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Age is just a number 11 June 2020: Bari Amma comes to attend to Gautham’s parents, Sahil notices there was conflict between Sahil’s parent’s verdicts. He passes by a room where Vaidika sat in front of the mirror. He again day dreams of himself performing with Vaidika on ‘mere haath me tera haath ho’. He comes inside and tells Vaidika he is well aware Vaidika would never be Gautham’s wife.

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He won’t let them marry. Vaidika calls him immature, they have no control over fate and they have to accept it. Sahil says he isn’t interested in sacrificing. He insists on Vaidika that Gautham isn’t a hero, he is a villain instead. Vaidika says it’s his jealousy that speaks against Gautham. Sahil says his love has nothing to do with his verdict about Gautham. He promises to bring a proof to her against Gautham. He then presents Vaidika with a gift; opens it for her to be a red chunri.

Later, Vaidika was brought down for henna function. Bari Amma was restlessly waiting for their wedding to complete. Sahil sings for Vaidika. He shows Gautham his hand with Vaidika imprinted over it through henna. Gautham appreciates it, and asks if he is also happy about Vaidika’s wedding like everyone. His wife to be is really pretty. Everyone wants her name to be on their palm. He hugs Sahil and whispers on him that he will not get anything. Sahil says at least Gautham accepts there is something he can get. Anjana requests Bari Amma to eat something but she wasn’t ready.
Shruti now announces a special performance by Preeta from Kundli Bhagya.

Vaidika’s henna design was ruined. A lady calls it a bad omen but Nani denies any such belief.
Sahil comes into the room and looks around for the suitcase and drawers to get a proof. He was sure he will get something from Gautham’s luggage that will get him to his roots. Vaidika watches Gautham’s father cough badly. She gets him a glass of water and inquires if there is some problem. Gautham comes to take care of them, and takes him aside.

He then blames them for creating all the drama deliberately; gives them money to buy train ticket and leave for Bhopal; else he may harm their daughter. He makes a call to instruct someone about getting them board the train.

Sahil finds a diary and Bhopal’s train tickets. He recalls he said he is from Hariduar, but they have said they are from Bhopal. There, Gautham tells Vaidika he had to send his parents back to village. They had to do some pooja there. Vaidika was concerned about his ill health.
Bari amma and Nani were having an argument to celebrate with each other. Dadi from Kundli Bhagya come to ask them celebrate with her. The ladies join her for dance.

Sahil follows Gautham’s parents and reach the given address. They were shocked to see Sahil while Sahil was equally shocked to see them.

Vaidika walks restlessly in her room thinking about Sahil. Aarya comes to take her downstairs, but she says Sahil didn’t come home. Vaidika was worried.
Gautham’s parents request Sahil to let him marry Vaidika. Sahil asks if he must let Vaidika marry a liar man who is calling his wife’s parents as his. He swears them to their dead daughter and grandchild. The mother slaps Sahil.

Maya calls Vaidika and tells her not to marry Gautham, she will be there in a while and share the truth with her. Some goons hit Maya on the back of her head.
Sahil was driving back when he comes across a Rally of Mata Rani. Vaidika also stood in the temple. Sahil prays from some help and support to stop Vaidika’s marriage. There, heavy winds blow wedding flowers in Vaidika’s room.
At home, Deepak wonders where Sahil has gone. He wish Sahil stops Vaidika’s wedding in time. Vaidika was brought towards the mandap. Gautham holds her hand, helping her to sit. Puneet complements Sahil couldn’t witness losing her love and left. Bari Amma was sure Sahil would never astray his path again once Vaidika is married.
There during the pooja, the dupatta of Sahil’s gift fly over Vaidika. She wonders how it reached her. Sahil stood in front of temple. Vaidika was worried if it’s a signal from Sahil, and awaits Maya. Gautham places a hand over hers. Nani was called for Gath Bandhan. Vaidika stands up leaving her seat in the midst. She announces to Gautham that she can’t marry him.

Vaidika announces that she can’t marry Gautham. The ladies scold Vaidika for disrespecting this mandap. Bari Amma instruct the Pandit to begin the wedding. Vaidika stops her, and apologizes as this isn’t her family wedding and she has no right to interfere. She tells Gautham that it’s a matter between them, she needs to speak to him for five minutes. Gautham furiously looks towards Vaidika and walks with her.
Sahil steps back while the Mata Rani idol was carried forward. Some goons attack him from behind, breaking glass rods at his back. They make sure Sahil can’t reach their boss’s mandap. Sahil tries to fight back but was attacked over his head, he bleeds and fell over the floor.
In the room, Gautham asks Vaidika why she can’t marry him. Vaidika says she won’t be able to give him what he wants from this marriage, she doesn’t love him. Gautham clutches her arm now and asks if she believes this marriage won’t happen then. He asks her to say the truth, if she loves that Sahil?

Vaidika gets away from him and says it’s her mistake, she must have told him earlier. But she alone is responsible for this decision. Gautham minds Vaidika that she will have to marry him. Vaidika thinks about Sahil’s warning that Gautham isn’t a nice man. Vaidika says she, her daughter and mother trusted him and he… Gautham accepts being a bastard. He narrates her the story of Valentine’s Day proposal. Vaidika was happy that she left the mandap. Gautham laughs and points towards his goons in the hall standing with guns in hand.
Aarya was worried about Vaidika. Nani and Bari Amma have an argument. Aarya was followed by the goons upstairs. In the room, Vaidika stops by spotting the goons stand at the door. Gautham tells Aarya that Vaidika is only nervous of marriage.

Vaidika tells Aarya to go downstairs, she will be there. Everyone watch the couple walk downstairs. Gautham says it’s difficult for any woman to marry again. She was a little worried due to her first husband’s death, but he assured Vaidika that nothing will go wrong. The wedding rituals begin.
Sahil fights the goons and finds his way out. The goons also kept Gautham’s wife and son hostage. He asks for their help in saving Vaidika from Gautham. Gautham and Vaidika stood for wedding rounds. Sahil drives Gautham’s family on bike. Vaidika’s 7th round was about to begin. Sahil opens the door and shouts at them to stop. Everyone was shocked to see him injured.

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