Iron Rose season 2 Telemundo full story, plot summary, casts, teasers


Iron Rose season two (La Dona 2) starts June 22 2020 on Telemundo and continues the story of an ever daring Altagracia Sandoval who is now in a quest to save her daughter’s life from the dreaded Rainbow Gang.

Iron Rose season 2 Full story: At the end of the first season, Altagracia Sandoval decided to retire to start a new life after her daughter Mónica Hernández married Saúl Aguirre. Two years later, Mónica and Saúl Aguirre continue together, he as a lawyer at the head of the Renacer Foundation and she as a law student, and together with his aunt Regina fight to eradicate gender violence.

However ,This is not to the liking of those responsible for the crimes, including Los Arcoiris (Rainbow Gang),  known for killing women after torturing them with paint and bullets. Saúl thus becomes a victim by mysteriously disappearing. Concerned about the safety of her daughter, La Doña makes the decision to return to Mexico to look for her without caring that she has to face justice and meet up with José Luis Navarrete (David Zepeda), a businessman with whom she has many pending issues.

Everything becomes even more dangerous when Mónica also disappears and agent León Contreras (Carlos Ponce) links this fact with the band Los Arcoiris. Altagracia, however, resists believing this and suspects his enemies. Altagracia is not the only one who will fight for justice. She will also be accompanied by Noelia Molina (Paola Fernández), a young woman of humble origin who is also looking for her own culprits to blame her sister’s death. Both, together with León, will form a team with a common goal: to avenge the death and aggression of their loved ones.

Iron Rose season 2 Casts

  • Aracely Arámbula as Altagracia Sandoval “La Doña”
  • Carlos Ponce as León Contreras
  • David Zepeda as José Luis Navarrete
  • Maricela González as Eunice Lara “La Felina
  • Danna Paola as Mónica Eulalia Hernández
  • Kika Edgar as Romelia Vega
  • Patricia Reyes Spíndola as Florencia Molina 
  • Alejandra Barros as Leonora
  • Paola Fernández as Noelia Molina 
  • José Sefami as Alfonso Cabral
  • Andrea Martí as Regina Sandoval
  • José María Galeano as Braulio Padilla / Ernesto Palmar
  • Fernanda Borches as Fátima
  • Leo Deluglio as Diego Padilla
  • Diego Soldano as Daniel Llamas
  • Simone Victoria as Magdalena Sánchez
  • Claudio Roca as Adolfo Mendoza
  • Mayra Sierra as Karen Velarde
  • Alexa Martín as Fernanda Céspedes
  • Alberto Casanova as Mauricio Preciado
  • Paola Albo as Isabela Sandoval
  • Bernardo Flores as Lucho Navarret
  • Agustín Argüello as Eduardo Pérez
  • Aquiles Cervantes as Matamoros
  • Diego Escalona as Ángel Contreras
  • Cuauhtli Jiménez as Fernando “Nando” Valles
  • Rafael Ernesto as Sebastián Céspedes
  • Juan Pablo De Santiago
  • Christian Ramos as Cisco
  • Leandro Lima as Thiago
  • Eric del Castillo as Ricardo Vidal
  • Francisco Rubio as Andrés Roldán
  • Matías Novoa as Amado Casillas “El Águila Azul”


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