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Hina consoles Gazal and says I don’t know why God is punishing you, you are an orphan so I pray for you, I want that Dua to be punished. She has taken away my son and Gazal is getting punished too. She leaves from there. Gazal says Dua has taken away Haider from me but I will use him to hurt her.

Haider tells Dua that she has broken all his emotions, there was a time when you would cry over my small pain but today I am crying but you don’t care at all. He leaves from there and Dua cries. Haider sits in a corner and weeps in pain. Dua cries and says I am so ashamed of blaming you but I have to pretend to hate you, that Gazal has brought us here.

Gazal calls Ajaz and asks about Ruhaan, he says he will die here. Gazal says don’t be crazy, I need him to to remove Dua from Haider and me coming close. Haider comes there and says Dua is not between us. You are between Dua and I. You are standing between Dua and I, stop plotting with whoever you are. Who were you talking to.. actually I don’t care but stop plotting against Dua. He leaves. He takes a blanket and starts leaving. Gazal says where are you going? He says I am going to Dua. Gazal says she has insulted you so much and you still are going to her? She grabs him and says I love you so much, please don’t leave me. Haider pushes her away and goes. Gazal smirks and says I need this night alone to plot to destroy Dua’s life. You will sleep with me from tomorrow and Dua will be alone.

Dua is sitting alone in her room. Haider comes outside her room and puts the mattress down. Gazal comes there and says are you crazy to sleep here? you have a bed in my room, at least care about your self-respect. Think about what people will say. Haider says you didn’t care about people when you were being shameless, he asks her to get lost. Gazal says I won’t let you sleep here. Haider shouts enough, don’t make me forget my responsibilities towards you. Gazal leaves. Haider sees Dua standing near the door and says wow.. I am dying but you are hearing from there to enjoy all this? keep enjoying my pain. He lies on the floor and says you must be laughing at my condition. I have become a fool between you both. He says I am cold so can you at least give me a blanket as a human? Dua throws it out but he says I don’t need it, you have hurt me so much.

Dua puts the blanket on him and closes the door. Dua thinks I am doing this for your benefit Haider. Haider hugs the blanket and says Dua’s smell is near me now.

Dua is going to the kitchen for water when she hears someone walking. She looks around and sees Gazal standing there. She says what are you doing here? aren’t you sleeping? Gazal says you shouldn’t have done this drama today, I know you are playing with Haider’s emotions. Dua says yes, he is my husband and I have a right on his emotions but you are just being a third-wheel between us. Your plots are not working against me and you can beg me like you beg Haider to give you attention. You are so unlucky that you love a person who doesn’t even want to see your face, you have already lost to me. Remember I told you that you will be out of the house in 15 days, I am destroying your plots already. Gazal says you can dream all you want but I will bring my baby in this house and make Haider mine. Dua laughs and says what should we name the baby? maybe a characterless woman? you can dream for Haider in your bed but it won’t happen, he is still mine.

She goes from there. Gazal gets angry and is about to hit her but Dua stops her and says you keep back stabbing but don’t you try, stay away from my Haider and get lost. She goes from there. Gazal is fuming in anger and says soon Haider will be in my room, I will force him to love me, he has to be a responsible husband, 19th June will be my marriage consummation night.

Gazal says I will make Ruhaan against Dua, he will be her enemy. She calls Ajaz and asks how is Ruhaan? He says he is unconscious. Gazal says you won’t need to take care of him anymore, he has to come back home. She gives him some instructions.

Kaynaat tells Hafeez that I think Dua has a doubt on us, she might think that we are being fools. Dua comes there and says you both are fools but I am not angry.. she smiles and hugs Kaynaat. She tells Hafeez that you can’t hide all this. She tells Kaynaat that anyone would be lucky to have you. She makes her wear bangles and says she is my brother’s bride now. They both smile.

Hafeez is sleeping when he hears someone walking so he goes to check. She hears Gazal talking to Ajaz that they have to kill Ruhaan tonight.

She goes from there. Hafeez says Dua will worry so I have to go alone, he leaves. Gazal smirks and says he is a fool.

Dua comes outside her room and sees Haider sleeping on the floor. She says why are you doing this with yourself? it pains me to see you like this. She goes to her room and puts her mattress near the door. Otherside Haider is cold, he wakes up and says she doesn’t even care that I am cold. He goes in Dua’s room to get a blanket and is surprised to see Dua sleeping on the floor. He says I knew you would do this, you couldn’t see me sleeping on the floor so you are sleeping on the floor too? He stares at her and touches her face. Haider says I love you Dua. He holds her hand and sadly looks at her. He caresses her face, Dua grabs his hand in her sleep so Haider lies down besides her, he goes to sleep.

Hafeez comes to the godown following Gazal. Hafeez tries to wake up Ruhaan. Ruhaan wakes up and Hafeez tries to free him but Gazal attacks him. Ruhaan says you? Gazal hugs him and says thank God you are fine, we have to leave. She frees him and frees Ajaz also. Ruhaan says what is this drama now? Gazal says Hafeez would have killed you and Ajaz, lets just go home because if Dua and Haider come here then they will kill you. They kidnapped you. Ruhaan says you are lying. Gazal says just trust me, Dua and Haider want to kill you. They never wanted us to get married, they destroyed our lives. Ruhaan says I don’t trust you. Ajaz plays Dua’s voice of calling out to Hafeez. Gazal says lets run, she will kill you, I love you so much so please don’t leave me.

Ruhaan tries to leave but Ajaz plays Haider’s voice saying that he won’t spare Ruhaan, he will kill him. Gazal tells Ruhaan to run away with her, they will kill him. Ruhaan looks around and is confused. Ruhaan asks Gazal why would Dua want you to marry Haider? Gazal says they want all the property and you were a thorn so they want to kill you. We have to leave now. Gazal thinks Dua will not have peace from tomorrow.

Gazal puts Ruhaan in the car, Ruhaan says I can’t believe that Haider did all this with me. I won’t spare them now. Gazal thinks she can’t let him talk to Haider. Gazal says nobody would believe you if you confront him, you have to wait and be patient. Ruhaan says I can’t hide, I want to go back home. Gazal says please don’t be stubborn, just listen to me. Gazal says thank you for listening to me, Ajaz will take you to a safe space, we will meet again soon. Ruhaan holds her hand and says Haider snatched you from me but I will take away his happiness, we will be together soon. He asks her to take care and goes away with Ajaz.

Dua wakes up and hugs Haider, she says we have to wake up as its very late. Haider says my sunshine is with me. Dua hears Dadi calling out to Gazal and gets in her senses, she goes away from Haider and says what are you doing in my room? what were you up to? Haider says don’t be angry, I just entered the room and fell asleep. Dua says I don’t care, leave my room. Haider says I needed to use the washroom, you made me eat so much spice so I have to eat it. Dua says I slept with you, what if something happened between us? Haider says many things happened between us, you were so into it. Dua cries and says stay away from me. Haider stops her and says I am not a husband who wouldn’t respect my wife’s wishes, I promise that nothing happened between us. Dua tries to leave but Haider says even if something did happen with us, what’s wrong with that? we both love each other and we are married. Dua says that would have been a mistake, we don’t have love between us anymore, we don’t have trust between us. You broke my trust so I can’t give myself to you. She leaves from there. Haider looks on.

Dua comes to the kitchen and cries, she says why do we have to go through the pain. This Gazal has destroyed everything. She says where is Gazal and still sleeping? She goes to her room and throws water at her. She is shocked to see Hina under the blanket. Hina shouts how dare you do this? you have no shame. Dua says I didn’t mean it. Gazal comes there and rushes to her. All come there

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