Once there was a king update Friday 1 April 2022

Once there was a king 1 April 2022: Rani comes to the party, Bari Rani Maa taunts her that there are all princess here, so no one cared about her. She then fascinates Rani’s delicacy and inquires if she learnt them somewhere or was born with this. She then goes to look for Rani. Raja comes in complaining why she came in, when he was parking the car, is he a driver. Rani scolds him to go to his Meenu whom he was calling dear. Raja holds her closer to him and says had he seen her he couldn’t have seen anything else, not the way nor the passengers.

That’s why he didn’t offer her the seat next to him. Rani asks about the reason, Raja says the answer is written in his eyes, she will get it if look intently. Meenu comes there to break the magic and sends Raja to Bari Rani Maa. Bindu orders the servant to take care of all the guests, as everyone here are rich; then corrects herself almost all over here.Rani wishes Bindu birthday and offers her a bag. Bindu mocks it being a vegetable bag, then laughs that there is drink in her hand so can’t take it. She asks Rani to open it up, Rani brings about a stroller. Bindu cheers at getting door mat. Rani says it’s Kasoli’s very famous scarf. Bindu thanks her, then calls it second handed and rejects it.

Raja comes with the cake and calls Lovey, Bindu curtly says she never like giving away anything that she likes herself. She throw the scarf on floor and step over it. Bindu cuts the cake, while Raja claps for her. Rani wraps her gift back in the box. Bindu and Raja feed each other with the cake and hug each other. Raja moves towards the cake, Bindu stops him from going to Rani and asks for a dance. Raja says he has to sweeten everyone’s mouth. Bindu asks what he will do when others would get jealous watching them together. She insists it’s her day and she wants to begin the evening dancing with him. They move to the center of the hall, Raja moves watching Rani.

Jeewan brings Rani a drink, she thanks him. Jeewan calls her a guest, and if she doesn’t drink he won’t as well. Rani sips it eyeing Raja and Bindu dancing closely. He says he can understanding what she has been going through, because in this palace he is also alone. He couldn’t get a place in this family as well, Bari Rani Maa always offered everything to Raja. After Raja went to hostel, Kaal also spent less time in palace. He is the step brother of Raaj, but he only considered him step and not brother. He is very lonely, then apologizes Rani for getting emotional. Rani assures she is with him as a friend. Jeewan laughs calling her sweet. He asks her for a dance, named after their new friendship. Rani denies saying she doesn’t know how to dance. Jeewan insists to take her.

Raja takes a leave from Bindu as Rani is waiting for him, he turns to see Rani going with Jeewan. Bindu taunts if he was saying something, then drags him back towards her. Bindu dances with Raja, while Rani with Jeewan. Raja only kept his eyes over Rani throughout the dance. Bari Rani Maa smiles curtly watching this. Raja finally leaves Bindu and goes to fight with Rani at the drama. Jeewan stops Rani and confronts Raja asking who is doing the drama? It’s alright if he dance with Bindu, if she dances with him it’s a drama? Raja pushes Jeewan away saying he wants to speak to Rani. Jeewan says if he is a man, he must talk to a man. Raja gets to beat Jeewan. Rani comes between them, she demands why he is fighting with Jeewan.

He jerks Rani’s hand off his shoulder and demands if she is fighting with him for Jeewan. Rani clarifies she is telling him what’s right and what’s wrong. She turns to Jeewan who leaves, with his mouth bleeding. Raja also leaves the hall. Bindu claps that this is what Rani has done still childhood, how she does this. She had forbidden Raja to invite this down market girl, she again spoilt her party and goes towards Jeewan.Bari Rani Maa thinks Rani will ignite a fire between two brothers, she will cook her bread and before she becomes a problem for her, she will kill her.

Rani comes behind Raja and asks why he beat his own brother. If she danced with Jeewan, he also danced with Lovey. If there isn’t any problem with that, why with this. She holds his collar and says when no one was speaking to her in this huge party Jeewan became her friend. She enforces him to come and say sorry to Jeewan. Raja holds her back, close to himself. He moves his hands over her arms, and swirls around to dance with her. Holding her in his arms he says he remember each moment he spent with her, and everything that actually never took place. The moments he has dreamt with her… he can’t bear anyone else spending those moments with her, she is only his.

Rani cheers Raja while Jeewan watches this. Bari Rani Maa comes to Jeewan and provokes Jeewan that Raja is always preferred over him. Raja and Rani come to the hall, Bindu inquires where he had gone. She insists on Raja to sing for her. Rani leaves their side. Bindu requests Raja, Rani nods at him from a distance. He smiles and gets his guitar, naming the evening to a girl who is most important for him in this world. Rani shies away at the song, Raja’s friend tease him for whom the song was. Meenu comes to insist the song was for her, Rani denies. Raja’s friends come to complain he never gives them anytime. Raja signals Rani while she takes a side. Bari Rani Maa and Bindu watch this, Rani goes towards the table and ask for different eatables for Raja.

He nods at Samosas, she then ask his consent for sauces. Bindu whispers in her friend’s ears. Bari Rani Maa calls Raja, and asks him to get Bindu’s gift from jeweler she had ordered. Raja looks towards Rani, then abides by Bari Rani Maa. Rani turns to watch Raja gone away, while Bindu;s friend come to push the plate over Rani’s dress. Bindu comes to scold her friend and demands her to apologize Rani, she taunts that Rani must have a single dress and forcefully takes Rani to change.
Rani comes downstairs changed in Bindu’s dress, and wonders where Raja has been. She has to go back to hostel.

A friend of Bindu steps up at Rani’s dress and she fell on the ground hurting her hand. Bindu says nothing has changed, she only heard history repeats itself. Something similar had happened 10 years ago as well. Rani remembers Raja cursing her that day. She wanted to look rich 10 years ago as well, and is striving for it even today. The truth is, she was a maid yesterday and is a maid today as well. Rani insists the truth is that she is Rani today and was a Rani yesterday, who lived on her own. But someone grown up on parent’s money will never understand this, she pushes Bindu away but Bindu holds her hand back. Bindu says she isn’t worth being in Raja’s life, Bari Rani Maa had recognized her well before to be greedy; that is why she became Raja’s friend in a single night; getting ready and using Jeewan to make Raja jealous.

She understands her plans well, but she won’t allow her use Dovey. Rani shouts at her to stop it, she came to party for Raaj but she was idiot and never considered if one shakes hand with thorns it pricks you. One can only be friends with one’s own status, she can’t fall to Bindu’s level and leave the hall.Jeewan stops Rani in the way, she insists on leaving. Jeewan calls them jealous and this is the reason they always does this. Rani turns to leave as she can no more bear their taunts and insults. Jeewan holds her hand promising not to leave his friend alone. He watches the bruise over Rani’s hand and tires a handkerchief over it. Raja comes to the door and watches them together. Jeewan says a friend in need is a friend indeed, she must call him anytime. She nods.

Bari Rani Maa comes to Raja and stops him from going ahead, she already told him this is the worth of maids. They never take time to hold another hand, he had to break his money bank in childhood, and he had to go to his hostel because of her. But she again gave him the same gift as ten years ago, betrayal. Raja comes towards Rani enraged.Bari Rani Maa calls that she has never seen a player like Rani before, she used him and Jeewan in her game. She went with the younger boy as soon as the elder one got away from sight. Rani tries to explain Raja, but he shuts her up. Bari Rani Maa reminds Raja that a person who is betrayed for once is unlucky, but the one who gets the betrayal for second time is an idiot. He has been unlucky, but shouldn’t be idiot and throw this girl away from the palace and his life.

Raja clutches Rani’s arm tight. Bindu and her friends cheer watching this as Raja drags her to confront Bari Rani Maa. He decisively announces that none will utter a single word against Rani, not even Bari Rani Maa.Raja warns Bari Rani Maa not to hurt Rani again. Jeewan comes behind Rani to apologize, Raja interferes and forbid him create any drama in front of Rani. Rani is his childhood friend and Jeewan is their childhood enemy, they get to wrestle. Rani comes between them, she tells Raja that Bari Rani Maa is right, they must not be friends. if their friendship brings differences in family, enemity is better. Once before as well, she parted him from his family. Raja assures Rani that it was because of his lacking and sufferings and takes her along.

They cme into the old house of Rani as it rained heavily. Rani’s childhood flash in her eyes, and demands Raja why he brought her here. Raja says he came to introduces Rajveer and Gayatri with Raja and Rani. He used to come here to recall their memories, he could never forget her. He holds her shoulders and says he couldnt get away from her, and doesnt want to. He wants her to stay with him always. A cloth piece fell over Rani from the roof due to heavy wind, it was Lakhan’s stroller. Tears roll over Rani’s face, she cries saying this is her Baba’s. Raja stops her, and demands to go. Raja insists he can’t leave her alone here, her hostel’s entry has been closed.

She insists on staying on road, but not here. Raja points at the heavy wind outside, and warns her to get ill in heavy rain; then how she would take exams. She turns to go out, a man warns her of traffic jam ahead. She turns around and her foot twists. Raja holds her to a seat, then sits with her and demand why she wanted to leave this place. If she feared he would leave his concious staying with him, but if she trusts him? She replies more than herself. He boasts to be hot himself, she must not lose control over herself as well. They laugh. Suddenly the electricity is turned off. Raja lights a match stick and brings lanterns to hang around. Rani was moved watching him bandage her.

He warns her to stare into his eyes this way, then smiles as she gets shy.
Bindu complains Bari Rani Maa for her insult. Bari Rani Maa slaps her and says not Bindu but she was insulted, it will cost Raja.There, Rani watch Raja light coals and prepare tea for her. She smiles asking him for help, he tells her to sit quietly. Rani gets upset about Raaj Mata’s warnings. Raja comes to her with tea, and says if girls can work out, boys can also work at home. Rani demands why he bent in front of Kaal, and asked for a job for help. Bari Rani Maa, speaks no matter bitter, but truth only. They aren’t balanced.

: Rani tells Raja that sky and earth can never unite. Raja comes closer and says willing for something can make anything possible. Rani calls it a bookish thing, he can’t change the reality. She was always upset for not being able to save her Baba and take care of her Dadu, if he gets away Bari Rani Maa because of her, she won’t be able to forgive herself. Raja hugs her tight, though she tries to push him away, then keeps her hands down. He leaves her, then cups her face and asks if she has ever seen the sea. Far away in a sea, the sea and earth get united.

This house is their sea, it’s not his mistake he was born over tides. Even their names are connected, Raja and Rani. No one can separate them from each other, he will leave anything and anyone but her; and won’t let her go away from him. He gets closer to her. She tries to run away, but he wipes her tears off her face, holds her hand up and holds it tight, kissing the back of it. A cloth covers her face, she lay her head over his chest sitting on stairs.The next morning, Raja wakes up first, Rani was still slept in his arms. She wakes her and untie his hands from around her. She tries to cup his face when he opens his eyes at once.

She withdraws her hands, Raja smiles. She goes to get water and wash her face. Raja watches her intently, she notices the stare. He comes to her and say he was waiting for the right time, but can’t stay anymore. There is a knock at the door, Raja opens the door. Mangal Singh asks Raja to come back to palace with him, he had been looking for him all night long. Raja asks him to go to palace, he won’t come until Bari Rani Maa apologizes her. Rani questions Raja what kind of a condition this is, Bari Rani Maa is the eldest, she shouldn’t apologize the youngers. She committed a mistake, but everyone does. Raja says Bari Rani Maa insulted her and her self-respect. Rani complains that he also did this, by asking for a job for her. Raja asks what is the problem with it, when she could have worked in the palace in childhood, why can’t she work now.

Rani says she never want him to do her any favors. Raja calls it a favor for himself, he has gained a goal in life after getting her. He wants her to be with him in this new beginning. Rani says that friendship and job can’t go along together.On the breakfast table, Bindu asks Jeewan about Raja. Mangal Singh comes to inform Bari Rani Maa that Raja denied returning, he said until she apologizes Gayatri…. Bari Rani Maa throws the knife over the wall.Raja promises Rani about not talking to Kaal for her job. He holds her jaw and caresses that she is already chubby.

She minds if he is calling her fat. Raja smiles that she is a little fat. He goes out to get some breakfast. Bari Rani Maa arrives there, throws her umbrella away before entering the house. Rani had been cleaning the dishes. She points a gun towards her and aims, Raja comes there to put the gun down and drags her aside. He demands if she was going to kill Rani. Bari Rani Maa boasts that times have changed, she couldn’t bear someone playing with her grandson. She can never forgive Rani. She tries to fill in Raja that Rani has once betrayed him already. Raja says if something happens to Rani, he won’t be able to live anymore.

She will have to cross his dead body to reach rani. Rani looks in the plate to see Bari Rani Maa and Raja together, the plate drops her hand. Bari Rani Maa comes inside to Rani and joins her hands to apologize. She cries in front of Rani that she understood now that this family pride is nothing in front of humanity. For the first time Raja went against her, she came to take revenge from her and kill her but Raja changed her mind. If she is so dear to Raja how can she hate her? Rani assures Bari Rani Maa that elders are only for blessing the youngers. Bari Rani Maa insists on her to say a yes if she has forgiven her. Raja is trying to be responsible for the first time, won’t she help him become a good son of his father.

Rani assures her to help him and hugs Bari Rani Maa. Raja joins his hands to thanks Bari Rani Maa. Bari Rani maa thinks them to be innocent, and was determined to burn them alive.On the dinner table, Bindu sat lost. Bari Rani Maa asks her to have food, she throws the plate away and thanks her. It’s enough for her to hear about Rani’s job, she handed Rani a chance served in plate. One day she will come to palace with her luggage.Rani asks Raja to think again, if there was water in hostel she can manage something else. She suggests about going to Meenu’s friend. Raja argues if she can stay at someone’s place, not her friends.

She only care about what others would think. She finally agrees to come in with him, murmuring him to be stubborn. Raja boasts himself to be the biggest stubborn.

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