Curse of the sand update Friday 1 October 2021


Curse of the sand 1 Oct 2021: Shiv holds a gun over Sunanda’s forehead and says he warned her to stay away from his brother. He pulls the trigger, and Sunanda’s photo falls off the tree.A while ago…Amar tells Sunanda that he planned to kill Shiv only, but since Sunanda is proving to be a hurdle in his way he will now kill her first. He shots the bullet.Shiv was alert at the bullet shot and screams, Amar!

Sunanda had knelt on the floor. Amar had shot the bullet straight in the forehead of Sunanda’s photo. Sunanda apologizes Amar and shrewdly tries to grab a nearby lying stick. She also tries to snatch his gun. Amar slaps her while she falls on the floor. Amar forbids her to be over smart, he is her brought up and even shrewder than her.From the bottle, Mishra ji tries to convince Radha to pull him out. He promises he won’t cast a look at anyone.

Ketki wakes up and shares with Radha about a dream in which his father had vanished. Radha says it was reality, he has been locked in a jar.Shiv reaches just around Amar and Sunanda. Sunanda cunningly hits a rod on his hand and grabs the gun. Amar kneels in front of Sunanda as soon as he watches Shiv and starts pleading not to kill him. Shiv reaches between Sunanda and Amar. He holds his gun on her forehead and says he cautioned her to stay away from his brother. He is even ashamed to think that he is her son, he hates the part of her inside him.

He is bearing the punishment of being her son. He had lost his patience after twenty years and had come to kill her. But his Dai Maa said that the devil inside him will be no different than Sunanda if he kills her. Today, Sunanda forced him to choose someone between her or his brother. He was about to shot but in a tree trunk. He regrets being the son of a witch, but at least mother is a mother. He spared her but she must stay away from Amar. He is the last identity of Rasgula and Baba. He never wants to get to a point where he is forced to cross his limits. He takes Amar along. Sunanda left heartbroken.

Ketki comes to the room and thinks she can never let Shiv marry her. Mishra ji, from inside the bottle, says his daughter will only marry Shiv and is worth it. He promises to support her, no matter what; once he comes out of the bottle. Ketki asks if he promises. Mishra ji makes the promise. Ketki opens the lid of bottle.Sunanda stood silent as Amar slaps her. He accuses that Sunanda never wanted him to marry Ananya. She used him as a source to get to Shiv. He will kill her. He pushes her while she falls on the floor and cries there, pulling all her jewellry off.

The next morning, Ananya joins Shiv in the temple corner. Both light the candle together and performs aarti. Ananya was thankful to Mahadev for a new life. She finds Shiv lost in a deep thought. She tells Shiv she is fine. She is happy that Shiv is about to fulfil her wish, and marry her. None begins a new life with a sad face. Amar had come downstairs and was taken aback. Shiv promises he will give her what she wish for. Ananya spots Amar and says God answered his prayers, they are going to marry today. Amar glanced curtly. After Ananya has left, Amar asks Shiv about Ananya. Shiv says he is made the decision, he can’t hurt Ananya anymore.

Ananya comes to her room. She finds a present on her bed with a red rose. Inside the box was a red dress and jewellry. She was excited and sure Shiv brought this. She dresses up and swirls around the room, dancing happily.Shiv sat on the couch in his room thinking about last night. Ananya comes to the room, happily holding the rose in her hand. She tries to withdraw his attention with moves only, but Shiv was lost in a deep thought and looked tensed. She starts throwing petals over him but to no avail.

She then moves him and asks where he is lost. She complains he didn’t look towards her once, after gifting all this. Shiv says its not a gift from him, but Amar. Ananya was irked and asks how he could let him do so. She throws the rose and jewellry away. She leaves the room, saying I hate you.Sunanda comes to the store room looking for Amar. Amar appears from behind a board, and burns her hand with a hot iron. Sunanda screams. Amar then sprays perfume on her burnt hand. He swears that his mother is really happy, so is he, whenever Sunanda cries and weeps in pain. He brings about a black remote which Sunanda had been looking for.

He says Sunanda is shrewd enough to know about his plans in time. Sunanda thinks she must find out what’s going on in his mind. She tries to snatch the remote once again but Amar resultantly pushes her on the floor. Sunanda attempts to dodge and hit him. Amar follows her with a vase. Sunanda pushes a nail deep inside the flesh near his neck. Amar pulls the blooded nail. He sits down on the couch with drooling eyes, then smirks that he may kill Sunanda right away. He won’t do so because he wish she is a witness to his last play. He wants her to live a dreadful life.

Ananya walks out of the room in dark. Shiv follows back. Ananya asks why he teases her and always follow to make her mood up. She hugs Shiv. The lights of the hall were turned on. Ananya was pleasantly surprised to see the house filled with red balloons. A passage of rose bed and table laid with cake. Ananya says it must be Shiv’s planning, to fulfil his promise. Shiv takes out the earrings from his pocket. Ananya laughs and wears them as per his wish. She says I love you, and hugs Shiv again.

Upstairs, Amar watches this and plays with the remote. He says just a while and he will easily get what he wants. He stares at a balloon on the wall and thinks this was real hard work and much sweat had to be shed. Chaya spies on Amar and goes to tell Sunanda.Sunanda sat on the floor of her room, crying, all her jewellry scattered on the floor around her. Chaya was concerned for her. Sunanda says she has been defeated. She brought a child up, but in her hatred she turned him into a devil and tried to kill her.

Shiv never accepted her as his mother, but spared her life only because she gave birth to him. He defeated her power and pride through his care. She wants to return Shiv’s favors today, no matter she dies herself. Chaya tells her to wipe her tears then, before it’s too late. Sunanda was at once concerned. Chaya tells her about Amar’s ill intentions visible from his face.Ananya spots the three balloons on the entrance and the rest of decoration. She asks why he tied these three balloons. The family comes to the hall. Kamal was happy about it. Shiv steals his looks from Sunanda but Sunanda thinks it’s the right time to caution Shiv. Amar threatens her using the remote in his hand. The lights go dim. Amar begins to sing, ‘Ik Haseena Thi…’ Ananya stays with Shiv. Amar pulls Ananya’s arm and dances with her.

Shiv walks aside. Sunanda notices the disappointment. Amar leaves Ananya with a jerk of his hand. Ananya now sings, ‘Deewani ho gai’. She kiss Shiv’s hand, grateful for her. Shiv wishes to dedicate a song, ‘Hansta rehta hun kyun aaj kal’. He dances with Ananya. Ketki cries while watching this all from behind a door. Amar now takes Ananya’s hand and swirls her around. He kneels in front of Ananya. The remote falls off his pocket. Chaya cautiously gets the remote and takes Sunanda inside, handing the remote to Mohini. Mohini pulls the battery pin out and says it’s fake. Amar comes clapping to them. He smirks that they can’t reach his plan so easily this time. Its five minutes to 12, his plan will be in front of everyone then.

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