See Zee World cast replacements for The promise, Iron Lady, more

Star cast replacement is not a new development on TV series especially as it pertains to long running serials on Zee world. This is due to one reason or the other as will be discussed here.

Why do actors get replaced?

Naturally, there is need for replacement when a child cast in a serial has to grow or mature in other to further develop the storyline. When such replacement occurs, viewers tend not to notice much, they can only miss the acting prowess of the child cast but that is soon forgotten as the series progress.

However, this may not be the case in times when a cast gets a total change from one episode to the other in such a way that may leave viewers wondering what just happened?! Especially if it wasn’t well executed. An example is the change made on Purab’s cast in Twist of Fate season 2.

But then again, these changes are required due to factors surrounding both the actors and the show as at the time of filming.

Sometimes actors whose contract elapse while a show is still filming may not see the need to renew it, especially if they have better offer elsewhere or if they are simply bored with the current show. In such cases a replacement is necessary.

At other times, some actors may have to quit a show due to personal reasons or challenges, since ‘The show must always go on’, they have to get replaced. Suffice to add here that some Zee world series have the tendency to last over 500 episodes with filming occuring almost daily. An actor who isn’t sold out to following through till the end, may quit the show along the way.

Sometimes too, this replacement could be temporary and at other times permanent. However actor replacement should not be misconstrued with ‘killing off of a character‘ as seen with the death of Priyom in Begusarai.

Killing off a character could happen for many reasons such as contract elapse, character stagnancy, further plot development, etc. It could also be done to evoke empathy from the audience or increase a show’s rating.

That been said, let’s see the upcoming cast replacement on current Zee world shows.

Twist of fate 2

Vin Rana as Poorab Khanna,

Vin Rana later replacement for Purab

The Promise

Gurdeep Kohli as Bani Jai Walia / Pronita Partho Mitra

Gurdeep Kohli casts as older Bani after the face surgery

Manasi Varma as Pia Nishikant Dixit / Pia Pushkar Shukla

Manasi Varma as older Pia

Pallavi Purohit as Rano Ranbir Bali

Pallavi Purohit as older Rano

Ahsaas Channa as Ganga Jai Walia (child)

Ahsaas Channa currently acting As child Ganga

Priya Bathija as Ganga Jai Walia/ Ganga Rishi Tyagi (adult)

Priya Bathija As adult Ganga

Priya Marathe as Vidya Ranveer Bali (adult)

Priya Marathe As adult vidya
Akshita Kapoor as Krishna

Iron lady

Harsh Rajput as Ishaan Sharma

Harsh Rajput as Inshaan

My golden home

Surbhi Tiwari as Pratibha Jagmohan Prasad

Surbhi Tiwari as prahtiba

Natasha Sinha also as Pratibha Jagmohan Prasad

Natasha Sinha Also as prahtiba

Shivangi Sharma as Thakurain Kanika Prakash Singh

Shivangi Sharma

Silkeena Kaur as Thakurain Kanika Prakash Singh

Silkeena Kaur also As Thakurain Kanika Prakash Singh

If there are other replacements, we shall update the list..

So tell us your opinion concerning cast replacement, are they for good or bad? 


  1. When ubare first introduced to the character,you get absorbed and enjoy the character and when there is a replacement its difficult t learn and enjoy the introduced replacement. The replacement of Aditya in the promise didnt brink the spark of the old Aditya,same applies to Karoona and Jigiyasa.

    I love Zee world but somewhere somehow all the stories repeats themselves. Kunjinin Fire and Ice and bani in the promise noth othem have to change their faces
    Bani in the promise,indira in irony lady,abhi twist of fate,pratiba in my golden all of the had amnesia or they are crazy


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