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Raj and his family come to see DD.
DD tells them to stay for tea. Simran says she and Raj are going to London but her Mother-in-law and Aunt will join Sid in taking care of Roshni and they want to take her back home. DD says she trusts only them and not Sid and won’t feel comfortable sending Roshni back if they are not there.
Simran agrees to leave Roshni at DD’s.

Sam comes to DD’s house with her step kids. She tells her Mother that she needs to leave the kids so she can go out and run some errands. Mona complains and says but now…kids… DD asks what’s wrong with her? When they can keep Street Children, then why can’t they keep Sam’s kids for sometime? DD says they can stay. Sam thanks her and asks the kids not to cause any mischief.

DD sees Sam and Sid exchange looks and she begins to wonder what they are up to?
Mona goes to bring juice for them. Sid tells that he is going to his room for some important work and asks them not to disturb him. Simran says okay.

The Children go to meet Aisha in the pool area. The girl, Amaya, takes Aisha’s book and tears it up. Aisha yells repeatedly for her book. Roshni hears her cries and goes to see what’s going on . She sees Sid and begs him to intervene but he says he can’t as they’re kids.

Aisha pushes them and Amaya and her brother falls down. DD asks him what happened? He says Aisha pushed him.
DD scolds Aisha. She asks her to apologize to him. Aisha refuses.  DD’s Aunt is about to slap Aisha but Roshni holds her hand and blames them for not finding out what happened first! Her Aunt says Roshni is undermining her for a Street Child? She says Motherly love is needed to save the girl which she (Roshni) doesn’t have. Roshni says she’s stopping her for raising a hand on a small girl as she didn’t do a mistake and the kids tore her book.

Sam arrives and takes sides with her kids, saying Aisha is indeed a Street Child!
Roshni tells them she has had enough and Aisha is a part of the family so no one should address her as a Street Kid anymore!
Roshni takes Aisha with her and says she will play with her.  Sam and Amaya exchange smiles of satisfaction. DD realises it was all a set up and thinks to do something.

Roshni takes Aisha to her room and begs her not to cry.
Aisha gets her drawing books and Roshni draws it for her.
Sid stands by the door watching them and smiling.
Roshni and Aisha start painting the drawing together.
Aisha paints her palm and puts her palm print on paper.
Roshni does the same.
Sid joins them and Aisha paints his palm as well.
Sid sends her to go and get one of her toys. Aisha goes.

Sid tells Roshni that Aisha is so cute. Roshni says yes.
Sid tells Roshni that Aisha is happy around her; Roshni had said she couldn’t look after a Child but she is doing just that and doing it very well.
Roshni is quiet.
Sid reminds her that she stood up against everyone for Aisha’s sake and she can’t bear to see Aisha hurt, she stood up to thugs when Aisha was kidnapped and only a Mother would do that.
He says he agrees that they failed to save their own Child but if Roshni hasn’t done what she did that day, they wouldn’t have been able to save Aisha either.
Aisha returns and Sid starts teasing her.

The Servant comes to inform them that DD wants to see them.
They get to the living room and meet a Couple with DD.
DD calls Aisha nicely to come and sit with her.
Sid and Roshni exchange looks of suspicion.
DD tells them that the Couple, Mr and Mrs. Sharma are her friends and they’ve been wanting to adopt a Child for a while.
She asks Aisha if she would want to stay with them?
Aisha runs back to Sid and Roshni.
Sid tells the Couple that they must be mistaken because Aisha is not available for adoption.
The husband tells him that they can do a background check to see that they are decent people who would look after Aisha properly.
Roshni says they need to think about it. Mrs. Sharma thanks her. DD smiles.

The Couple leave and DD tells Roshni that she knows she would make the right decision.

Sid thinks Roshni’s decision is wrong and says he needs to talk to her.
He asks Roshni why she wants to keep Aisha far away from her?
Hee says She’s been unreasonable and agreeing to her Mom’s demands. Roshni tells that she likes the family and Aisha can go with them.
Sid repeats her words and says you can’t stay without tears after she is gone.
It is strange that you fight for her at one moment and keeps her far away at the other. You think that you can stay without her, but the reality is that you can’t stay without her.
Roshni gets emotional seeing the paintings. She decides that Aisha will go and stay with the Sharmas. Sid looks on.

Yash is on the Phone, getting agitated.
Sam asks what he problem is?
Yash says an employee just quit without notice!
She tells him to relax as he would find a replacement.
Yash says he knows she can do it.
Sam says she has to look after the Children and her friends are coming from the states.
He says he will make arrangements for the friends.
She tells him she can’t do it.

Aisha writes that she will not touch DD’s stuff and won’t trouble Roshni, and so on… She takes the list to DD and tells her to read it because she intends to follow the rules.
DD reads the rules and tears up the list.
Sid enters and asks Aisha who tore it up?
Aisha doesn’t respond.
He says he knows DD tore it but he can fix it for her.
He picks up the pieces and commends her hand writing.
He tells her to make him a collage.
She goes off to make it.
Sid turns to DD and asks what her problem is?

He says she used to have some feelings but she has changed.
DD asks if he imagines how she feels to see her daughter struggling because Sid is giving Aisha his attention instead of Roshni and Aisha is a bad omen, so she must leave the house!

Sid says Aisha will not go from this house and this decision will be that of Roshni, and not as a result of being coerced by either him or her (DD).
Sid says he’s throwing her the open challenge.
DD accepts the challenge.
Sid says let’s see who wins, your hatred or Roshni’s Motherly love.

Next morning at the breakfast table, Aisha sits down and stares at all the pastries set on the table. Roshni’s GrandAunt comes to the dining table and sees Aisha sitting on the Chair. She claims that the Chair is hers and orders her to get up! She pushes her on the floor and asks her to go and sit on the floor!
Aisha moves sadly to the floor in tears.
Roshni’s GrandAunt tells the Servant to give her left overs from the day before.
The Servant gives her a plate of old pasta while Aisha has her eyes on the pastries set on the table.
DD looks on and asks her to eat it! Aisha gets teary eyed as she’s about to eat the food.

Sid returns home and looks shockingly at the way the little girl is being treated in the house. He goes to Aisha.
He asks her who told her to sit on the floor?
Aisha looks at Roshni’s GrandAunt but doesn’t say a word.
Sid asks who gave her the food?
Aisha gives the same reaction.
Roshni’s Grandaunt calls out to the other members of the house to come for breakfast.

Sid asks Aisha to come and sit, and says I will show you your real place.
Sid carries Aisha to the table and starts to feed her cake and juice. He feeds her with his hand.
Roshni comes out and says she’s going to see the Couple who want to adopt Aisha.
She asks if Sid is coming?
Sid says he is not coming as she is not doing the right thing.
DD offers to go with Roshni.

When they leave, Sid prays that Roshni makes the right decision.

The Sharmas collect money from DD’s arch enemy, who is a big time criminal and he thanks them for their work.
The doorbell rings.
The Wife looks through the peephole and she’s shocked to see DD and Roshni.
She alerts her husband.
DD’s enemy hides in the storeroom.
The Wife opens the door and welcomes them.

Roshni says she wants to see Aisha’s room.
The Wife takes them to the room.
They ask to see another room. They point to the door of the storeroom where DD’s enemy is hiding.
She says it’s a storeroom.
They hear a Phone ringing from the storeroom.
The Wife lies it’s her husband’s phone.
DD and Roshni become suspicious.
DD pushes her way into the store room and they see the window is open.
Roshni says she has to get going and will get back to them.

Yash is interviewing candidates for the job (PA position) that was recently vacated.
Kritika comes for the interview and says she didn’t know it was his company.
He tells her to sit so he can interview her.
Kritika asks if he doesn’t think Sam would mind?
Yash say he knows the entire story but they need to move on from it, so she is hired. She hesitantly shakes hands with him.

At breakfast next day, Roshni congratulates Kritika on her new job with Yash.
DD and Mona doesn’t like the idea.
Mona says it’s not a good idea.
Sid says it’s a good thing that Kritika is moving out of her comfort zone and Sam is ready to put the past behind her. Mona says I hope so.
Roshni’s GrandAunt is staring at Aisha as she eats and gets angry.
Sid leaves with Kritika to drop her off at work.

The Couple who wants to adopt Aisha arrive.
Roshni takes DD aside to ask what they have come for?

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