Can you see me update Saturday 9 April 2022

Can you see me 9 April 2022: Pihu informs Suchi that Gopal told that she is getting moksh/eternity and will leave this world forever. He told she will be born as mamma/Anandita’s daughter again. Suchi hugs her and says she is very happy that she will return back with new life. Pihu says Gopal told she has to forget laddo, sweets, mamma, Suchi everything if she wants to get back. Suchi hopes Pihu does not remember her past.Mansi walks into room. Babli notices old woman in room and asks what is she doing here.

Mansi says she is decorating room with flowers. Babli says she does not have to do that. Mansi walks out hiding her gun. Babli finds anklet on floor and reminisces gifting it to Mansi.Suchi gets ready as bride. Pihu praises her beauty. Suman tells Gulgule that it is an unique marriage as bride will go from this house and return back to same house. Aarav as groom comes with baarat. Suchi looks at him from balcony and praises him. Pihu also dances in baraat.

Wedding ceremony continues. Subodh reminds Anandita that even he had brought baarat for her similarly. She says she wants to bring back new Pihu in their life and wants another child. Subodh gets happy and hugs her. Mansi shoots Subodh repeatedly. Subodh stands freezed. Anandita asks why he is not reacting and sees blood on her hand. Subodh collapses. Aarav and others notice that and run towards Subodh. Mansi removes her wig and tries to shoot Anandita. Anandita identifies her. Aarav runs and holds goons. Gopal shuts Pihu’s eyes to stop her from seeing her father’s murder and thinks he tried to stop Pihu from wishing which cannot happen, but she did not listen, he will keep her away for 7 days until Subodh’s last rights are performed. He disappears with Pihu. Suchi searches Pihu..

Pihu wakes up in the morning and does not find Suchi next to her. She walks out searching her. Suman brings bags and asks Gulgule how will they carry these heavy bags in flight, call Suchi. Pihu walks to Suchi’s room and sees Suchi crying holding Pihu’s photo and telling where did she go, she is searching her since 7 days, if she got mukti. Pihu says she is here and tries to touch her, but cannot. Suchi says after Pihu’s papa’s death, where did she go. Pihu cries what happened to her papa, where is her mamma, she wants to meet her. She walks to Anandita’s house and sees her sitting senselessly and Aarav telling he cannot see her like this, she should cry and vent out her sorrow. He walks to Aarav’s photo and lights lamp. Pihu says why is papa’s photo garlanded like her photo.

Suchi enters. Aarav picks Pihu and Aarav’s ash pots and leaves. Pihu asks where is he going and follows him.Pihu walks to lawn and sees Gopal there. She asks why her mamma is sitting like that, what has happened. Gopal smiles and says after Aarav immerses her ashes into water, she will get moksh/eternity and will have to leave this world. Aarav shows Pihu’s ash pot to Suchi and says she should immerse them in water and panditji told Pihu will get moksh. Suchi holds pot. Pihu runs and drops pot and runs away. Suchi says if it is Pihu and rushes to Pihu’s room.

Suchi cries and requests Pihu to meet her at least once, she always called her as Yashoda and made her a mother, how can she go without meeting her. She continues that she did not know to cook, but she learnt to prepare laddoo for Pihu. She continues crying holding Pihu’s photo. Aarav walks in and says it is time to go, Pihu got moksh and left her, if god takes something, he returns something better. Pihu pleads Gopal to let her meet Suychi once. Suchi looks at room repeatedly and leaves with Aarav. Pihu walks behind her and reminisces asking Suchi to promise that she will not go away from her. Gopal asks Pihu to meet Suchi one last time. Pihu runs and hugs Suchi. Suchi gets happy feeling Pihu.

Pihu hugs Suchi one last time. Aarav tells Suchi it is time to and she walks with him while Pihu pleads not to go. She follows them till road and sees a speeding truck heading towards Anandita and rescues her. Anandita can see her. Anandita emotionally says yes. Pihu hugs her. Gopal says Pihu changed Suchi’s ilfe, united Aarav and Suchi, united her parents, etc., now her new chapter will start.In chapter 2, Anandita runs around home searching Pihu who is playing hide and seek. Anandita acts as searching her smilingly and sees moving box. She opens it and does not find Pihu.

Pihu wakes up from sleep calling mamma and realizes it was her dream. She thinks she is seeing this dream since 2 years, why mamma did not come at all to meet her.Pihu then hears door opening and gets afraid thinking ghosts came, she says she is a sweet ghost and lives in this house. Voice says this is his house. She says bhooth uncle, she stays here. Gopal comes in front smiling. Pihu runs and scolds why did he frighten her. He taunts her that she was so afraid. Pihu sadly says she is expecting her mamma, she did not come to meet her till now. Gopal then enjoys butter with her. Pihu asks how did he get so much butter. He says today is janmastami.

After fiishing butter, he then plays flute. Pihu sits sadly. Gopal asks her what happened. She says today she died. Gopal says she has to give him a gift. She gifts him her doll. He says even she will get a special gift and disappears smiling…

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