Cennet The power of destiny Telemundo full story, casts teasers

Cennet Telemundo is the story of a girl named Cennet who was abandoned by her mum at birth. She grows up wanting to learn about the circumstances of her birth, but there are other travails to surmount.

Cennet is a Turkish series, little wonder why it’s being televised on Telemundo, seeing that the station is mostly known for Spanish novellas. Not withstanding, the series is one to look for ward to…

The series is also based on the Korean drama series Tears Of Heaven,

Cennet Telemundo full story.

Cennet was abandoned by her mother as a newborn and her grandmother took care of her. Despite her humble upbringing and lack of financial resources, she becomes a brilliant architect and achieves her dream job at a prestigious architecture firm. Cennet is unexpectedly reunited with Selim, her childhood friend who also works in the firm, and her biological mother Arzu, who disappeared from her life and has now come to disrupt her world. Melisa is a second daughter of Arzu from another relationship, and she becomes very jealous about the increasing relationship of Cennet and Selim but at last she realizes that Selim would never love her and she leaves them alone.


Cennet revolves around a beautiful, determined, and intelligent woman that was given up by her mother as a baby. Her grandmother raised her as her daughter, helping her work towards her dream of becoming an architect.

As Cennet is growing up, she has little in her life except for her best friend. However, they are later separated because of an accident, making his best friend vanish from her life. Even though she had a poor background, years later, Cennet has become one of the most promising students in her architecture class and is destined for greatness.

After she graduates, one of her schoolmate’s (Melisa) mother offers her a job at her firm. However, she later learns that the young boy that she infatuated with when they were young and were separated works at the same firm. Cennet meets Selim, her childhood friend, and is gradually drawn to him, and they start remembering their past. However, Melisa’s mother is not happy with the relationship as she wants her daughter to marry Selim.

An interesting narrative of love and hatred ensues when her mother discovers a birthmark on Cennet’s neck that is similar to a child she abandoned twenty years ago. This came about at a time when her professional life was on the ascent. This turn of events introduces an exciting plot that brings Cennet’s nobleness and humility to other character’s lives. She shows them that it is never too late for redemption.


Who is Cennet dad?

Arzu, after abandoning Cennet as a baby and making her life hell from the second she realized who Cennet is, her latest stunt has Cennet in prison. But what she doesn’t know is, Mukaddes Yilmaz (Güler Ökten) was looking for Cennet’s father. She found him. His name’s Kaya Demiröz (Devrim Saltoglu), and he had no idea Arzu ever had a baby. Much less his. However, now he does know, and he’s aware she’s in jail for something she didn’t actually do.

He took action as he made sure to get in touch with some people to make sure Cennet doesn’t get hurt. We’ll get into that in a minute. But, he also had a friendly chat with one of the people involved. And by friendly chat, we mean threats, weapons, and pictures of the guy’s family. He’s determined to clear Cennet’s name, and what better way than forcing one of those involved to confess to the cops?


Cennet Telemundo full casts

  • Berk Atan as Selim Arısoy
  • Almila Ada as Cennet Yılmaz
  • Esra Ronabar as Arzu Soyer
  • Yusuf Akgün as Orhan Soyer
  • Zehra Yılmaz as Melisa Soyer
  • Şencan Güleryüz as Cengiz Arısoy
  • Hazım Körmükçü as Mahir Soyer
  • Ebru Nil Aydın as Sema Soyer
  • Çiçek Acar as Nilgün Arısoy
  • Süeda Çil as Suna Gürsu
  • Ebru Destan as Özlem Arısoy
  • Sude Nur Yazıcı as Beste Tuna
  • Oktay Çubuk as Ömer Gürsu
  • Güler Ökten as Mukaddes Yılmaz
  • Ali İpin as Rıza Soyer


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