with Mohini and marry her!

Episode 100
Kamini slaps Ayaan when he demands to get Mohini married to him. Does Ayaan have a plan B?

Monday 5 November 2018

Episode 101
Ayaan tries to prove his true love by spending the night in front of Mohini’s house. Vasundhara and Inder are tensed as the CBI conducts a raid in their house.

Episode 102
Kamini scolds Amma and Mohini and calls the police. Vijaylakshmi agrees to help Inder only if Ayaan marries Madhavi. What will he do now?

Tuesday 6 November 2018

Episode 103
As per Kamini’s order, the police beat Ayaan. Seeing Ayaan’s concern for Mohini, Kamini realises her mistake and accepts their relationship.

Episode 104
Kamini agrees to Ayaan and Mohini’s marriage but wants to know about the girl who created problems between them. Later, a man threatens to kill Ayaan!

Wednesday 7 November 2018

Episode 105
Mohini and Kamini learn about Inder’s condition and decide to pay him a visit. At the same time, Madhav and Madhavi also happen to visit the same hospital!

Episode 106
Kamini goes to the hospital to meet Inder where Vijayalakshmi is also present. Will they meet?

Thursday 8 November 2018

Episode 107
Ayaan doesn’t tell Mohini and Kamini about Vijayalakshmi plotting against his family. Kamini is worried for Mohini!

Episode 108
Vijayalakshmi prevents Madhavi from talking to Ayaan. Ayaan tells Mohini about Vijayalakshmi’s atrocities!

Friday 9 November 2018

Episode 109
Ayaan and Vasundhara panic as the CBI officers arrive to take Inder into custody. Meanwhile, Vijayalakshmi has some special visitors.

Episode 110

Inder decides to deceive Vijayalakshmi and conduct Ayaan and Mohini’s marriage within two days. Will Kamini and Ragini agree?

Monday 12 November 2018

Episode 111
Ayaan and Mohini rejoice when their families agree to conduct their marriage within two days. Madhav rebukes Vijayalakshmi for giving false hopes to Madhavi. How will she respond?

Episode 112
Vijayalakshmi is furious on learning Inder’s plan to conduct Ayaan’s marriage. But, Inder threatens to end her political career.

Tuesday 13 November 2018

Episode 113
The thought of leaving her mother and sister after marriage makes Mohini sad. A doctor tries to inject poison into Inder’s body!

Episode 114
Vijayalakshmi commands Ayaan to marry Madhavi if he wants the antidote for the poison inside Inder’s body. Will Ayaan agree?

Wednesday 14 November 2018

Episode 115
Vijayalakshmi deceives Madhav to execute her cruel plan against Ayaan. Ayaan and Mohini wonder how to get the antidote from Vijayalakshmi without agreeing to her demands.

Episode 116
When the doctor informs that Inder’s condition is worsening, Mohini makes a plea to Ayaan. Will he agree?

Thursday 15 November 2018

Episode 117
Madhav refuses to take medications, while Vijayalakshmi agrees to give the medicine to Ayaan on a condition.

Episode 118
Madhavi rejoices when Ayaan proposes to her. Madhav asks Ayaan if he is doing it under someone’s pressure. Will Madhav learn about Vijayalakshmi’s cruelty?

Friday 16 November 2018

Episode 119
Madhav and Madhavi learn how Vijayalakshmi blackmailed Ayaan. Kamini is stunned when Madhav visits her house!

Episode 120

Kamini forgives Madhav as she learns about his innocence. Mohini discovers her real parents. Kamini and Madhav resume their love life.



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