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This is Fate – Sunday 16 December 2018 Written Update

  Rishab comes to Preita in the room and apologizes for the misunderstanding. Preita asks why he doesn’t want to marry, then apologizes for asking...

This is Fate Zee World – Saturday 15 December Written Update

  Beeji comes to calm Sarla then Shistri. Shistri takes the glass of Daadi’s drink and gulps it, then feels relaxed and agrees to stay...

This is fate Zee World Update – Friday 14 December 2018

Friday Update On This Is Fate Preeta is seen standing on the road wondering what’s in her story further and why fate brought her to...

Zee World: This is Fate Teasers – January 2019

  There is a cricket match at the Luthra house and Rishab cannot take his eyes off Preeta. Sarla is arrested over food poisoning of...

Zee World: This is Fate Teasers – December 2018

  Find the first teasers for Zee world's New series This is Fate starting on the 12th. Read December teasers, highlights and updates here... Read...

This is Fate showing on Zee World Casts, Real names, Pictures

  As we anticipate the start of a new and exciting series titled This is fate on Zee World come December 12, you might be wondering...