The Evil Eye Starlife update Tuesday 4 June 2024

The evil eye 4 June 2024: Mohana and Divya glare at mark burning. Mohana breaks wall and finds palai sword inside. They are about to take it but Ansh and Piya stop them. Vedsheree asks them to be careful. Ansh says we dont want to fight.

Divya says we need to shed blood first from this sword. Piya says you cant take that sword out of crystal ball thats why sword came here. Mohana says so Devik or Davansh can do it. Divya asks Piya to try. Piya says I will never. Ansh asks Piya to do it, if get that sword then no harm will be done. Piya goes and tries to take sword out but cant. All look on.

Chitali says then who can take it out? Piya says this sword is not for witch hunters. Piya asks Ansh to try and get that sword. Ansh goes and tries to take it out but cant. All are confused. Mohana says then who can take out that sword?

Vedsheree says who can take it out? Piya says its good that sword stays that word. Chitali says Munna.. they all turn to see Adi taking sword out from crystal ball easily. All are stunned. Sword is raised in air.

Mohana says time is here. Piya and Ansh go near Adi. Mohana says Davansh has that sword. Divya says Adi has witch hunter’s blood. Piya says he has both side of blood so no fight will happen. Divya says war will start, we cant let witches take this sword, they are liars, you have to fight for truth. Mohana asks Ansh to fight for their witch family, take that sword. Piya and Ansh say we wont take that sword and wont let you take it. Saanvi comes there. Nishant says we have to stay away from that sword. Piya says both side will lose blood. Ansh says she is right. Mohana thinks that I will get that sword and win this war.

Naman asks Panna to go in room and take those manis. Guru Maa says I will go. She goes in room and sees a big mani. Dilruba says three manis became one giant mani, they try to hold it but gets current.

Mohana says Ansh can take sword as he is a davansh and has powers. Ansh whispers something to Piya. They both take sword and Ansh fly in air.

Panna says to Naman that manis becoming one means war is starting between witches and witch hunters, war has started so we cant stop it. Panna says there must be a way to get that mani. Naman goes near it but gets current. Guru Maa says I can go near it as I am not a witch nor a witch hunter.

Ansh and Piya take sword and raise in air. They trap Mohana and Divya in a bubble, Nishant asks Ansh to go away with that sword. Chitali says they wont spare us when they are free. Ansh and Piya flies away.

Ansh and Piya comes to jungle. Flashback shows how to hide that sword, he said that they have to finish that sword by fire. It can be broken by patal fire only, nobody came alive from that patal fire. Ansh said I am ready to put my life in danger to save others, Piya said she would come with him, flashback ends.

In house, Nishant tells family that Saanvi and I have to go, you have to keep an eye on Mohana and Divya, they leave. Vedsheree asks Chitali to not worry.Ansh and Piya are in jungle looking for patal fire, Ansh says its near here. Piya see big ball of purple fire and says its here.

Mohana and Divya are arguing in the cage. Divya says where is Ansh and Piya? I am not worried about my daughter but worry about your Ansh, nobody will save him. Vedsheree says they are trying to provoke me. Divya says Nishant must have sent them to patal fire but nobody cameback alive from there. Shekhar asks Vedsheree to not listen to them.

Piya and Ansh come near patal fire but it is surrounded by volcano and lava.Mohana asks Divya to keep her mouth shut, nobody can touch my son. Mohana attacks her. Divya falls down. Vedsheree brings water for her. Divya tries to pull her inside but Adi attacks her and save Vedsheree. Mohana grabs Vedsheree and pulls her inside the cage.

Ansh and Piya comes forward and sees a door, Ansh says Patal fire must be behind it. The open the door to find a way to another jungle. Piya says lets go.

Chitali asks Mohana to leave Vedsheree, Vedsheree says I will kill her. She pushes her around. Divya asks Mohana to leave her, Mohana strangles her. Divya says I am asking you last time to leave her, she grabs Mohana’s hand and pushes her away from Vedsheree. Mohana says she is fine. Vedsheree coughs. Chitali says how to bring her out? Mohana says bring the mirror. Chitali brings mirror and casts sunlight on the cage but Avi stops her. Chitali says we have to bring Vedsheree out of it. Mohana attacks Vedsheree more and says finish this cage or she is dead. Family members cry seeing Vedsheree.

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