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Jagan scolds Sukhi and makes him exercise. Raavi comes and asks what are you doing, beating Sukhi, what did he do. Jagan gets angry and says he lost to Mannu. Raavi scolds Sukhi and sends him to eat samosas. She tells Jagan that she is not taking Sukhi’s side, we should focus on Mannu’s win, not Sukhi’s failure, he is getting smart day by day, how. He says yes, we have to keep an eye on him, I have to cut his feathers before he learns to fly.

Its morning, Bebe asks Mannu where is he going. Mannu says I have some work and goes. Bebe asks Amba and says you were like shadow, and did not let him go alone, now you don’t worry for him. Amba says he has got smart, his responsibility was on me, now he took my responsibility. Bebe says I don’t want this nonsense, you have 10 days, if your innocence is not proved, I will make you out of this pind. Amba cries.

Mannu meets Raj and says this is Nehal’s house. They try to look inside the window. They enter the house. They tie the rope and hang Nehal. They laugh seeing him. He asks who is it, save me. Mannu talks to him from far. He asks did you get Amba and Harjeet’s pics clicked. Nehal says no, I don’t know them. They scare him of ghosts. Mannu says you have to say what I ask, and accept this infront of Bebe, you know what will happen if you do wrong. Nehal agrees. Mannu and Raj laugh and leave.

Mannu comes home and asks Bebe to come fast. Bebe asks what is it, I will call Jagan. Mannu says no, just you, mummy and me, trust me, you will know truth, come. Jagan looks on and says where did Mannu take them. Mannu shows Nehal’s house. Bebe asks whats happening. Mannu says you wanted answers, he stays here, Nehal Pawa, hospital clerk, stay here, I will get him.

Bebe asks Amba what do you think, your son will prove all of us wrong. Amba says what Mannu can do and what he can’t, its not imp, its imp what your heart wants, do you want prove for my truth. Bebe says its about proof, I trusted you, you lied and broke my trust, what I have seen by my eyes is true for me, I can’t wait, come we will see what Mannu wants to show.

Mannu tells Bebe that I have met Nehal in morning, and this uncle is saying he went yesterday. The man lies to Bebe that Nehal left yesterday. Mannu says don’t lie, Bebe asks whats this, your mum made all of us mad, come home. Mannu tells Amba that jagan would have done this. Jagan drinks and the man signs him that Bebe has gone. Jagan sees Nehal and his wife tied up.

Jagan asks Mannu did you get mad, I m involved in this. Amba asks Mannu to be quiet. Mannu says no, I know I m right, I met Nihaal Pawa and he told me that Jagan is involved, I m not lying, else how would I know the clerk’s name. Amba says I m not taking Mannu’s side, but Bebe knows Mannu does not lie, we had challenge before also. Jagan says I can’t believe Amba has fallen so low and made Mannu lie. Bebe tells Mannu that you wasted my time today, I will not say anything till 10 days and then I won’t hear anything.

Amba asks Mannu to come. Jagan tells Mannu that I have been head master of the school in which you study. Mannu smiles and says but till now, my Chacha ji does not know to spell school, 10 days did not end, it just started, I will prove my mummy innocent, you just count the days. Jagan gets shocked. Mannu takes Amba and goes.

Amba says I don’t want my innocence proof, if Bebe thinks I m wrong, then I m wrong, I lost, I may have done mistake that I lost Bebe’s trust. Mannu says no, we will get proof. She says no, we did not get proof, you went at clerk’s house, Jagan can do anything, its enough. She packs her bags. He asks why are you doing this. She says I should have done this before, you go and get Simran and Gunjan. He asks do you want Papa ji’s dream to be left incomplete. She says I want it to get completed, but I can’t manage it now, I m doing this since 7 years, Bheeru, Simran and you know this truth, my children are necessary, pack your bag. He refuses. She says we can prove innocence when anyone trusts us, you think they will trust me, my three children will die, no, promise me you will come along.

Raavi says such little kid and such smartness to reach clerk’s house. Jagan says I reached on right time, I thought Mannu won’t get anything, now we have to be careful, I will do such thing that Amba and Mannu will run away, I won’t let my hardwork get waste. Amba looks for old address and says we can meet Bheeru at Dharamshala. She says we have our travel fare, we need atleast 2000rs, I have just 750rs. Mannu says listen to me, we have to stay here. She says no need, Mannu pack your bag. He says you trust me, I will show Jagan.

Raavi asks Amba to serve food for Jagan. Mannu takes food from Amba and adds chilli in the food. Amba asks what are you doing. Mannu says I m adding chilli in Jagan’s food. She says I never did this, I won’t let you go. Mannu says you wanted to leave house, what is the difference if I added chilli. He thinks Jagan may stop us to punish and I will prove mummy innocence. He adds full chilli in the curry and gives plate to Amba. He says wait, and adds more. She gets worried. He asks her to go now. She takes the food for Jagan. Jagan asks will I get food today, get it fast.

Jagan eats food and coughs. He asks for water. Amba says Mannu give water fast. Mannu adds salt in the water and gives the jug to Jagan. Jagan drinks water and spits. He goes. Mannu laughs. Sukhi starts laughing and asks Jagan what happened, why are you jumping like monkey. Jagan asks are you not ashamed to laugh on father and throws shoe at him. Sukhi goes. Jagan takes water from well and drinks by the bucket. Amba asks Mannu to be quiet. Jagan looks at Mannu and throws the bucket.

He asks Amba do you want to kill me, so you added chilli in my food. Mannu asks why are you getting angry, sometimes food has extra chilli. Jagan asks really, like water has salt. Mannu says I thought its butter milk and added salt, I did mistake. Jagan says you are fooling me, I m your Chacha, you don’t know what I can do. Amba says I did this, talk to me, we are going away from your way now, I m leaving from this house along with my children.

Jagan asks when did you get so smart. He scolds Mannu and says your fate is good that your mum got sense, you all get lost, I don’t want to see your face tomorrow morning. Amba takes Mannu with her. Mannu thinks any miracle happens that changes Amma’s decision. A man comes and greets them. Jagan asks why did you come at this time. The man says the dam file came back, they asked for Amba’s sign.

Jagan asks Amba to sign before going. She checks file and asks whats this Jagan, this will stop water for 40 fields, how can you do this, farmers will suffer. He says so what, you are leaving. She says yes, but I can’t sign to trouble them, you can do anything after I leave. He says fine, I don’t need you, I m going to become Shah and will manage everything. The man tells Jagan that he deposited papers of sign authority transfer from Amba’s name to him, it will take 10 days. Jagan says I don’t know, to laugh or cry on Amba’s fate, till the papers come, I promise to make your life hell, if you want your children’s welfare, sign and leave, I promise I won’t do anything, tell me will you sign or not. Mannu thinks Amba will not make farmers suffer. Jagan thinks Amba will sign for her children’s sake.

Amba takes pen to sign. She thinks and breaks the pen. Jagan gets shocked. She asks Jagan to do anything he wants, I swear on my children, I will not sign on these papers. Jagan gets the file back and fumes.

Amba asks Mannu not to do this, what was the need, my heart is sinking. Mannu says I wanted us to stay here, this is our house, why should we leave, we won’t go till the blame on you gets cleared, I will prove you right. She asks do you think 10 days are easy, Jagan will have eye on you. Mannu says I know, I can’t break my promise.

Jagan follows Mannu. He sees Mannu going somewhere and wonders where is Mannu going. He says my jeep can’t go there to rough road. He goes by walk. Raman’s friend gives a note to Simran and says Raman has sent this for you, read it. She reads Raman’s note. Raman writes Simran, I love you a lot, I know you love me too, I don’t care of our families hatred, if you don’t come to meet me, I will come to your house and announce my love, then I don’t care if Jagan or Harjeet kill me. She worries and asks the guy to tell Raman to meet at the gate. He smiles and says fine.

Mannu meets Raj at the shade. Raj asks did Nihaal say truth infront of Bebe. Mannu says no and tells everything what happened. Raj consoles him. Jagan comes there and thinks what is this place. Mannu says we have to find how thata Kalgi reached your Papa’s pagdi, I m sure none will support Jagan from your family. Jagan walks to see. Mannu says maybe some outsider did this. Raj tells outsiders who are related to house.

Raj thinks and says maybe Dhobi has done this, none can reach Papa’s clothes. Mannu says it means that Dhobi made Kalgi reach your dad. Raj asks how will we find out. They hear someone coming, and get alert. Jagan comes inside and does not see anyone. He looks round and sees the drawings, decorations. Mannu and Raj hide.

Jagan looks around. He steps on the board and thinks where did Mannu go. He leaves from there. Raj says Jagan is following you, he is afraid you can find clue against him. Mannu says yes, it means he will do some mistake to end the clue, like I was afraid of my mummy that she will know of my doll and I was hiding it, I got an idea. He tells idea to Raj. They smile. Mannu says this time this plan should not fail. Raj says yes, we will not wait and record everything. Mannu says we don’t have phone, I will record it by Jagan’s phone. Raj says its tough, you can’t do this.

Mannu says I can do anything tough to clean the stain from my mummy’s name, as son promised his mum, and has to keep it. Waaris…….plays…………. Raj looks at Mannu. Simran is at the gate and thinks of Raman. Raman comes there and meets her. She asks whats this kiddishness, this love and all, there are other things in this world, my family is important, my mum and brother need me the most, please stop troubling me, and don’t threaten me that you will die. She goes. He looks on.

Jagan says I did not eat anything today. He keeps his phone and changes. Mannu hides and sees the phone. Sukhi comes to room and asks Jagan to open bathroom door. Jagan says I m having bath. Sukhi says I have stomach ache. Jagan says go to other bathroom. Sukhi says there are pigeons. Mannu smiles and says why does Sukhi get wrong things at wrong times. Mannu hides. Sukhi sits on the bed. He plays game to divert mind. He sees Mannu and ask what are you doing here behind the bed. Mannu says I was hearing earth’s hidden sound that comes by our stomach, it tells us about our future. Sukhi asks can I also hear. Mannu says yes, maybe, but its coming here, but you don’t do anything. Sukhi says fine, you move, I will also hear the sound.

Mannu asks him not to get up and try to hear till he hears sound. Mannu hides. Jagan comes and asks Sukhi to go bathroom. He asks where are you Sukhi, did you take my phone. He goes. Mannu sees phone gone and sees Raavi taking the towel. He thinks I missed phone, maybe phone was in the towel. Sukhi says Mannu, I heard the sound. Mannu asks really, great, did you hear future. Sukhi says no. Jagan says I heard it, Jagan will beat you now. He goes.

Raavi says its four months and I have to work so hard. She asks Amba to wash her clothes. Jagan asks Raavi to find out about the phone, ask Sukhi. Mannu comes there and tries to take phone. Raavi smiles and asks Amba now will you make son do daughter’s work. Jagan asks Raavi not to tell him. Mannu gets the phone and keeps in pocket. Amba asks what are you doing. Mannu signs her to be quiet. Jagan asks Sukhi where is my phone. He calls on his phone. The phone rings. He looks at Mannu. Mannu gets tensed. Mannu throws the phone in the clothes.

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