Timeless love update Tuesday 8 August 2023

Timeless love 8 august 2023: Bimla asks Vidhi to get ready asap. She is getting late for her office. Vidhi comes there pretty tired. Bimla asks her why she isn’t get ready yet? Vidhi tells her that she will get ready later. Bimla asks her what happened to her? She never lazy to go to office. Vidhi tells her that she isn’t taking off. She will leave later.Hariprasad leaves to check the person. Bimla asks her what’s bothering her? Vidhi lies to her as nothing. Hariprasad returns there and informs her that Dev called her yesterday. Vidhi questions them why didn’t they wake her up? Vidhi apologize to her and leaves. Bimla says to Hariprasad that she is behaving weird. Later, Rishab gives sweets to Kanika and tells her marriage fixed. Kanika asks him whose marriage? Rishab tells her that Dev finally going to get married. Kanika gets excited to hear it. Later, Chithra and Vickram visits Dev’s house. Priya and Abhimanyu welcome them. Priya inquires Chithra how is everything going on there? Chithra says that she is so excited and preparing everything asap.

She is so excited to arrange everything for Amba’s engagement. They takes blessings from Sathyavathi. Priya says to Chithra that she doesn’t like the way Amba decided to perform the engagement in Vidhi’s house. They don’t have any standard. How will they perform this engagement there. Meanwhile, Kanika asks Vidhi to arrange everything to give surprise to Dev. Dev is going to get married to Amba. Vidhi gets hurts to hear it and says that it’s a happy news. Later, Sathyavathi excuses everyone and leaves. Priya says that Sathyathi isn’t looking happy. She isn’t happy at all.

Abhimanyu says that it’s better Dev talking with mom about it. Later, Amba shares her engagement news to Bimla. Bimla gets happy to hear the news. Urmila praises the sweets taste there. Amba gives the first invitation to Bimla. She shares with her that Vidhi and Milani maa fulfilled her wish. She narrates to her how did Vidhi misunderstood her as Dev’s wife. Later, Kanika checks the mail of Arjun. Vidhi asks her why she is looking dull? She shares with Vidhi that Arjun went to UK without informing her. Vidhi gets surprised to hear. She tells her that he didn’t say anything to her about it.

Later, Urmila checks the invitation and appreciated their chemistry. Amba requests Bimla to give permission to perform their engagement in Milani maa temple. Bimla gets happy to hear it and agrees to her. Urmila says that Dev Raichand going to get engaged in our Temple. It’s a proud moments to them. Later, Dev thinking about Vidhi’s words. Yogesh takes him out. He gets surprised to see the arrangements. Kanika congratulates him along with employees. He searches for Vidhi there. Sangeetha gets hurt to hear this news.

Vidhi comes there and congratulates him. She gets tears in her eyes. Sangeetha says that she gets tears when she is happy. Kanika asks Vidhi to give gift to Dev. She asks them to give it to him. Later, Amba looking around the house with Bimla. Urmila gives the invitation to her. She inquires Bimla about the decorations works? Urmila says that she is here to arrange everything. Amba appreciates her. She asks her to send the designs to her. She will give advance after check it.

Vidhi says to Dev that she will pray God to make him happy always with Amba. Yogesh announced to everyone that Vidhi convinced Dev to marry Amba. Everyone claps for her. Vidhi says to him that she wants to see him leading a happy life with Amba.

Vidhi asking Golden why she didn’t come for lunch. Golden asks her about Arjun. Vidhi sends her Arjun’s UK number. Golden misses him. Anaya comes to Yogesh and tells that Arjun went to UK. Kanika comes there and tells him that he had mailed her. He asks if he ran as she was pressurizing him for marriage. Kanika says we shall talk to him. Dev calls Vidhi and tells that he is a businessman and takes decisions which benefits him etc. Vidhi says these words are not suiting you, and tells that she is very happy for him. She says your practical decision is good.

Urmila tells her husband that the decoration will be done as per their standards. Bimla asks her not to ask more money from them. Urmila says I will decorate and get the money honestly. Vidhi and Golden come there. Urmila asks Golden about the day’s work. Golden says it was good. Urmila informs them that Dev’s engagement will happen here, at Milapni Devi temple and she got the order to decorate it. Vidhi gets sad. Bimla asks what happened? Golden says I will tell, then thinks about Arjun’s words and didn’t tell her. She tells that Vidhi is in work stress. Vidhi asks Golden to be careful next time, as elders will panic. Golden thinks she might change her mood. Dev comes home. He looks at Vidhi’s photos and thinks she has to come out of this pain and move on, I can’t give you anything.

He says your love is clear to see just love, but is not seeing the troubles which you will get, you can’t bear societal taunts. He says you have so much respect for me, now time has come to lower in your sight, until the respect finishes in your heart, you can’t go away free from this love, I have to lower in your sight.

Hariprasad takes the gold coin and tells that Raja ji gave this to our ancestors. Bimla says we have kept this for Vidhi’s marriage. Hariprasad says Dev Saheb has done so much for Vidhi, so we shall give him this coin. Bimla agrees.

Dev turns and sees Amba standing. He asks what do you want? Amba says I thought to decide about engagement details and rings. He asks really, I thought that you will decide everything like you selected the venue. He says I know well that you want to get engaged there to torture Vidhi. She asks why do you hate me? Dev asks her not to marry him, and tells that she has used his sister to convince him. He says he will reach there on time. Amba asks Dev to come. Dev says your tears will not bother me. She asks for his ring size. He gives his ring. Satyavati tries to talk to dev. Dev says he needs to go to office in a hurry. Amba calls her Maa and tells that she loves him so much, and is dedicated to him and his family. She says I will do anything for Dev and his family, and calls her maa. Satyavati asks are you done and goes. Amba thinks she needs to make place in her heart, and she is like her step son.

Hariprasad and Bimla come to office. Anaya tells Vidhi that her Mom and Dad came there. Vidhi goes to them and asks why did you come? Hariprasad says we have come to congratulate Dev Saheb. Vidhi gets worried. Bimla says we will congratulate him and will leave. Dev comes there. He asks why you have come here, and asks Vidhi to come to his cabin. Vidhi says I will come. Hariprasad says we shall go inside. Dev tells Vidhi that this is office and they follow rules. He asks her to ask them not to come there often. Vidhi is shocked. Hariprasad and Bimla hear him.


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