Night of Doom Starlife November 2023 teasers

Night of Doom Starlife November teasers 2023: Guruji advises Vaidehi to perform a ritual and enter the spirit realm in order to save Raghav from danger.

Wednesday 1 November 2023
Episode 59

Vaidehi and Raghav are in danger at a haveli, while Sanjana plans against Vaidehi.

Thursday 2 November 2023
Episode 60

A witch deceives a village girl and casts a spell on Raaghav; villagers, including Guruji and the police, warn Vaidehi and Raaghav about the situation.

Friday 3 November 2023
Episode 61

Sanjana hypnotises Raghav; Vaidehi’s life falls into peril as Sanjana’s aide plans to kill her.

Saturday 4 November 2023
Episode 62

Sanjana deceives Raghav with a doctored photo, while Karan defends Gauri from an assailant.

Sunday 5 November 2023
Episode 63

Sanjana attempts to deceive Raghav with a spell, while Vaidehi makes efforts to convince him of her true identity as Gauri.

Monday 6 November 2023
Episode 64

Raghav’s decision, influenced by Sanjana, leaves Vaidehi shattered; she confronts him about it.

Tuesday 7 November 2023
Episode 65

Vaidehi is upset by Sanjana’s accusations. A disguised aide of Sanjana helps her trap Raghav by pretending to be Karan.

Wednesday 8 November 2023
Episode 66

Vaidehi uncovers Sanjana’s true intentions, saves Raghav, and joins forces with him in their quest to find Karan.

Thursday 9 November 2023
Episode 67

Sanjana manipulates Karan into obeying her commands, while Vaidehi becomes suspicious of his unusual behaviour.

Friday 10 November 2023
Episode 68

Pandit battles with Sanjana and her allies to protect Raghav’s family, but later assists Kalasur to regain his life.

Saturday 11 November 2023
Episode 69

Sanjana blackmails Raghav to remove his sacred thread by threatening his sister’s life. She later performs a strange ritual to carry out her malicious plan.

Sunday 12 November 2023
Episode 70

Series finale!

Guruji advises Vaidehi to perform a ritual and enter the spirit realm in order to save Raghav from danger.

Night of Doom is replaced by Divya-Drishti from tomorrow (Monday 13 November).


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