Lady luck update Sunday 22 December 2019


Lady luck 22 December 2019:  Bhoomi thinks whatever happened today proves that someone wants to stop her from knowing the truth, but she will know the truth at all cost. Suman calls Surbhi and informs her about Bhoomi’s kidnap and bhabhi maa not accepting it. Surbhi says it is obvious that bhoomi is lying, so badi maa did not accept her lies.

Badi maa (senior vamp) thinks maan must be distressed now and she should console him. She calls him, but he is not reachable. Maan/Ansh gets fully drunk and angrily reminisces bhoomi hugging Rishi. He sees a couple passing by, imagines them as Rishi and Bhoomi and shouts at them. He then realizes they are not Rishi and Bhoomi and apologizes. He gets Latha’s call and picks it, but it is Bhoomi on the other side and asks where is he. He shouts why did she betray him, what did he do, why did she go to hospital with Rishi and cuts call. Bhoomi thinks what was Ansh doing there, why did not he come then. Ansh continues crying that Bhoomi betrayed him.

Latha comes back and asks Bhoomi if she spoke to Ansh and when is he coming. Bhoomi says he is on the way and says she has some work in her room and walks towards room. She thinks how did Ansh know Rishi was with her, there is someone who does not want Ansh and her to unite. She realizes it is badi maa with the her change in behavior.

Vasundhara vamp tears papers thinking she will not let bhoomi in this house. She hears door knock and gets irked seeing Bhoomi. She asks how dare she is to come here. Bhoomi asks if she got her kidnapped. Vasundhara denies.

Bhoomi says she hates her so much and does not want to know her secret and even reunite with Ansh, so she got her kidnapped. She continues that she can get her out of her problem if she tells truth. Vansundhara vamp agrees that she got her kidnapper and does not want her to be in this family. If she Ansh will know she is behind her kidnap, he will start hating her and she can bear his hate. She asks bhomi to get out of her room and even their lives and locks door.

Rajender with Varun reaches home and tells family that Bhoomi is safe and came back home. Varun says she had kept her phone at home and had gone out, but came back home. Dhara says she should have called from someone’s phone. Varun says let us forget all this and think that Bhoomi is safe now. Surbhi fumes thinking Varun takes bhoomi’s side always. Shanti daadi thinks there is something wrong and vasundhara vamp must have done something.

Ansh comes home and Latha asks him to go to his room as Bhoomi is waiting for him. He smiles and leaves with stumbling gait. Vasundhara watches everything from balcony.

Surbhi asks Varun where had Bhoomi gone. He says she got lost somewhere. She says her mom told Bhooomi lied that she got kidnapped. Varun gets irked and says bhoomi does not lie and leaves fuming. Surbhi thinks she should have kept her mouth shut.

Ansh reaches home and shouts at Bhoomi she betrayed him and was with Rishi. She asks who told him. He says Vasundhara’s manager saw them and even he saw.

A drunk Ansh asks why did she betray him and chose Rishi when she knows he loves her a lot. She says he is thinking wrong, she loves only him and not Rishi. He asks then what are those pics. Bhoomi tries to speak, but stops reminiscing badi maa’s (senior vamp) words that she will be responsible if something happens to Ansh. She stops. Ansh continues crying foul and alleging that he loved her a lot and trusted her, but she did not trust him at all and does not have him in her heart. Bhoomi says she is thinking wrong. Ansh continues that she is free now to move out.

Bhoomi sadly walks down to home temple. She gets a call and thinks who must have called at midnight. She picks and sadhavi speaks identifying herself and asks if she wants to know the secret. Bhoomi asks what secret. Sadhavi asks her to think whole night and come by 8:30 a.m. to her home to get secret.

Bhoomi whole night thinks who must be this woman. She gets ready in the morning, looks at Ansh and thinks he looks good sleeping and leaves towards sadhavi’s house. At sadhavi’s house, sadhavi serves her tea and asks who is she. Bhoomi says she is Bhoomi prajapati, prajapati family’s bahu.

Sadhavi says such a big family’s bahu has come for tea to her home and starts praising her. She then gets a file and gives it to her saying she will find a secret she is searching for in this file. Bhoomi reminisces Vasundhara’s words that she her secret is a deep tunnel and she will get lost into it, so she should not think of knowing it. She tells sadhavi that she does not want to know her secret and says she safeguarded secret since many years and it is better if she safeguards it for her family’s goodness and leaves. Sadhavi fumes and thinks vasdundhara vamp must have brainwashed her, she will use some other way now.

Surbhi speaks to ugly Suman that she does not have new saris for tonight’s party. suman suggests her to wear ujjain’s sari. surbhi likes idea. Varun says they are not attending party.

Vasundhara gets busy decorating house for tonight’s party. She gets a bouquet and finds a note from sadhvi that she will see a big surprise tonight.

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