Iron Lady Written Update for Monday 3 December 2018

This is the daily update and what will happen today 3rd December on Iron Lady.


Anarkali dances as the crowd are praising her moves by clapping, shouting and jumping, Radhe and Munna are also there. The show ends and people leaves.

Radhe tells Munna that his Anarkali was wonderful. Munna slaps him, he again repeats and slapped again at the end Radhe accepts that Anarkali is his. They stop near the gents.

Papi gets out of the gents, leaving the duo boggled. Papi hides her face and manages to chase the two. Bar owner comes to Rishi and gives him documents. Bar owner tells Rishi he will remain his friend.

Inder is still playing with the tennis ball. Rk comes and starts flirting with him. He calls Inder old and ridicules him. He chases Papi, he ends up falling. Papi ridicules him, he gets up and throws the table on the side. And starts running towards her. He successfully catches her and pins her on a pillar.

He takes her skirf and ties it around her. Papi makes a funny sound that makes Indira investigate. Indira overhears Inder confessing how he molested Neha and Indira hears. Indira is shocked.

Inder tells Papi how he molested Neha and made Rishi cover for him and later made Rishi look guilty in front of everyone. Indira is in tears, angry and disgusted by Inder. He tells her he wanted Indira to abort but its good that she will give her baby for adorption.

He then keeps on touching her. Papi is disgusted this is shown by her making faces. Inder is beaten by a stick on his face. When he turns he is confronted by a very angry Indira. Kutumb and Munna comes down and asks what’s wrong. Inder pretends that he doesn’t know anything and all this is Papis fault. Indira drags Inder out and presents him as the guilty party.

She tells him that Rishi was innocent. Inder is declared as the one who molested Neha. She tells the crowd she knew Rishi was not at fault. Papi smiles. She tells the crowd they are the ones who made her declare Rishi as the guilty party cos if she tried to cover up for Rk they will say its because Rk is your husband.

She tells the women to remove their sandals and hit Inder with as his punishment. They don’t want men to misbehave with girls the way Inder did. The women beat Inder black and blue. Meher tries to reprimand Indira but she is dragged out of SN.

Kutumb tries to stop the crowd but she gets asthma attack, Papi supports her and makes her sit. Meher tries to calm the crowd but her attempt is ignored, Papi manages to calm down the crowd but Meher and Inder manage to run off.

Kutumb is calmly crying, Indira wants to holds her shoulder but she stops. She tells her she doesn’t like to see her crying and she should wipe her tears and not to cry for a worthless man like him. She requests her once to be a mother to her but Kutumb ignores her.

Indira runs to her room. She lays on the bed and starts crying. Papi comes and tells her, she just told her maa, she hates tears and here she is really crying. Indira feels guilty of how she treated Rk. Papi tells her to call him and simply apologize. Indira agrees, Papi excuses herself since she doesn’t want to hear to love birds talking. Rishi goes to the bathroom as he waits for the call. Indira calls Rishi.

Indira calling RK, he picks up. Indira can hear a man on both her side and that of RK, Indira is extremely happy. She leaves her room and starts calling Rk. Water turns on in yur bathroom, Indira can hear water splash on both her side and that of RK, she goes to the bathroom and hears Rk voice.

She smiles and enters, she sees Rk in Papi’s Avatar. She then talks to Rk via the phone that he can see him as Papi. Rk turns and he is stunned to see Indira looking at him. Indira moves near Rk, who is still worried. She goes and asks for forgiveness but Rk is not willing to forgive her she then kisses Rk who is left boggled but he still does not forgive her. She is about to touch his feet when he stops her mid-way and declares he has forgiven her.

He twirls her and their forehead meets and they stay like that. Munna comes there and he is surely shocked to see Papi and Indira in that posture. Munna comes down the stairs shouting this is unbelievable. InShi right behind him tries to stop him, Munna can’t believe that his sister is that type of woman along with Papi.

Rk then tells Munna she is also Anarkali. Munna is heart broken learning that his crush is Papi who is having an affair with Indira. Rk kisses Munna on the cheek and Indira tells him that this is neither Papi nor Anarkali but Rk. Munna is heart broken that his Anarkali is no more. Indu comes and hugs RK and praises him. Indira also joins the family hug.

Kutumb comes and slaps Rk. She reprimands him for dressing up like a woman to expose her Hubby. Indira tries to talk but she is stopped by Rk. Kutumb asks Rk to leave the house. Indira stop Rk but he doesn’t listen he tells her to take care of herself and Chiku and he leaves.

Indu tries to follow him but she is stopped by Indira. Indira informs Indu its better to leave him alone for now cos he is angry. Indira tells her she wants to show her something, and she requests her to follow her. Indu agrees only because of Rk.

Indira is happy. She turns to Kutumb and reminds her that SN is her house and she makes all the decision. They leave. (Inder and Meher part was very boring) She gives Inder a knife and tells him to kill Indira but he refuses.

Indu tells Indira that Rk has called her at the park Indira is super happy and she shares a good mother daughter time. Indira is adorning herself. She is in a beautiful pink Saree. She leaves and Meher sees her. She tells Inder that Neha is walking down stairs she tells him to go and finish her.He leaves.

Indu and Rk are at the park. Rk asks her why she called him here Indu tells Rk its a surprise and tells him to wait. Indira is walking on her way to the park Inder is behind her. He removes the knife and stubs Indira on her lower back. Indira holds her back and says mera bacha.

Inder is stunned seeing that he stubbed banking, Indira tries to see the face of the person who stabbed her, but fails to see the face of Inder. Inder is in shock. He runs away from there in fear, leaving Indira on down on the floor.

On the other side, Rishi asks Indu about the surprise as he cannot wait for long. Indu tries to hold him. She wonders where Indira is. She tells Rishi that someone is coming to meet him. Rishi asks who? And right then Indira is coming in. Indu asks Rishi to give a tight hug to Indira. Rishi goes towards her. Indira is struggling to walk.

She smiles at him, and they hug. Indu jumps in joy. Rishi then sees blood. Indira falls down and Rishi catches her. Indu runs to them. Indira apologizes to Rishi for hurting him and calling him a loser. She says, our Chiku will come to this world and will grow up in our own house. Us two and our two children will live as a happy family.

She asks him to save their Chiku and herself. She says, I don’t want to die. I want to see my child and his childhood which destiny didn’t allow me during Indu’s time. He asks her who did this and Indira goes unconscious. He carries her and takes to the hospital. Munna also comes there. He asks Rishi what happened to Indira. Rishi hugs him.


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