Curse of the sands update Sunday 13 June 2021


Curse of the sands 13 June 2021: Siya returns home and is shocked to see Ram applying medicine on Mohini’s feet. Mohini thinks Sautan knows about her true identity, let the lunar ellipse happen and her powers return, she will punish sautan brutally.

Siya thinks she has injured sautan already and now it will be her final attack. Ram asks Mohini why did she continue dancing even after getting injured. Mohini says she was entertaining him, so she could not stop. He says she should have. Siya walks in and asks Ram to go as it is her mistake and she will apologize, she wants to apologize even him as she did not do it purposefully. Ram angrily pushes her hand and walks away. She then apologizes Mohini saying she got engrasped in music that she did not notice her injury. Mohini says she is not that much injured as she thinks.

Siya thinks she wants to scratch her injuries, but wants to first expose her in front of Ram. Servant delivers bridal dress to Siya. Mohini asks what is it. Siya says tonight she will spend a night as bride with Ram. She walks away thinking chudail’s aides are around her and she can expose chudail in front of Ram, so she has to play a different game. Mohini thinks what drama Siya is playing now and calls her Ghagra paltan team to spy on Siya.
Dadimaa tells Mallika that Ram and Siya are in trouble and as a family they should help them. Mallika yells when did she consider her as family, she will never help her for her misbehavior till now. Vivian scolds her and says he will help Ram and Siya in whatever way he can.

Siya gets ready as bride. Mohini walks into her room and offers her perfume. Siya takes it and hugs her. Mohini thinks let her enjoy suhagraat here peacefully, I will prepare to end Siya. Siya asks her to wish her good luck and once she leaves breaks perfume bottle angrily. Mohini dances on Rakta under lunar ellipse in desert and gets back her power. Dadimaa gets Ram ready for pooj and tells him that it is a very difficult pooja, so she has called chief priest from Jaipur. Priest informs Ram rules of pooja and tells he has to perform pooja immediately after sunrise. Mohini’s aide hears their conversation and inform Mohini that Ram is busy in his ritual and Siya is waiting in room as a true bride for her suhagraat.

Mohini walks into Siya’s room and waling around her taunts her that whatever sh e tries, she cannot harm her, now what she knows her truth, she can try hard to dare even touch her. She continues yelling at her and saying let her see her face lifts her veil and looks shocked.

Mohini lifts Siya’s veil and is shocked to see Vivian disguised as Siya instead. Vivian pleads not to kill him as he is always on her side; reminisces Siya seeking his help, Mallika opposing it and he scolding her not to interfere as he can go to any extent to help his family. Siya thanks him and assures nothing will happen to him. Out of flashback, Mohini strangulates Vivian and asks where is sautan Siya. She then via black magic turns Vivian into old man and disappears with him.

In temple, Ram performs pooja. Siya hugs him and asks him to believe her. He asks for what. She says Dayima a did not try to kill her, it was Mohini who forced Dayimaa as Mohini is a chudail. She gives him proof that chudail cannot withstand salt and will dance till Ravan hatha musical instrument is played; she would have asked 7 times before entering Ram’s house.


Ram reminisces incident and says yes. Siya continues giving him evidence. Ram says he will not spare Mohini as she tried to harm his wife being in his house. Siya says only vajra/weapon made out of Rana Bhanupratap’s bones can kill Mohini and only he can use that vajra, so he has to get it from old shiv temple. Ram agrees.

Mohini takes Vivian to Dayimaa. Vivian pleads Dayimaa to save her. She asks who is this old man. Mohini says he is Vivian who was trying to help sautan, so she snatched his youth. She continues that sautan did wrong by informing Rana saa about her, she will not spare her now and shows her real evil face. Vivian gets more afraid.

Siya continue convincing Ram that they have responsibility of protecting Behramgarh citizens and he has to get vajra from old Shiv temple to kill Mohini. A romantic song plays while Ram looks into Siya’s eyes emotionally. Siya then lifts trishul and secret underground way out opens. She asks Ram to return soon as she will wait for him. He asks her not to get out of temple until he returns and walks away.

Siya prays Matarani to protect Ram. Mallika walks to her and says her little bunny Vivian has not returned to palace yet. Siya says according to plan, he should have returned by now. Mallika continues yelling that she sent Vivian to chudail tosave herself. They hear Vivian shouting and pleading for help. Mohini tortures Vivian and waits for Siya to come out of temple. Siya tells Mallika that they cannot go out as chudail is waiting for them outside. Mallika insists and continues yelling. Siya walks out apologizing Ram for breaking her promise not to get out of temple until he returns. Ram drives his jeep towards Shiv temple hoping Siya is safe in temple.

Siya walks out of temple back into haveli and searches Mohini and Vivian. She hears Dayimaa’s voice pleading Mohini not to torture Vivian more. She searches her everywhere. Mohini hides her behind walls. Siya does not find here anywhere. Dayimaa continues calling Siya. Tired Siya sits calling Mohini to come in front of her. Mohini emerges and asks if she was calling her and taunts her that she called her out of temple so easily. Siya asks to spare Vivian first. Mohini says she will not spare him as he did a big mistake to support her. Their argument ensues. Mohini shows her real chudail face. Siya reminisces Dayimaa telling Ram’s name is very pious and only pure hearted people can take it, evil souls will stammer if they take Ram’s name. She provokes Mohini that only she loves Ram and Mohini’s 500-year-old love is just a fad. Mohini continues yelling. Siya asks her to take Ram’s name then. Mohini tries to leave. Siya holds her hand and insists. Mohini frees her hand and flying in air chants Mara Mara Mara…and asks Siya what she wants to say now.

Ram drives his jeep towards shiv temple and sees Aghori sadhus dancing near temple. Sadhus stop seeing Ram and greeting him as Sisodia king Rana Bhanuprataph say the knew he would return. Ram stands amused.

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