Once there was a king update Saturday 30 April 2022

Once there was a king 30 April 2022: Rani gets teary that Dadu really seems to be Raaj Mata. Raja insists she is a Raaj Mata. Raaj Mata kiss their hands, saying she doesn’t want this palace or throne, but their happiness. Raja says she must always dress up like Raaj Mata. Raaj Mata was thankful to Raja who returned her past to her. Bari Rani Maa walks out and congratulates Raaj Mata. Raaj Mata wouldn’t come in her traps, she must learn something from her past mistakes. She boasts she has taught Rani to save herself from her enemies and survive within them, she awaits elections contests.

The next morning, Raja wish he could go with Rani for campaigning. Rani was satisfied that his heart has nothing in it. He wish her best of luck. There, Bindu was carrying a box on stairs. Rani wonders why she has held a heavy box herself. The box drops off her arm, Raja comes to her concerned. Bindu cries that she is in much pain. Rani asks him to pick up the box, she would take care of Bindu. Bindu curtly stands up to Rani’s confrontation, Rani asks if this happened the other day as well? She makes it clear to Bindu that Raja has been married to her, and only belongs to her. She must remember the hands that can hold pens may also hold arms, Bindu is unaware what wives can done to girls like Bindu.

Raja was walking outside with Bindu, while Rani was discussing about campaign with Jeewan. Bindu loudly thanks Raja for being there to her support. Raja silently distributes clothes among poor, requesting them to vote for Bindu. He goes inside to bring some more papers when two men come and harass Bindu. They accuse Bindu responsible for Rani’s leaving her house. The people throw all the distributed clothes back at her and bring blackened water to her face. Rani and Jeewan were coming from the front and run to help Bindu. There, Raja also run to save Bindu. Bindu’s face had been blackened but Rani comes to her rescue, and shouts at everyone to stop it.

She shouts at the people, warning them to call police against them, they are not the ones to decide if she has done wrong or right. The lady accuses Bindu to have ruined her marriage. Rani questions who told them her marriage has been ruined. People insist she must be punished. Rani says alright, but the first stone would be held by the one who has never sinned. Rani says they must vote who they want to, but she won’t allow them harass any girl like that. Only courts have the right to justice. People leave, hooting in favor of Rani. Bindu cries aloud.

Inside, Bindu drops the glass of water that Bari Rani Maa offers. Raja was guilty but Bindu tells him to open his eyes now, Rani is responsible for this all. Raaj Mata questions what is Rani’s mistake, she saved her. Bindu says she got her trapped, then saved her. Bindu insists Rani has returned to revenge them, and this is her revenge. Raja finally asks Rani to confess she isn’t responsible for this all. Rani looks away then says it’s not Bindu’s mistake because she has been brought up in a snake hole. Raaj Mata taught her to forgive, and she forgive her.

Raja comes to his room where Rani was cleaning and apologizes. Rani says he didn’t speak. Raja accepts it was his mistake he didn’t side her in front of Bindu. Rani replies that the old Raja must never have realized he was mistaken, it’s better he is changing. Raja asks if Rani isn’t angry with him, Rani doesn’t reply. Raja accepts he has been wrong with Bindu, but she wonders how it went out of palace. Rani realizes he is right, it means someone from the palace broke this secret open. Raja wonders what she is murmuring, Rani goes out for some important work.
Rani comes to Jeewan and asks his help. She wanted to know who broke the secret outside the palace.

Bari Rani Maa had been spying them, and thinks Rani is exactly like her mother and won’t sit back without knowing the truth.
Raaj Mata shares with Amrita she is afraid if something wrong happens with Rani. Amrita suggests about keeping a Pooja. Rani comes to hug them both, as she has been blessed with their prayers. This time, the palace will glow out of happiness this Diwali. Bari Rani Maa hears this and comes to ruin Bindu’s mask, and throws water over her face warning her to get vigilant. Rani has been inquiring about her drama. Bindu was sure to stay two steps ahead Rani. She goes to a wardrobe, and was ready to ruin Rani’s hopes before she can know the truth.

Rani was happy to see the wall decorated with their photos in the room. Raja goes towards the piano and sing for her. He walks towards here and they dance together. Bindu peeks through the window and throw the vase off a stool outside to break their kiss. Rani was cautious, she requests him to give her some time. Raja playfully asks how much he is allowed. Rani brings him clothes to change, Raja says he has planned something special for her at Diwali, she must go with him at 7 pm. Rani makes up about a pooja, but Raja says if his wife has forgiven him she would come for sure. Raja leaves saying he awaits the pooja tomorrow. Rani thinks she is waiting for this Pooja, because before that she would come to know who planned against Bindu.

Bindu was sure to plan something to part Raja and Rani.The next day, Jeewan comes to tell Rani that some man spread the news, and will surely get him by evening. Rani looks for preparations and hurries them by 7 pm. Raaj Mata asks if it’s something at 7, Rani replies it’s her medicine times. Raja drags Rani behind a wall, and flirts. Rani hurries him to get ready.Bindu comes towards the Pooja thaal and pours acid into the water pot by sending the servant away. Jeewan comes to Rani, she was shocked to hear him. There, Bari Rani Maa comes to take Bindu away. The Pooja goes on. Rani was about to pour the water from pot but the Pandit gives her another glass.

She takes the thaal towards the temple when Bari Rani Maa and Bindu throw a fake lizard in her feet. Raja goes to hold her. Raja at once notice Rani’s cloth getting fire, the acid fell off Raja’s hand and it burns badly.In the room, the doctor bandages his hand warning it is chemical burn and may be the bruise won’t go away. Rani wonders where this water came from, the doctor instructs her to take care of his injury. Amrita was upset that she herself brought everything for Pooja. Rani suspects something, Raja was sure to get well soon. Rani says it seems to be a deliberate attempt, and says maybe it’s not an accident but a trap. Raja says yes it can be. Bindu announces that she will arrange for protection of palace, no one would move in and out without permission.

Bari Rani Maa accuses Rani as she must not be happy to see him be with Bindu. Raaj Mata agrees with Bari Rani Maa, it may be Bindu who tried to burn Rani because she blackened Bindu’s face. Bindu leaves offensive that Raja didn’t side her. Raaj Mata and everyone leave the house, wanting Raja to get well soon.
Rani cries while putting medicine over Raja’s hand. He shouts in pain, Rani begin crying louder. Raja says wife has problem serving husband. Rani asks why he came in between, at least she must have been hurt. Raja says at least he bears her this way, if her face had been ruined how he must have lived with her.

Rani complains that he promised her huge, that their love would never be any less. Raja says this is his Rani, who fights back; who doesn’t cry. He loves Rani who never bends in front of injustice, this love would never change because she won’t ever change. Rani was about to kiss his cheek instead whispers in his ear that he is forgiven. She then tells him to stop this drama and take rest. She herself think about finding out what’s happening in the palace.A cracker box is rolled lit on the palace doorway, the guards flee when a girl in disguise tries to leave the palace.

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