My heart knows update Friday 1 April 2022

My heart knows 1 April 2022: The Episode starts with Aao Saheb asking Parshiya to do the cleaning fast. The truck driver brings Tulsi pot there and tells Aao Saheb. Aao Saheb asks him to bring. They bring the pot in which Moksh is sleeping. Aahir comes to the shop and see that tulsi pot missing. He thinks Moksh also went with the pot. He thinks I have to leave without the money and blames the boy. He thinks Moksh will die before anyone will know and smiles. Anupriya tells Aao Saheb that Malhar is shot, Aahir shot him and escaped. Aao Saheb gets worried and asks if he is fine. Anupriya says Kalyani tied cloth on his wound as he refused to go to hospital. Aao Saheb asks her not to worry and tells that they will do tulsi puja, Moksh will be found.

Pandit ji brings a boy and tells that they will get him married to the tulsi plant. They start doing the puja. Moksh is inside and sleeping peacefully. Kalyani prays to God for Moksh standing infront of other tulsi pot. Malhar finds a letter in the house, it is passport application of Aahir. He gets shocked and looks at Aahir’s passport size pic. He calls Kalyani and comes to the passport office who makes fake passport. He slaps the guy and asks him if he made Aahir’s passport. The guy tells that Aahir is coming to take his passport in sometime. Malhar asks him to go inside and asks Kalyani to hide.

Pandit ji puts garland in the young boy’s neck and asks them to give bath to tulsi plant with Gangajal. Aahir comes to the shop and calls Vittal. Malhar catches him and asks him to tell where is his son? Aahir refuses to tell him. Anupriya puts Gangajal in the pot. Aahir asks Malhar to leave him else something wrong will happen with his hands. Malhar asks him to tell. Aahir hits on Malhar’s wounds and presses it hardly. Kalyani tries to stop Aahir. Malhar beats Aahir. Aahir continues to hit on his wound. Malhar asks him to tell where is his son? Kalyani asks Aahir to stop. Aahir hits on his wounds repeatedly and pushes Kalyani down. Aahir presses on his wound hardly and don’t leave him until he is about to faint, says Moksh will never be found.

Malhar faints. Kalyani shouts Malhar ji and holds Aahir’s leg and asks him to tell her where is Moksh. He asks her to leave him and runs out. Kalyani cries and comes to Malhar. Malhar asks her to search Moksh. Kalyani says nothing will happen to our son, I will bring Billu back. She leaves unconscious Malhar there itself and runs out.Pandit ji asks Aao Saheb and others to drop Tulsi from its maayka and says we will walk holding it. The ladies walk holding it. Kalyani runs behind Aahir. Many ladies bring their tulsi pots for the immersion in the river.Aao Saheb says we shall do aarti before visarjan. Anupriya keeps the puja flowers in the pot and do aarti.

Asawari is upset and makes faces. Aahir reaches there and sees Aao Saheb and others. He thinks what they are doing here. Kalyani runs on the road and reaches there. Aahir hides. People bring more tulsi pots. Kalyani doesn’t see Aahir there. She comes to Anupriya and others. Anupriya asks where is Malhar and asks what happened to her leg. Malhar gets up calling Moksh and feels immense pain in his shoulder? He sees tulsi leave fallen on the floor and thinks tulsi leaves with Aahir…He shouts Aahir and runs out. Kalyani tells them that Malhar is critical and Aahir has shot him. Madhav says I will take him to hospital. Aao Saheb says we will not leave Aahir. Kalyani says only he knows where is our Billu?

Aao Saheb telling Kalyani that they won’t let Aahir go this time. Kalyani says only he knows about our Billu. Madhav goes to search Malhar. Aao Saheb says she will search Aahir and asks others to stay there itself. Kalyani says I will go that side. Malhar runs on the road and sees people taking tulsi pot. He sits down on the road. Just then he sees tulsi pot fallen down and opening. The lady says it is abshagun. The guy tells that he will apologize to God and didn’t know that above portion will come out. He recalls seeing the marks on the tulsi pot and recalls Aahir’s words that he can’t find Moksh. He thinks Aahir kept Moksh in the tulsi pot. He starts running. Kalyani tells that Aahir is not found. Aao Saheb says we wil do visarjan and then will search him.

Anupriya asks her not to worry and tells that they will pray with devotion to tulsi maa and she will hear her prayers. Pallavi and Asawari lifts the tulsi pot to take it for visarjan. Kalyani prays to tulsi maa to make her meet her son, if something happens to him then I can’t forgive myself. She asks God to protect him. Malhar takes off the cloth from his wound while Pallavi and Asawari are taking the pot for immersion. Moksh is still sleeping peacefully in the pot.Malhar calls Kalyani with much difficulty and thinks pick up the phone. Aao Saheb asks Kalyani to concentrate on puja and says we will search moksh and Aahir after the immersion.

Madhav comes to Malhar and asks what happened? Malhar says Kalyani…and calls her again. Kalyani sees his call this time and picks the call. Malhar says that tulsi pot with marks on it. Kalyani asks what about that. Malhar’s call gets switches off. He asks Madhav to give his phone. Madhav says he forgot his phone at home. Malhar runs towards the immersion river. Kalyani thinks what Malhar was saying and thinks if their son is in that Tulsi pot. She is coming towards there. Malhar and Madhav are running to reach there. Anupriya and Pallavi immerse the pot in the water. Kalyani comes near there and sees Moksh inside it. She asks Anupriya to stop and tries to take off the pot from the water.

She shouts Billu. A man standing there says what happened to ACP’s wife. She sees Moksh inside through the holes and shouts Billu.People gossip why they are doing abshagun. Malhar comes there and takes off the pot from the water. He says nobody shall do the visarjan and takes the pot to safe place. He tells kalyani that this is the same pot on which there was a mark/sign. Kalyani says yes. They open the pot and see Moksh inside sleeping. Everyone is shocked. Malhar and Kalyani cry seeing him. Malhar takes his out of the pot. Aao Saheb asks if he is fine. Madhav gives his shawl to wrap Moksh. Malhar asks Kalyani why is he not opening his eyes.

Kalyani cries and asks him to open his eyes. They all get worried and call him. Kalyani asks him to open his eyes and says it is enough of nautanki. Malhar and Kalyani look at each other. Kalyani says nothing happened to our son, he will talk to us now. Malhar sits down holding him and asks him to get up. Asawari panics. Kalyani says nothing will happen to our Billu. Malhar apologizes to Billu. Kalyani says no. Malhar keeps his head on Kalyani’s head and cry. Kalyani asks him to get up.Just then Moksh opens his eyes. Malhar and Kalyani get happy and hug him.

Song plays…Malhar says you know what is today? Kalyani says today is his birthday and we will wish him. She sings happy birthday. Ab hai saamne marjawun ya jeelun zara plays….Malhar tells Madhav and Asawari that he will not leave Aahir. Asawari says I am feeling ashamed that such boy is born by me. Kalyani asks him to come with her to hospital and says Aai will take Moksh. Madhav asks where is Sarthak? Anupriya says he went for his govt work. Kalyani sees Malhar’s wound bleeding and scolds him for coming with her to hospital and asks Pawar to take the jeep.

They are in the jeep while Pawar driving. Malhar asks her to go to Moksh. Kalyani asks him to be quiet and keeps cloth in his mouth. Pawar stops the car and says tyre is punctured. Kalyani gets down and sees her friend going from there. She stops her and tells that she wants to take Malhar to hospital right now. Neha asks what happened to Malhar ji? Kalyani tells that she has saved him from 10 goons. Malhar and Pawar look at each other. Neha says you are brown belt. Kalyani says yes. She wears helmet and makes Malhar wear helmet. She thinks Malhar will fall down from behind and takes stole from Neha and asks Pawar to tie it to them. She thinks if Malhar falls then he will get hurt and asks him to hold her tightly.Malhar holds her tightly. Kalyani looks at him.

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