Ring Of Fire Update Monday 19 April 2021

Ring of fire 19 April 2021: Shristi is in kitchen when Revathi walks in and asks her to prepare Vishu’s breakfast and take it to his room and feed him. Shristi says she told her decision last night that Vishu is her past and Baiju is her present/husband.

Revathi says she did not deny that, she just wants to make things normal like before to get back Vishu’s memory. Shristi agrees and prepares breakfast. She gets call. Baiju picks it for her. She looking at Baiju speaks over phone. Dulari sees them and sprinkles pooja water on them. Shristi gets back to her senses and scolds Dulari. Dulari Revathi asked to sprinkle holy water in all corners of house for peace and prosperity. Revathi walks in and asks if Vishu’s breakfast is ready. Shristi says yes. Revathi asks to take it to his room and have food with him. Shristi leaves. Dulari thinks seeing Shristi and Baiju’s moves, Revathi’s plan will fail. Anurag meets Revathi and informs that he has kept Ragini busy in studies.

Vishu does exercise. Shristi brings breakfast for him. He says he cannot have paranthas. Shristi says onion paranthas are his favorite. He says since she prepared it, he will have it but needs company, so if she can have breakfast with him. She agrees. They both finish breakfast.Ragini gets busy in studies when Selects calls and informs he could not complete work. She gets tensed she cannot go out, else Anurag will scold him. Baiju passes by and says he cannot help her in her studies as he himself is illiterate. Ragini tells her problems. Baiju says he will go and solve her problem, she can continue her studies.

Anurag returns and gets happy seeing her studying.Revathi walks to Shristi and says buttermilk pot broke, if she can get one from store room. Shristi says they can prepare buttermilk with mixer grinder. Revathi says she wants desi touch. Shristi agrees and walks towards store room. Dulari meets Revathi and informs that she sprinkled sugar syrup on store room floor and on Vishu’s shirt. Shristi gets into store room and sees Vishu already there searching radio. She slips on slipper floor and he holds her.

Vishu feels ants in his clothes and scratches. Shristi help him and asks to remove his shirt. Dulari calls Baiju. Revathi asks to keep boxes in store room. Baiju carries boxes and walks towards store room.Shristi removes Vishu’s shirti when he gets bitten by ants and scratches his back. Baiju walks in to keep boxes in godown and is shocked seeing them together. He walks away sadly. Shristi walks behind Baiju.Anurag gets ready to go out and tells Ragini that he has some work outside. Ragini asks what about her evening classes. Anurag says he will give her homework. She says she is at home itself right? He says he will give her essay. She asks aise means kaise. He says essay, means a note on some topic. She says she made a mistake of making him masjerji instead of misterji. He promises her to take her out after he returns home.

Baiju stands sadly in balcony. Revathi walks to him and says she heard what he saw today and just wants to say that hhe came into Shristi’s life sometime ago, but Vishu is in Shristi’s life since before. Baiju feels more sad and walks to his room. Dulari sees Shristi walking towards Baiju’s room and informs Revathii that she may tell truth to Baiju. Revathi says let her tell truth, things will worsen instead. She continues that she considers Baiju as her son, but Vishu is her biological son and more important to her. Shristi walks into Baiju’s room and says let her explain. Baiju holds her hand tightly and asks what she wants to say, drags her to home temple and says he did not bring her to take promise, but to tell that he will rather die than doubting her. Dulari asks Revathi what if Vishu goes away from her like Anurag did when she tried to separate Anruag and Ragini. Revathi says she is not Baiju’s enemy, but loves her biological son Vishu more and now is planning to send them on honeymoon.

Anurag returns home and asks Revathi to read h er essay. Ragini starts reading about her thoughts about her father that her father is very powerful and can punish anyone, he roars like lion,, etc,., she wants to become like him. Anurag says she wrong how powerful her fahter is and she wants to become like him instead of how her father takes care of house and keeps balance, he wanted her to write father-daughter relationship and bonding. Ragini says if he had asked to write about his mother, she would have written about her mother’s pooja and cooking, not that she works in circus. Anurag thinks she wants to become like her father, he has to change her mind instead of her grammar. Ragini says she will write an exploding article next, but if she can go to meet her best friend Shristi now. Anurag permits.

Ragini walks towards Shristi’s room when she sees Baiju standing who says he can understand what is going in Shristi’s mind, but he respects her a lot and their relationship has not moved further at all. Ragini says Vishu is Shristi’s happiness, but Baiju is the one who brought her into light from darkness, so he should be patient till situation stabilizes.Family sits for watching TV, remote does not work. Vishu repairs it. Family gets happy.

Vishu repairs TV remote. Family gets happy. Anurag says he was tech savvy from before. Revathi says looks like his memory is getting back. Vishu goes to sleep. Revathi takes mosquito coil towards Vishu’s room and seeing Shristi asks her to go and keep it in Vishu’s room. Shristi takes mosquito coil and gets drowsy with its smoke and falls asleep on Vishu’s bed.

Revathi tells Dulari that Vishu asked her Shristi after he returned, now she will get him Shristi at any cost and tells her new plan. She takes Dulari to Vishu’s room and asks her to hold hand. Dulari holds her hand. Revathi yells not her hand, she means to keep Shristi’s hand on Vishu’s hand and lock them. They both do same and walk out. Next morning, Revathi hopes Dulari does her job properly. Dulari acts as walking into vishu’s room and acts as getting shocked and calls Revathi loudly. Baiju passes by and asks what happened. She shows him Shristi sleeping with Vishu on bed. Revathi and Ragini walk in. Baiju confronts Shristi how can she betray him, he trusted her so much, what he saw in store room was truth then. Shristi tries to explain. Vishu says “hey hero Shristi is mine.” Baiju warns that he is speaking to his wife. Shristi warns Baiju to dare not misbehave with Vishu. Their argument continues. Revathi enjoys it and then realizes it is her imagination. Shristi says she felt drowsy after bringing mosquito coil in Vishu’s room. Vishu and Baiju at once ask Shristi if she is fine, her BP must be low, they both hold Shristi’s hands.

Revathi fumes seeing her plan failed and scolds Dulari.Ragini walks back to her room and tells Anurag that Baiju is so understanding and did not react. Anurag says he has fixed her exam on July 26th. She gets nervous. He says she does not get afraid of big goons, but shivers hearing about studies, he will drape blanket around her. He gives her essay to read. She reads it loudly without any mistake.

Shristi folds clothes and keeps them in cupboard. Baiju joins her. She thanks him for understanding her. He says he is just following his promise. Their eyes lock while folding bedsheet. Revathi sees that and gets more jealous.Revathi sees Shristi and Baiju’s romantic gaze and getting jealous interferes and asks Shristi to go and attend Vishu as he is calling doctor. Shristi says she is fine and does not need doctor and walks towards Vishu. Revathi informs Baiju to inform Anurag that she is taking Vikral to hospital and with Solid takes Vikral out on wheelchair. Phone rings. Baiju sees Solid’s phone and goes to return him. Ragini walks out near car when rival goons enter and point gun at Raini.

Anurag clean his room murmuring Ragini messed whole room. Shristi joins him and helps. Anurag says Ragini is equal to 100 students and she messes up whole class. Shristi says Ragini is very daring. Anurag says give her essay to write and see how she shivers. Shristi finds a cartoon sketch and says Ragini drew her masterji’s sketch. Anurag says it is not him. Shristi says it is student’s sketch for her master.Gooons point gun at Ragini and warn to get ready to die now. Baiju walks from behind, points gun at goons and shoos them away. He then takes Ragini and Vikral to hospital. Ragini thanks him. Baiju says until he is there, nobody can harm his family. At home, Anurag with whole family waits for Ragini. Ragini returns and asks Anurag where is her gun. Anurag says he took out gun, she took her father to hospital, why she needs gun. Baiju says bhabhi was attacked, it is good he went there on time and saved her. Ragini says he would have found her dead if Baiju had not saved her.

Anurag says whole family does not like her violent behavior. Vidhvan says she is fine by god’s grace and should calm down. Ragini confronts Anurag that he is blaming his father’s upbringing. Shristi says Anuarag is right and Ragini should calm down and think. Ragini shouts even she is taking Ragini’s side. Baiju says gun is necessary wherever Ragini goes, whether she uses it or not. Anurag yells at him to stay away as it is his family issue and scolds Ragini that she is taking Baiju’s side as he helps her in her wrong deeds. Ragini says she will \not inform anyone whatever she does from hereon and walks away. Baiju confronts Shristi that she did not stop Anurag when he told him stranger, if he had not gone there, family would have been mourning.

Ragini stops talking to family. Shristi serves her milk and tries to speak. Ragini takes milk and does not speak to her. Anurag tries and even he fails. Shristi gives Ragini a sorry card and says she did not speak since 10 days. Shristi smiles. Baiju and Vishu see Shristi feeling drowsy and collapsing. They both run, Vishu lifts her and Baiju asks him to lie her on sofa. Doctor checks her and says it looks like stress and tiredness, she has taken her blood for test and will prescribe once blood test returns. Revathi asks Ragini to get her checkup also. Ragini says she will go to clinic later. Revathi scolds Shristi to take care of her and go and rest. Shristi leaves. Revathi pampers Vishu. Baiju sees that and gets jealous.

Shristi says Ragini that her condition is because Ragini stopped talking to her. Ragini hugs her and reconciles. Shristi then returns to her room and rests. Baiju brings her milk and tries to leave. Shristi stops him and asks if he is angry on her and not talking. Baiju says he is sad, but her smile makes him forget everything. Shristi says she knows she is not against him, she just could not go against Anurag, Baiju is one of important family members and is needed at home. Baiju offers her milk. Vishu enters and throws milk and shouts if he wants to make Shristi ill and asks if milk had almonds. Shristi says she is allergic to almonds. Vishu scolds Baiju what if Shrhisti had fallen ill, thinks it is good maa informed him everything about Shristi. He asks Shristi if she is fine and says he will get her juice and scolds Baiju. Baiju leaves.

Baiju walks to living room sadly. Ragini asks what happened, if Shristi is fine. Baiju says she is fine, thinks he wants to tell her everything, but cannot burden his problem on her, says nothing wrong, if he can help her in studies. Ragini says she is reading about Hitler and he is like Anurag, very commanding. Anurag hears her from a distance. Baiju says even he wants to write something and scribbles on paper. Paper falls in front of Anurag. Anurag reads best of luck bhabhi and praises Baiju, but says it has spelling mistake, he should also study now, asks Ragini to be with Shristi till he returns and leaves. They both laugh Hitler. He returns and leaves with car keys.Revathi tells Dulari that she has to plan big to separate Shristi and Baiju and has an evil plan to provoke Baiju, she is just worried if she is doing wrong in son’s love. Dulari says mother cannot think wrong for child. Revathi calls someone.

Baiju wanders outside Shristi’s room reminiscing Vishu scolding him. Shristi sees him and takes him in and says she knows what is going in his mind, they both have to live life together and should know about each other, it was not big for him not knowing about her almond allergy, she will tell him her favorites and starts. Baiju continues further. Their eyes lock. Teri naam ki kasak hai naa…song… plays in the background.Ragini while studying says she wants to have something spicy and asks Dulari to bring chaat masala. Dulari says she finished it. Vishu brings gol gappa for her and challenges her. Ragini accepts his challenge. Dulari takes Baiju’s side and Shristi takes Ragini’s side. Anurag comes and scolds Baiju and says he went out to bring flower bouquet for her even though she was wrong, she is pregnant and this all is bad for her. Ragini says her child is breathing in her womb and she knows what is better, Daadi and Revathi are in front and they will stop if something is bad for her, he is pestering her a lot after he became teacher and pricks thorns each day. She walks away. Revathi scolds Anurag.

Anurag thinks he should console her. After sometime, Baiju gets Shristi’s lab report. Family asks to read it. He reads and looks shocked. Shristi asks what is in report. Baiju says it says Shristi is pregnant.Baiju reads Shristi’s lab report and informs family that Shristi is pregnant. Revathi and Daadi congratulate Shristi and happily say they will play with 2 grandsons together. Baiju says Vidhvan and Brij would have danced in happiness if they were hear, but who is baby’s father, Vishu or Baiju. Shristi stands shocked. Vishu angrily leaves.

Dulari continues her doubts. Everyone walks away. Revathi scolds Dulari for her drama, then praises her and ask to continue this baby and father’s confusion repeatedly.

Ragini and Anurag argue in front of Vikral. Ragini says she knows Shristi well, she will not do anything wrong. Anurag says it is a good news and instead of getting happy, Ragini is angry. Ragini says she wants to shoot doctor who prepared false report, but Anurag took away her gun. Anurag says she should feed sweet to doctor instead. Their argument continues. Vikral raises his hand. Ragini gets happy seeing that.

Shristi tries to explain Baiju that she is not pregnant and she considers him as her husband. Baiju says he does not want to talk about it and is confused. In Vishu’s room, he fumes thinking Shrihsti betrayed him. Revathi walks in acts as consoling him and says he and Shristi wre together that night, so baby must be his. Vishu says he does not remember what happens at night after having heavy dose of medications. Revathi continues.Anurag and Ragini’s argument continues. Anurag says Shristi should get retested. Ragini says Shristi is well educated and will not agree. Anurag says it will clear everyone’s doubt. Vikral raises his hand again. Ragini gets happy.Anurag insists Shristi to get her lab test redone. Ragini insists Shristi not to. Shristi agrees and says if family’s doubt will be cleared, she is ready. Doctor comes and takes her blood and urine samples. Family eagerly waits for doctor. Dulari’s comments continue in between. Doctor returns and says she was present in lab during sample testing. Vishu reads report and says Shristi is pregnant.

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