Nurses on Telemundo stopped showing? Here’s why.

Nurses on Telemundo was put on hold due to some of its homosexual contents and scene expecially since this practice is not welcomed by the laws of most countries where it is aired…

If you’re a Nurses fan you’ll Know. Season 4 was suddenly pulled from Telemundo last week, replaced with a rebroadcast of Decisions without any explanation from the channel or NBCUniversal.

Well, According to entertainment blogger Insidus it was taken off-air because of the homosexual content on the show, which also broadcasts in countries where homosexuality is illegal e.g. Ugaynda, Cameroon…

Telemundo’s DStv broadcast feed is the same throughout Africa, meaning laws that apply in one country impact on another as everyone sees the same series.

Nurses disappeared off TV within a month of Uganda passing the Anti Homosexuality Act that calls for life imprisonment for anyone “convicted” of engaging in a sexual act with someone of the same sex and the death penalty for “aggravated homosexuality”.

Also, the promotion or normalisation of homosexuality is punishable by imprisonment for up to 20 years and fines.

These events must be why the show is gone.

We asked Telemundo why Nurses is off-air and if it’s because of this. They haven’t gone into details, so as not to get cancelled we presume, but reading between the lines it is. Their statement:

We intend to comply with local broadcast regulations in each market where we broadcast and are adjusting the programming as necessary.

It’s clearly a sudden and unexpected turn of events for the network as the channel’s July highlights were released before this happened and Nurses was included as per usual.

If you need your Nurses fix you’ll see that it’s available in South Africa on Universal TV+ on DStv Now. However the show still runs unpreturbed in Nigeria.


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