Sightless June teasers 2023

Sightless June teasers 2023: Thanks to Dr. Bazán, Marina gets her first job at the hospital. With this opportunity she will be able to continue learning to become a great nurse.

Monday 6 June 2023

Alberto dies of jealousy and decides to confront Dr. Bazán to demand the help he is giving Marina by giving her work in the hospital.

Tuesday 7 June 2023

Marina claims Ricardo for having given her work in the same hospital where Dr. Ocaranza works. She makes the decision to resign so she will not have to see Alberto daily.

Wednesday 8 June 2023
Lucrecia discovers that Marina works with Dr. Bazán and immediately approaches her with the curiosity to know her better.

Thursday 9 June 2023
Thanks to Encarnación, Marina changes her image and looks more beautiful than ever. Ricardo finally dares to confess to Alberto that he is in love with Marina and plans to conquer her

Friday 9 June 2023
Vanessa wants Paulino to stop her so as not to get married and escape together. Unfortunately he does not agree and she ends up being Edson’s wife.

Monday 11 June 2023
Luis demands his right as a grandfather and asks Prudencia to bring Marina’s son to live with them, since he carries the blood of an Ocaranza.

Tuesday 12 June 2023
Lack of confidence causes Marina to deny Luis the opportunity to meet and care for his grandson. Despite Prudencia’s insistence, Marina does not want to put her family in danger.

Wednesday 13 June 2023
Don Luis approaches Marina to ask her for the opportunity to be close to his grandson. She accepts believing that his repentance is sincere and forgives him for all the wrong that he did to her.

Thursday 14 June 2023
Paulino decides to surprise Anita by preparing a birthday party, there he gets carried away by his feelings and asks her to start a relationship.

Friday 15 June 2023
Lucrecia manages to make Dr. Muñoz distrust Marina’s honesty by telling him that just the medicine that Toribio needed disappeared. Soon the whole hospital finds out about this supposed theft.



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