Can you see me update Wednesday 30 March 2022

Can you see me 30 March 2022: Aarav invites Suchi with whole family for new year party. Suchi says one incident changes a person so much, till yesterday he was hating her and today…She hears Pihu crying outside and runs to her. Pihu says mamma told pappa if he had loved Pihu truly, she would have been alive. She says she cannot see mamma pappa fighting. Suchi says only she can reunite them, she should write a letter for them both. Aarav comes and asks what is she doing here.

Suchi says her 10 rs note fell her and says she will attend party only if he invites Anandita and Subodh. Aarav says she can call whoever she wants to. Gopal smiles and says Aarav agreed, but how will he convince his mother.Suchi meets Anandita and Subodh and invites them for party emotionally saying she feels really happy and excited when something good happens in that house. They both agree to attend party. Pihu writes letter for her parents taking Gopal’s help.

Aarav gets ready for party and asks Babli how is he looking. Babli says as if a girl is coming to see him. He smiles and walks away. Gulgule sees him and says didi will come from there. Suchi comes wearing a beautiful gown. Aarav gets mesmerized seeing her beautiful. Mai Hoon SaathTere…song…plays in the background. Pihu asks Suchi whene will mamma pappa come. Anandita and Subodh walk in. Pihu gets very happy and keeps her letter between Aanndita’s bangles.

Babli speaks to someone over phone, goes out and receives Mansi. She takes Mansi in. Mansi walks in wearing mask and clashes with Anandita. Letter falls down between balloons. Mansi goes to her room. Babli sees Anandita and Subodh and shouts who invited them, how dare they are to come in here, get out. Aarv says they are victim and not culprits, so she should calm down. Babli shouts he is speaking like Suchi and forgot his mother’s sacrifice. She walks away. Aarav apologizes Anandita and Subodh. Anandita says she will go now. Suchi insists to stay back. Pihu holds pallu. Suchi gives Pihu’s promise. Anandita stays back.

Mansi goes to her room and picks knife. Babli walks in and asks what is she doing here and what is she hiding behind. Mansi hides knife under bed and says she wants to attend party. Babli says she should stay here with her and not go in front of anyone, ties her to a chair and leaves. Mansi frees herself and walks out.Pihu cries searching her written letter for her mamma Anandita. Suchi asks her to search properly. A girl tells Suchi that she is lucky that Aarav loves her, they cannot find a boy like Aarav even if they search. Aarav reveals Suchi’s sketch. Gulgule asks what is Aarav bhaiya doing with Suchi’s picture.

Aarav plays guitar and signs Tujhko Hai Mujhme Raabta…song… He dances romantically with Suchi and they both hug. Babli sadly thinks Aarav gave his sister’s place to Suchi, she did not expect this. Pihu walks into Mansi’s room and shouts in fear seeing Mansi holding knife. Suchi hears her shouts and rushes calling Bhootu, parting ways from Aarav. Anandita stops her and asks why did she call Bhootu. Suchi says she did not. Anandita says she knows she called Pihu as she can sense Pihu around and searches Pihu emotionally. Subodh says there is no one here. Anandita says she knows her Pihu is somewhere around and runs. Mansi watches her hiding and reminisces her roughing up asking why did she kill Pihu.

Anandita walks to Pihu’s room searching her and asks to come in front of her. Pihu emotionally says she is here, please lift her up. Anandita cannot sense Pihu and continues crying emotionally. Mansi walks in towards Anandita holding knife, but runs away hearing Subdoh coming calling Anandita. He asks Anandita why don’t she understand that our Pihu is dead. Anandita cries that she can feel her daughter and goes out.Suchi consoles Pihu to stop crying. Aarav walks in and asks why she is ignoring him, if that girl was gifted by a boy, if she loves that boy. Sarla from Kumkum Bhagya walks in and slaps him.

She vents out her anger and asks if he thinks Suchi will betray him. Aarav apologizes her She says she scolded him like a mother and wishes him happy new year. Aarav apologizes Suchi and leaves. Pihu is surpised to see khadoos apologizing Suchi on aunty’s lesson. Sarla asks where is Bhootu. Suchi asks Pihu to greet Sarla aunt. Sarla taks to Suchi emotionally and says her and Aarav’s wedding will be unique and Bhootu will be the reason for their marriage. She hugs both Suchi and Pihu emotionally.

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