Lies of the heart update Monday 20 April 2020

Lies of the heart 20 April 2020: Tauji makes urmi understand the reality, he gives a rose to urmi at the end and leaves…mom comes and talks to sam dad, Tauji comes there and talks to them. At the office, Samrat is unable to concentrate at work, he asks amrit to arrange for a girl from the broker. amrit instantly agrees and says that he would go and arrange some rightaway. after samrat leaves in frustration, amrit gives an evil smirk.

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Location: Samrat’s reidence
Urmi is searching around everywhere for shaurya, and has a tough time feeding him, while he throws off all kinds of tantrums. She is running behind him, and trying to get him to eat. kanchan and shaurya discuss the upbringing of children being a headache job.

In the evning, the kids are playing while the elders are having dinner. Shashi finds samrat hurrying through food. amrit says that samrat didnt get time as he did quite some hard work, hinting on his infidelity. Samrat doesnt say anything but gets tensed. shashi asks him to take care of his health too. Shaurya comes in asking for water and while aditi is pouring it out, he spills samrat’s glass on him accidentally and runs away. Samrat gets into a rage, as usual scaring everyone. He lashes out his anger at shaurya who runs away. shashi too starts commenting. Samrat reprimands urmi for having taught shaurya nothing and he is just a reflection of her dirty habits. Aditi tries to come to her defense. samrat again rebukes urmi for not doing anything all day and not even having the time to teach him. kanchan comes to urmi’s defnse saying that bringing up a child is worth lots of jobs.

urmi says that she does whatever she can manage. Samrat asks why isnt is evident then, and falsifies her stance. tauji observes this silently. Samrat says that they all are freeloaders. tauji reprimands the ladies and urmi too in front of samrat, and then turns it to saying that she thinks only she can do it and not samrat. urmi says that she didnt mean that. Samrat falls for tauji’s trap. Tauji says that he sees that urmi always tries to downsize samrat and that she wont get any other chance. shashi is super happy.

Tauji again asks her if se feels that samrat cant handle shaurya, and if she thinks so, she is mistaken, and that it would have to be clarified. He tells samrat to handle shaurya for some days and show urmi/. all are shocked at this including samrat, so that she knows how to bring up a child. urmi is surprised too. tauji says that silencing urmi is very essential. He asks urmi not to do any of shaurya’s work, as samratv would show her how easy it is. urmi understands tauji’s intentions and resignedly agrees while samrat is speechless. kanchan, diwaker and samrat’s father are amused, while samrat has no option but to say yes. Urmi says that she cant say no to tauji and says that she wont do any of shaurya’s work, or even touch him.

In the night, shaurya wakes upto attend to nature’s call, and asks urmi to take him to the bathroom. Urmi is about to get up when she remembers tauji’s order. She wakes up samrat asking him to do the needful. He asks her to tend to it and not disturb him. Urmi reminds samrat about tauji and his pact. Samrat wakes and looks up at her surprised. urmi says that tauji would say that she did it intentionally, while shaurya says that he needs to go urgent. Urmi says that if he isnt taken, he would wet the bed and then he would have to clean it up too. Then finding no other option, samrat resignedly gets up and goes to attend to shaurya. urmi smiles.

The next morning, at the breakfast table, tauji is singing loudly, when he finds urmi in front of him. urmi asks if he needs breakfast, and he taunts her for the same. urmi begins to hurry up. tauji asks about the last night’s incidetn and makes a joke out of it. Urmi smiles and asks tauji who told him this. He says that her son told him, and that poison is cutting itself only. Urmi smiles. Tauji asks for food to be served, when they see shashi approaching. Shashi too says that now that she doesnt have any othr work, she should hurry. Shashi tells her that samrat would show how good he is at handling kids. Tauji asks about samrat, and shashi tells him that Samrat is getting shaurya ready, after getting him to bathe and freshen up. Tauji tells shashi in front of urmi, that now urmi would understand how much samrat cares for his son and how he would be able to do all that with much ease.

As samrat and shaurya come down drssed, shashi is super happy. shashi taunts urmi that she thought that only she could do things. samrat defiantly says that she would understand and learn by seeing now. Kanchan comes into tell him that feeding shaurya is headache job and he runs around the entire house. Samreat tells them that he used to and that today he would eat like a grown up. He asks shaurya to sit down. Samrat asks them to begin the breakfast. Urmi comes to feed him, but samrat stops him. Samrat asks her to let him eat himself. Shaurya orders samrat to get food for him. He smiels while all are amused. Shaurya says that he wont eat like this and would have to be fed. All are amused. Samrat tries to tell him that he is a big boy and can eat himself, but shaurya defiantly denies. Samrat resignedly gives in, and gives him the first bite.

Shaurya runs off, and samrat asks where is he going. He asks samrat to find him first and then feed. Samrat is disturbed while all others excepting shashi are tensed. Kanchan aasks samrat to run after him, and also take leave from office too. urmi offers to feed shaurya while he has his breakfast. tauji stops her asking why would she feed him, saying that she wants to put him down and asks him not to interfere at all. samrat is surprised.

Location: Samrat’s Office
tauji instructs urmi not to interfere in shaurya’s affairs and let samrat set an example for urmi to show how should kids be brought up. samrat has no option and leaves with the tray to his room. Urmi and tauji smile as they see each other.

In his room, shaurya irritates samrat, by asking him to search him first and then eat. Samrat tries hard to feed shaurya in the room, also luring him for toys, chocolates and what not but nohing works, and shaurya keeps insisting on story. Samrat is left frustrated what to do now as he cant go down with a plateful of food as tht would mean his defeat. Samrat finishes the food himself, just to prove that he got shaurya to finsih the food.

Bt shaurya watches him doing that with an evil idea. samrat comes down, and gloats about the empty plate, while shashi is super happy and others are confused, especially urmi. shashi comes to samrat’s defense. Tauji too pretends to complimewnt and love samrat for what she did. Samrat and shashi fall for this trap. Shashi asks samrat to eat, and he is reminded of the food that he just gulped down. shashi asks him to eat a little, when he refuses again. As samrat belches with a full stomach, urmi and tauji are all the more confused. later, shaurya comes asking for food, confusing urmi as he just had food. but she goes to get food nevertheless.

tauji gets shaurya and asks if he actually ate. shaurya confesses everything, about how samrat ate his breakfast. Meanwhile, amrit comes in and tries to small talk wioth tauji, but he is rebuked. Amrit tries to please and impress tauji, but he is undeterred. amrit gives him a branded watch, while urmi watches angrily. tauji asks why the need for such an expensive gift. tauji remembers diwaker’s fight with amrit, for the one lakh, and asks if he got this from that money.

Amrit is tensed but doesnt take it on himself, and tries to divert him. But tauji is much senior and taunts him yet again. aditi comes and asks for tea, and amrit leaves to change. afetr he is gone, tauji asks urmi who could be at fault. urmi says that diwaker cant be wrong, and she cant even doubt his honesty, and she cant vouch for amrit’s honesty at all, and talks about samrat’s blind faith on amrit and his rebuke about diwaker. tauji listens intently and is set to thinking.

Shaurya is waiting impatiently while urmi asks him to wait till samrat, his father comes back. As samrat comes back, shaurya tells him that he wants to go to the park. urmi too requests him to go along with shaurya. Samrat indifferently asks him to ask his mother to take him. But then he sees tauji and is reminded of the latest change of duty. Samrat asks urmi if he goes to the park daily and is frustrated when he gets to know that he does. tauji too asks samrat to go and take him to the park, as its good for the child.

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