Blood and wine telemundo: Read what happens in the season finale here

As the plot thickens and conflict rages on between Juanjo, Aurora and Roberto, find out how the telemundo series blood and wine ends here…

Sara thinks it’s cute that Roberto’s trying to hide the evidence. She sent that video to EVERYONE. She got the numbers out of his cell phone. He can drop the “mi amor” crap because she heard Reyes talking to him and planning to kill her, make it look like suicide, and blame her for the kidnapping.

Meche calls Crisanto to make sure he heard the part where Juanjo didn’t kill Emilio. He gets distracted by Dolores and Dimas coming in with Emilito.

Roberto, the one trick pony, tries gaslighting Sara, telling her she’s got schizophrenia. She laughs at him…she’s been doing a good job of playing stupid, but she isn’t really. She’s going to free him from all his suffering, chasing after a woman who doesn’t love him.

In the bedroom, Aurora hears the gun go off.

Aw, crap. Sara got shot. And now Roberto takes Aurora hostage.

Susan and Ernesto watch Sara’s video and prepare to go after Roberto.

Instead, her guys get to Aurora’s house and find Sara’s body.

Roberto drags Aurora down the street and steals a hapless extra’s car.

Ooh, Sara’s not dead yet. Juanjo comes over and hears that Roberto and Aurora are both gone.

The Castañedas are passing Emilito around between them. Juanjo calls the house. He’s happy to hear that Emilito’s back and assumes Aurora’s there.

But no, she’s in a stolen car with Roberto. She wants to know where they’re going and he makes a cryptic remark about saying they’d be married until death. He babbles about knowing she loves him, even if she’s been screwing around with Juanjo. The car starts to run out of gas.

Juanjo comes over to the Castañeda house to see Emilito. He gets a call from Susan–someone spotted Aurora and Roberto. Yes, yes, he promises he won’t interfere. He tells Crisanto about the call and I’m thinking it should take about thirty seconds for them to convince each other to go looking.

Aurora tries to get away from Roberto at a gas station, but he refuses to let her go inside alone. He leaves her alone long enough to enter the actual bathroom, beg another customer for her cell phone, and call Juanjo. And then Roberto catches up to her and tosses the cell phone in the toilet.

Juanjo and Crisanto are already on their way to the gas station. Juanjo calls Susan and agrees he’ll stay right where he’s at. He just doesn’t mention that it’s in the passenger seat of a truck Crisanto’s driving. (Mr. 5ft, “She does know him, right?”)

Roberto babbles. Aurora’s so over it. I’m not sure either of us is listening to him. And really, he’s mostly talking to himself when he says crap like “You made me do it, I tried to be a good guy.” I can feel her trying not to roll her eyes.

Juanjo and Crisanto find the car they were in, crashed into the side of a train car. Everybody’s screaming for Aurora. Roberto’s babbling about being able to smell her, knowing she’s close by. Everyone’s converging near Aurora’s hiding place. When Crisanto comes around a corner, Roberto shoots him. He actually looks horrified, probably because he was hoping to hit Juanjo. He’s close enough for Aurora to kick the gun out of his hands and then Juanjo attacks him with three years of pent-up rage. Roberto’s pretty scrappy, though, so it’s not a one-sided fight.

Crisanto pulls himself into a sitting position to watch the end of the fight. Juanjo has the gun and Roberto has a big stick. They hear Susan approaching and Aurora–the only one facing Roberto’s direction–picks up the gun and shoots him.

Weeks pass

Paloma’s in New York. She’s met up with Aurora’s classmate from France. She’s still angry at their dad. When he stops being such a jerk to Leo, she’ll stop being angry.

Crisanto’s going to stay at Juanjo and Aurora’s for a few days now that he’s out of the hospital. He talks Juanjo into helping him do some work–he’s tired of resting.

Paco’s packing up his stuff. He’s going back to Spain. He finds a couple of bottles of wine he and Natalia were saving for a special occasion. Paco insists they toast to the good times.

Serena’s moving to Miami. To be Horacio’s secretary. And that’s all. Uh huh. Dimas comes over to Doris’ place to give her some new fútbol shoes for Rafa. And he gives her a medallion of the Virgen for her to take with her. He apologizes.

Paco and Natalia have polished off a bottle and are laughing about an old story. She was drunk, it was raining…but it doesn’t rain in California. He would have gladly rescued her every time it rained. They stayed up all night. It was a great night. And some great years. Natalia suggests they make this a memorable goodbye….

Afterwards she wonders…what if he didn’t go? Does he really want to go to Spain? He really doesn’t. If she wants him to stay he’ll unpack. But only if they’re going to forget the bad times. Natalia asks him to stay. She’s annoyed that she never stopped loving him. Paco says he never stopped loving her. Natalia wants some proof of that….

Susan brings Sara to the hospital to see Roberto. He’s in a vegetative state and he’s not expected to come out of his coma. Who knows if he can hear them or not. Sara hopes he can. She gets up in his face and asks him if he knows who she is. She remembers some of their high and low points. She laughs bitterly and says he sure is like a doll now, a broken one. She can’t think of a better revenge than this. Susan has to drag her away.

Crisanto comes over to the Montiel warehouse. He asked Natalia, Paco, Joaquin, Aurora, and Juanjo to be there. He apologizes to Juanjo for being a jerk and accusing him of killing Emilio. He’s not making excuses, but when Emilio died he was so full of pain, he took it out on all of them. Juanjo forgives him.

He apologizes to Natalia and gives back the Viña del Río. He’s sorry for everything, for the stupid war. He still needs to talk to Paco, though. I have a feeling that’s not going to be an apology.

Dimas carries supplies in for Natalia. She wants them to make food for the harvest like they always did before. Crisanto apologized to everyone–especially Juanjo. Leo sits at the kitchen table looking sad. Meche’s shocked. She bursts into tears.

Joaquin helps Meche set up the table. Juanjo and Aurora sample some grapes. Natalia and Paco tease them. Juanjo and Aurora argue about whose turn it is to propose this time.

Crisanto apologizes to Leo. He was raised to see things in black and white. But it didn’t give him the right to treat her like that. He just needs some time to process.

He apologizes to Mercedes and they make with the snogging. Aw, she made that too easy. But yeah, now she’s ready to forgive him.

After dinner, they move on to drinks at the Montiel house.

Anita apologizes to Aurora for taking Roberto’s side. Aurora says he had them all fooled.

Everyone gets ready for a group photo.

Aurora gets Emilito to sleep, finally, in her room at the Castañeda house. Juanjo comes in, teasing that they can spend the night there and pretend they’re 18 again. He’s happy that they’re together and nothing will separate them again. Aurora agrees nothing will ever separate them again….

And in his hospital room, Roberto opens his eyes.

Since Roberto isn’t really out of the picture, they might be a season two. guys what do you think?

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