My heart knows update Sunday 17 July 2022

My heart knows 17 July 2022: The Episode starts with Kalyani asking Shera that he told her that he knew this place. Shera says I thought to follow the map and don’t know that it will reach us here. Kalyani asks why Malhar ji will hide the idol here. Moksh says it will be fun now and mixes something. Avni comes there and asks who took out this food and asks what did you mix in it. Moksh says nothing. Avni says I will make your voice come out now and tells that she will drown him in bucket water and kill him. Moksh shouts for help. Anupriya comes there and pushes Avni. She rescues Moksh and confronts Avni for her behavior. Avni asks her to ask Moksh what was he mixing in the food? She asks if he was adding poison? Anupriya says I trust Moksh and tells that he is Kalyani’s son and can’t do this.

Avni asks Anupriya to taste the food. Anupriya says she will taste the food. Godaveri says even I trust Moksh and will taste the food. Avni asks him to taste it. Anupriya, Godaveri and Moksh have the food. Avni is shocked. Moksh says he has added salt in the dal as it was not there. Godaveri says a boy fooled Avni. Anupriya tells that food is made for everyone here and asks her to eat the salt. Shera and Kalyani find the trunk in the outhouse. Shera opens it. Kalyani tries to peep inside and falls inside. Shera jumps inside thinking it is a tunnel. He hides behind Kalyani and asks if there is a ghost here. Kalyani says there is no ghost, let me think. She switches on the lights and finds Vittal God’s idol with jewellery on it. Shera says what this idol is doing here.

He is about to touch it, when he gets the electric shock with electricity security system. She says Malhar ji must have installed it, so that the idol stays safe. She tells that she shall switch off the electric system and asks him to lift her so that she can switch it off. Kaisa yeh Ishq hai plays…..He lifts her. Kalyani comes out of the secret room.Moksh asks Anupriya why she is not talking to Aai and says his Aai cries. Anupriya says she has no answer. Moksh tells that he can’t see them crying and says his Aai will understand everything. Kalyani asks Shera to hold the rope after switching off the light, but when she gets no response from him, she jumps inside and couldn’t find him there and the idol missing.

In the morning, she comes to Tommy’s house and asks him to tell where is Shera? She says she is tired of searching him since night. Tommy calls her Bhabhi and says I didn’t know where is he? Godaveri calls Kalyani and asks where is Dada? Kalyani tells everything that he is not Malhar, but Shera. Godaveri ends the call. Anupriya tells that the idol needs to be found and asks Godaveri to take care of Moksh. She goes. Avni sees her going and thinks it is good that she went.Kalyani comes to the PS and asks Pawar and tells him that the guy is not Malhar ji, but Shera. She met him somewhere and brought it as Malhar ji, so that she can get back her son and also she can find about Malhar’s real murderer. She says Shera is not a nice guy and eloped with the idol. Avni plans to make Sarthak have the wrong medicine. Anupriya comes to the jewellery shop and thinks if Shera has stolen the idol then he would have come here? She finds Shera there and asks where was he since night? She says if this means that your help towards Kalyani was fake and that he was with her so that he can steal the idol.

She says if Malhar comes to know then what will happen. Shera asks how? Malhar is dead. Anupriya realizes what she has said. Shera says there is something surely that you are hiding from everyone and says truth is that Malhar didn’t die that day and asks if this is truth. He says when Kalyani went up to switch off the electricity, I felt current even then. He says later, he gained consciousness in some room and two men standing and Vittal idol there. He says it is confirmed that Malhar is not dead and tells that he talked to Malhar’s men with whom, he wants to catch the thief. A fb is shown, The guy tells Malhar acted to die so that he can catch the people who steals these ancients idol and sell outside. They say that they know about his background. Shera says Malhar is a country lover. He asks where is he? The guy says they are searching him since a month, and they got just his marriage ring and watch. Fb ends. Anupriya asks Shera, where is Malhar?

Kalyani coming to Anupriya and telling her that Shera is not a nice guy and fooled her and her son. She says Moksh started liking him and that guy will get our curse. Anupriya asks her to listen and takes him to side. Aao Saheb says I have to find out about the imposter so that I can help Vivek get out of the jail. She picks her phone to call Vivek, but it falls down and doesn’t start. Moksh comes there and says he knows how to get it repaired. Aao Saheb asks do you know how to repair? Moksh says we will go to the shop and get it repaired. Aao Saheb thinks if this is Kalyani’s trick. Anupriya takes Kalyani to side and tells that you was always right, I didn’t kill Malhar. Kalyani says I knew that you can’t kill me even in dream and asks why will Madhav kill Malhar? She says Malhar ji had said that Madhav ji is dead. She asks what happened that day.

Anupriya says when I came to know that Malhar ran with Moksh and police is behind him, even I went to search him. I heard a voice and found him injured with knife in his chest. She says due to Bappa’s blessings, knife didn’t touch his touch and he was alive and knows that he will come alive. She says he wanted my help and he wanted to pretend infront of people that he is dead. She says he was working on the secret mission of RAW so that he can catch the culprit of the idols smugglers. She says that’s why she accepted the murder charges.Kalyani asks if my Malhar ji is alive? She asks who had stabbed him? Anupriya says I didn’t know, as Moksh came there and I couldn’t ask him. She tells that Shera didn’t steal the idol as Malhar’s Raw agents took it. Kalyani asks if Shera had met him. She gets happy and says my Malhar ji is alive and hugs her.

She says my Malhar ji is one in lakhs and I am proud of him that he is my husband. She says she is mad in happiness and hugs her. She says I have to tell Moksh that her baba is alive and says he will dance with happiness. Anupriya asks her to stop and starts crying. Shera comes there. Anupriya recalls asking Shera, and the latter telling that Malhar is dead. He tried to catch the thieves, but couldn’t catch him. fb ends. Anupriya says Malhar was alive, but he is not alive anymore. Kalyani breaks down and cries again. She asks if this is the truth, then why did you tell me and made me hopeful that my Malhar ji is alive. She says even Ganapati Bappa couldn’t see my happiness and snatch it. Anupriya says it was necessary to tell you and tells that God must have thought something good for you and Moksh. Kalyani says she had thought to act to get angry with Malhar ji, then hug him tightly and say that she loves him so much.

She says she thought to play old songs and surprise him, and tells him that their taste got similar now. She says she was seeing light, but again her life has become dark. She asks why this thing is happening with me. Anupriya says Malhar had taken promise from me and that’s why I hid this thing from you. Shera asks Kalyani to listen to him and tells that if she gets weak then how will it work. He says he thought himself as the hero, but the real hero is your Malhar. He says Shera is very small infront of Malhar and such hero shall get Shraddhanjali and you have to give it to him. He says you have to do two things for that, you have to gather the courage and complete Malhar’s incomplete work. He says he will help her in her work and asks her not to talk about money. Anupriya says Shera is right, you have to complete Malhar’s incomplete work. Kalyani says I will complete my Malhar ji’s incomplete work. Shera says we have to find out about the thieves’ place. Kalyani says no, they will reach us now.

Kalyani records in the video that they have found the Vittal God’s idol in their house and informed the Archeology department, they will come and take it. She tells that she has kept the puja at home and invites the people. Shera records the video. Kalyani asks him to make it viral and asks him to share it to many people. Anupriya says they might be very dangerous. Kalyani says they shall worry now, who had killed Malhar. Shera says we don’t have Vittal God’s idol as it is taken by Malhar’s agents.Anupriya gives medicine to Sarthak. Avni looks on happy as Anupriya gives him wrong medicine kept by Avni. Anupriya says Kalyani will do Malhar’s work now. Sarthak faints. Avni comes there and acts, asks Anupriya if he is dead. Shera talks to Kalyani and says Tommy will arrange the jewellery. Kalyani sits to make fake idol and tells that she got this idea watching films and will complete his mission. Shera looks at her and thinks how much she loves Malhar. She begins making the idol. Shera looks at her.

Anupriya asking Sarthak why is he not getting up. Avni asks if he is dead and asks what did you make him drink? She asks if he is dead? Anupriya asks her to stop it. Godaveri comes there and asks her to sprinkle water on his face. Avni asks if she is taking revenge on her as Sarthak married her. Godaveri checks him and tells that his BP is low. Sarthak gains consciousness. Avni says surely she had mixed something in the medicine. Anupriya says when she came here, she found the medicine open and that’s why kept the glass in the kitchen. She says she gave him medicine from the bottle. She asks how did you come here so fast when he fainted. Godaveri says she will call Police. Avni stops her and says she had added sleeping medicine in the medicine. Anupriya is shocked and says we should have thrown you out. Kalyani makes the idol while Shera helps her. Tu aagaye hum plays….Shera says I want to give you something and asks if she will get upset.

He returns her rings. Kalyani says this is the same ring which I had given you for the work. Shera asks do you think that I work for money. Kalyani takes the ring and thanks him for doing great job for Pillu and says sorry too. Shera says no sorry and no thank you in friendship and asks why is she sorry? Kalyani says I have done a mistake?Godaveri says this medicine is empty and asks where did the syrup go? Anupriya says I had kept the glass in the kitchen. Avni says I haven’t done anything and asks her not to stare her. Godaveri says don’t talk to her like that. Anupriya says who had drank it then? She asks where is Moksh? Aao Saheb tells Moksh that her head is heavy and don’t know when she will reach home. Moksh says you didn’t thank me for taking you to mobile shop. He coughs and asks for water. Aao Saheb refuses to share her bottle water with him and faints. Moksh asks for help.

Kalyani says I am sorry as I thought that you had stolen the idol and told everything to commissioner. He says it is not big for me to go to jail and says I will go and come. Kalyani says it is my mistake and I won’t let you get arrested. She says she talked to Commissioner Saheb and he said that if I catch the thief then he will forgive you for coming to the PS as the Inspector.Doctor Reshma checks Aao Saheb and the latter gains consciousness. She says your grand son was worried for you. Aao saheb asks Moksh if he was worried for her. Moksh says you are my Aai’s Aaji and asks her to hold his hand and come home. Aao Saheb gets touched. A guy on wheelchair watch Kalyani’s video. Shera comes to Sarthak’s room and finds the wheel chair marks on the wall and suspects Sarthak.

Kalyani tells Rao that she is sure that the thieves will come surely. Rao asks why is she doing this as Commissioner Saheb is very upset with her and cancelled Malhar’s pension and also refrained you from doing any govt job. He says Pawar has kept the Police force here for your protection. Kalyani says she don’t want police force here, as she don’t want the thieves to get alerted. Shera tells on call that he will not leave Sarthak and his family. Sarthak reacts hearing and falls down from the wheel chair. Shera enters in the room. Anupriya scolds him for what was he trying to do? Shera tells that he thought Kaka is the guy, who is behind all this. Anupriya says you don’t know him. Shera says sorry and tells Sarthak that he will not get a loving lady like Anupriya.

The guy on the wheel chair comes outside Ahilya Nivas with his goons. Aao Saheb tells the people that they have found the idol in their house, but Govt wants to take it, and they can’t do anything. Kalyani feels apologetic for making the idol and prays to God to bless her to catch the thieves.

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