It’s not easy to love update Saturday 28 January 2023

It’s not easy to love 28 January 2023: Rohan calls Karishma but she is not there so Kirti takes his call. She says Karishma is not here right now. He asks what are you doing right now? She says I am reading Faiz’s poetry. They both talk about it. Karishma comes there and takes the call from Kirti.Mithai is walking on the road when Shubham comes there. He says if you want to do wedding shopping then we will go together. Mithai says I don’t need anything. Shubham says I know we are both getting married because of Dadu but if you need anything then let me know, he leaves. Mithai thinks if he heard her talking to Sid that she is marrying him because of Dadu only.

Sid talks to Dadu about Mithai thinking he has cancer, Dadu says she was mistaken. Dadu says you are thinking to leave us? Sid glares at Apeksha and says I am not leaving you. I see our family fighting over this business everyday, I can’t tolerate it anymore so I want to leave and go to Singapore. Apeksha says I will take care of him. Sid says I will leave after Shubham’s marriage. Dadu sadly looks at him and faints.Mithai stops Shubham and says I have to tell you why I said yes for this marriage. Don’t tell anyone but I got to know that Dadu has cancer. Shubham is stunned and says what? Mithai says nobody should know about it as Dadu doesn’t want to worry the family.

I said yes to this marriage because I don’t want to worry Dadu. It was his wish so I said yes. Shubham says I can do anything for him also, if he wants this marriage then we will get married.The doctor checks Dadu. Indu comes there but have a coughing fit. She sees blood coming out of her mouth and leaves.Rohan is talking to Rajeev on the road. Mithai hears them. Rohan tells Rajeev that I am not being compatible with Karishma. I feel like Kirti understands me better, I wish I had chosen Kirti. Mithai is stunned to hear all that.

Sid is worried about Dadu and says he is like this because of me. Apeksha says don’t worry, she goes to make coffee for him. Mithai comes back home. Sid stops her and asks where are you going? Mithai says I am going to talk to Dadu. Sid says where did you do? Did you go to meet your childhood love Bhura? Mithai says he is not mine but Apeksha is your love. Sid says stop it. Mithai says I went to talk to Shubham. Apeksha comes there. Mithai says I want to talk to Dadu but he is stopping me. Apeksha says Dadu fainted. Mithai rushes to him and sees him awake. The doctor says his BP went up as he is taking stress, he leaves. Mithai asks what’s worrying you? Dadi says he is worried as Sid is leaving the country. Sid asks Dadu to take a rest and not worry. All leave from there. Mithai tells Dadu that Sid doesn’t understand anything. I am sure God won’t let him go anywhere.

Mithai thinks I can’t stress Dadu but I can’t hide it also. She is about to fall but Sid catches her in time. Apeksha scolds Mithai.Mithai comes to Kirti’s room and finds her talking to her friend on the call. Mithai says I saw Rohan and Rajeev talking on the road today. They were talking and Rohan was saying that he likes you more than Karishma. He wants to marry you. Karishma is outside the room and hears that. She runs to Abha and cries. Abha asks what happened? Abhishek says tell us what happened? Karishma says Rohan doesn’t want to marry me, he likes Kirti. Abha says what?

Mithai asks Kirti if she also? Kirti cries. Mithai says you also like Rohan? Kirti says I don’t know how it happened. Karishma used to make me talk to Rohan and I realized he understands me, I never expressed my feelings. Mithai says you both like each other? Kirti says this is wrong, Karishma and Rohan are already engaged. She tells Mithai to not tell anyone about it. Mithai says I know people in love don’t want to hurt anyone. Don’t worry, God will find a way for you. Abha screams for Mithai.

Abha calls Mithai in the living room and slaps her hard. All are shocked to see that. Abha shouts to not forget your standard, we gave you place in our house but you want to break Karishma’s wedding? Shubham comes there too. Abha says you said that Rohan is marrying Karishma but he likes Kirti? All are shocked. Karishma says yes, she said that. Shubham says we can’t blame Mithai before asking Kirti. He asks Kirti if Rohan likes her? Kirti says I don’t know, Rohan never said anything to me. I also heard it from Mithai. Shubham asks her if she likes Rohan? Abha says what is that kind of a question? Shubham says we should find out what’s the truth. Shubham says let’s call Rohan here and ask about it. Girish says what is happening here? Now others will take this family’s decisions? Mithai feels insulted.

Sid says Mithai likes to make up stories. He shouts at Mithai and asks why are you lying? What will you get by breaking Karishma’s wedding? I know you can lie to get out of a situation. You lied about Dadu having cancer to get saved from Bhura. Mithai is stunned. Sid says Dadu doesn’t have any cancer, I talked to the doctor so tell me why did you lie? What’s your plan? Pramod and Gitika come there. She asks what’s going on? Abha says this Mithai is trying to break Karishma’s marriage by saying that Rohan likes Kirti. Sid says she lies about everything. She lied that Dadu has cancer, why is she doing all this? Indu is coughing in a corner. Sid says your mother is stressed because of you. You keep worrying everyone in this house.

Girish says I told you people to not help these women, they made this house into a circus. Mithai says I know it’s painful but I am not lying. I heard Rohan talking to Rajeev. Sid says I won’t tolerate if you lie and try to destroy my sister’s life. Shubham says we should talk to Rohan and clarify everything. Abha says we can’t question them like that. Gitika says Abha is right, Kavita’s life will become difficult too. Girish asks Mithai to go away and stop this rubbish. Indu takes Mithai from there.

Indu tells Mithai to not hurt this family. Mithai says I am just taking the side of right. Indu says think about Dadu. He wanted you to get married in this house because Aarti promised me years ago to get you married to Sid. Mithai is stunned.Abha asks Karishma to call Rohan and clarify everything. Karishma calls Rohan and puts it on the speaker. Karishma asks Rohan if he is happy with this marriage? Rohan says why are you asking this? Karishma says Mithai said she heard you talking to Rajeev and that you like Kirti. Rohan looks on and says no, there is nothing like that. Mithai must be mistaken, I am happy with this marriage. Abhishek says sorry for questioning you, thank you.

Kavita comes home so Gitika asks if Rohan showed ever that he is not happy with this marriage? Kavita says Rohan talked to Rajeev and said he doesn’t find Karishma compatible with him. Gitika says I am worried about you, talk to Rajeev and make him convince Rohan to marry Karishma only. If this wedding breaks then you will be crushed between your family and inlaws.Mithai asks Indu what are you saying? Indu says yes, Aarti promised to make you a daughter-in-law of this house and Dadu fulfilled her promise, it’s his favor on us so promise me that you won’t create any problems in this house. Mithai says I promise that I will shut my eyes and ears. I won’t say anything but I am sure that Kirti loves Rohan. Indu looks on.

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