Game of Lies Telemundo full story, plot, casts teasers

Game of Lies Telemundo follows a Husbands desperate attempt to solve the ‘murder’ of his wife only to discover that his marriage had been a facade and the woman he married an imposter…

Game of Lies Telemundo full story.

The telenovela centers on the disappearance of Adriana Molina (María Elisa Camargo) with her husband, César Ferrer (Arap Bethke), as the prime suspect in the possible murder. To avoid losing his eight-year-old daughter, César investigates his wife’s disappearance on his own.However, His search for clues to Adriana’s disappearance leads him to discover that she had been living a double life and had a lover from a wealthy and powerful family, amongst other things.

The series is set to premiere on 15th January 2024 on Telemundo.

Game of Lies Telemundo full casts

  • Eneida Mascetti as Doña Gracia
  • Manuela Corzo as Estela Montoya
  • Jesús Nasser as Manuel “El Mono”
  • Angelo Jamaica as Moisés Alto
  • Chela Arias as Olga
  • Francisco Porras as Pluto
  • Karla Peniche as Yvonne González
  • Denisse Novoa as Jacinta Zamora
  • José Mizrahi as Escobar
  • José Alberto Torres as Federico
  • Ezequiel Montalt as Raymundo Edwards
  • Camila Arteche as Verónica Baeza
  • Argelia García as Luisa Ullola
  • Vanessa Lyon as Paola
  • Carolina Perpetuo as Nicole
  • Neher Jacqueline Briceño as Nun


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