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Simran at home yells that because of Roshni’s family, they are being dragged unnecessarily by Reporters! Rajveer tries to provoke her and says they are useless people from before, and they have suffered because of them!
Sid comes home with Roshni and says everything is happening because of Rajveer and says even they are responsible for Sam’s condition as Rajveer betrayed Sam and married Kritika! He took Sam’s signature by conning her and we did not see what is happening under our nose.
Simran tells him to stop involving Rajveer! Sid says all of them are involved, Samaira may not mean much to them, but as the Son-in-law of DD’s family, Sam is still in their family and they are responsible for what is happening.
Grandmother asks how they are involved?
Sid tells her how Rajveer decieved Samaira and married Krutika.
Krutika says there is no need bringing up the past and it was Sam’s decision to join Baweja’s company, so Rajveer shouldn’t be blamed.
Roshni says she understands Krutika defending her husband from embarrassment, but it’s wrong to put the blame on Sam because the person to blame is Baweja! Raj agrees.

Simran tells Roshni that Baweja is dead and people tend to sympathise with the dead, so if she likes, she can go to everyone and tell them Baweja is guilty.
Sid says he will do so if need be because Sam is like his Sister and as her brother, he will do it, since it’s his duty to protect her.
Mona and Yash are looking after Sam who is sleeping in bed.
Mona thanks him for all he has done.
Yash says he’s sure she will soon get over the shock and start her new life again. He is about to get up and leave, but Sam hold his hand tightly as she sleeps.
Sid goes outside to meet the driver and the driver complains that the Car isn’t starting.
Sid asks if the Car wasn’t serviced just the week before?
The driver says he wanted to service the Car, but Rajveer said he took it to be serviced already.
Sid finds it strange, then he remembers the Car key he saw at Baweja’s. He makes a call to find out if the key has been duplicated?
Simran and Grandmother are in the Kitchen. Simran says Roshni’s family shouldn’t come to the festival because it will give people more to talk about.
Roshni enters the Kitchen and tells her that her family won’t be attending and her family will not cause them problems again.
Roshni is on her way to her room when she overhears Rajveer telling someone on the Phone that he will get the rest of the Money.
He comes out to ask why she’s eavesdropping on his call?

Roshni tells him to lock the door when he wants to carry out a conspiracy.
She walks away and the smell of his perfume reminds her of the perfume she smelt before she was hit on the head at Baweja’s house.
She walks up to him and says she knows what he did and that his filthy smell is out now! She slaps him across the face and as he tries to slap her back, Sid grabs his hand and warns him never to raise his hand against his wife or he’ll have to break his hand instead!
He shoves Rajveer hard and Krutika asks why he’s treating him that way?
Sid tells her to use her brain for once!
He says if he tells her all Rajveer has done, she will be shocked!
He reminds her of the day they went to Roshni’s place for lunch and Rajveer said he wanted to leave immediately, despite being married to her, he tried to misbehave with his ex wife and Roshni stopped him; the same Rajveer sold Samaira to a rich Old Man who is cheap and dishonest, he got Sam kidnapped and he doesn’t care because he wants to continue to ruin their reputation.
He says Rajveer cannot be loyal to his own Parents, let alone their family.
Rajveer says he has had enough and he wants Sid to prove all he has said because he is sick and tired of trying to prove his innocence!
He storms off and Krutika follows him.
Sid tries to confront him, but Roshni stops him, and tells Sid to calm down and that Rajveer is right, they will need to find a way to expose Rajveer.
Grandmother calls Roshni to help and she goes to the Kitchen.

Rajveer is in the room, he starts his drama by packing up his clothes and emotionally blackmails his wife (Krutika) that people are right, live-in Son-in-law is seen as a garbage, so he will leave this house. He further continues that Sid is blaming him for Sam’s condition.
Krutika begs him to stay and that she will talk to her Mum. Rajveer says he can’t take it anymore.
Krutika brings her own suitcase and says she will come with him.
Rajveer says Raj owes him about 40 million salary and he will never see the Money if she leaves, so she has to stay. He loves her and will not let her suffer with him. Krutika says she will find a way to get him the money from Simran. She hugs him and leaves the room.
Rajveer thinks he got a key to loot Raj and Simran’s wealth! He tells himself that once he gets his hand on that Money, he will disappear.
DD takes Sid to a factory in the slum.
Sid asks what they are doing there?
DD introduces Sid to the Man in the factory and says she always came to him when she wanted to check the background of all her Clients when she had her jewelry business. The Man asks her to stop boasting of him and say he will get any info for them. She tells the Man that she wants to know who got the fake passports made for Baweja and Sam.
The Man says he will need to see the passports first.
Krutika goes to meet Simran for the 40 million. Simran asks what Rajveer needs it for?

Krutika says she overheard his conversation and knows he needs it.
Simran says it’s a lot of Money and she can’t get it without Raj’s permission. Krutika says she knows she’s not Sid and that’s why Simran won’t help her!! Simran says she would arrange the Money by selling one of her property and get her the Money. Krutika begs her not to tell anyone, for Rajveer’s self respect.
Sid comes home and sees Roshni helping his Grandmother. He asks when she will be free?
Grandmother tells him to sit and help Roshni with the designs she’s making.
Sid sits and stares at Roshni as their hands touch. Grandmother sees sid and Roshni looking at each other and thinks they are getting too romantic and leaves.
Sid stands up and tells Roshni that they are looking for the person who made the passports.
The Servant asks Roshni where he should place a fruit basket? Roshni tells him to ask Simran. The Servant tells them that Simran has gone out with Krutika.
Sid wonders what they could be up to?
Simran and Krutika return home and Simran tells her they will get the Money tomorrow, after the festival.
Sid asks Simran where she has been?
Simran asks if she’s not allowed to go out with her daughter, especially as Sid and Roshni started the trend of going out without informing anyone!
Roshni tells Sid that his Mother and Krutika are up to something.
Sid says he has a feeling it’s connected to Rajveer.

Krutika breaks the good news to Rajveer. He tells her that he has packed his bags already and they will move to another Country once he gets the Money. She hugs him and he thinks to himself that he is going alone and once he gets the Money, he will kill Krutika and escape, even Roshni won’t be able to save her Sister-in-law, as she’ll die tomorrow.
In the morning, Roshni prays to God to set things right. Rajveer takes his suitcase and leaves the house.
Roshni sees him and decides to follow him instead of waking Sid. She drives behind him.
He takes a backway to an abandoned building and she follows.
Rajveer gets inside and tells his Men that they should kill Krutika as soon as she gives him the Money and bury her body where no one can find it!
Roshni hears everything and accidentally hits a rock.
Rajveer hears the noise and tells his Men to go and search!
Roshni runs to her Car but the door is locked. She turns and sees Rajveer waving the key at her. He tells her that she will die with her Sister-in-law. He tells his goons to take her in. His goons grabs her and take her into the building and throws her on floor. She screams Sid’s name.
Sid wakes up with a start. He calls Roshni but overhears his Mother calling Roshni too, so he assumes She’s in the Kitchen.
DD calls Sid and informs him that they found the people who made the passport and she will be going to the Police Station. She says she called Roshni but she’s not answering.
Sid says she’s downstairs and they will come to the Station together.
Roshni tells Rajveer that Sid will find him! Rajveer says he has never been caught before, not when he planned an income tax raid on her Mother’s Office or when he turned Sid’s Mother against DD and when he married Krutika.

He plays her the video he made with Krutika where it seemed like Sid was talking about sleeping with her. Roshni falls to the floor as she cries.
Rajveer laughs at her and says she accused her own husband of sleeping with her. He continues to laugh. He shouts that nobody will catch Rajveer Ranaut and he will escape even this time!
Roshni grabs him by the shirt and Rajveer orders his Men to take her away!
The Ceremony is about to begin.
Sid gets ready and he’s worried because he can’t see Roshni anywhere. He sees her Phone on the Couch. Raj tells him the Ceremony is about to begin.
Sid tells him that he and Roshni has to go to the Police Station to find the Man who made the passport.

Raj tells him to go, but to leave Roshni to partake in the Ceremony. Sid prays, Raj wishes him good luck, and Sid leaves.
Simran asks Raj where Sid has gone because Roshni is also not home and they need them for the Ceremony. Raj is surprised that Roshni is not home. Simran says she has not been home all Morning.
Raj asks about Rajveer?
Simran says Rajveer is also not home. She asks why he’s asking after Rajveer and is it necessary that he blames her Son-in-law always! Raj panics and says he has to tell Sid.

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