On the other side of the wall telemundo: See full casts, pictures and real names


On the other side of the wall  is another one of telemundo super series premiering soon. Find pictures, characterisation of its full cats ensemble below:

Main casts.

Marjorie de Sousa as Sofía Villavicencio, is an ex beauty queen, married to Governor Ernesto Martínez. This is also her first work with Telemundo.

Marjorie de Sousa

Litzy as Eliza Romero, she is a professional baker, married to Max Sullivan.

Litzy at premiere of the series in Miami

Gabriel Porras as Ernesto Martínez, he is the corrupt governor of one of the states of Mexico.

Gabriel Porras

Adriana Barraza as Carmen Rosales de Romero, she is Eliza’s mother. She is a patriotic woman who loves her country and her culture.

Adriana Barraza

Recurring character

Uriel del Toro as Andrés Suárez, a generous and supportive man. Andrés arrived in the United States with his wife, María, escaping the violence of the drug world.

Uriel del Toro

Guillermo Iván as Joel Benítez, he is an Interpol police officer, Joel is involved in a covert operation to deactivate the international traffic networks of women and children for sexual exploitation.

Guillermo Iván

Gabriela Vergara as Paula Duarte, is the private secretary and lover of Ernesto. She is a cold and ambitious woman who is responsible for designating political and media strategies to support Ernesto’s political career.

Gabriela Vergara

Khotan Fernández as Max Sullivan, for many years he has led a double life, married to Eliza in Mexico and Jennifer in the United States. He is not a bad guy and loves both families with all his heart. His life becomes complicated when he decides to divorce Jennifer and bring in Eliza and her two children to live in the United States.

Khotan Fernández

Daniela Bascopé as Jennifer Suárez, her parents are from Latin America, but she was born and raised in the United States. Jennifer discovers Max’s deception before anyone else and when she learns of her son’s illness, she presses Max to stay with them and break any ties with his other family.

Daniela Bascopé

Ana María Estupiñán as Karina Sullivan, she is the daughter of Max and Eliza, sister of Rodrigo and twin of Tomás. From her childhood, Karina was very interested in learning and in her studies. Ten years later, she becomes a beautiful and bright young girl, totally adapted to the customs and way of life of the Americans.

Ana María Estupiñán

Mauricio Novoa as Tomas Sullivan. Twin of Karina and son to Max and Eliza.

Mauricio Novoa

Daniela Wong as Alondra Martínez. She is the daughter of the governor of Puebla state, Ernesto Martinez.

Daniela Wong

Jonathan Freudman as Julián Martínez. Son of Ernesto Martinez who was later kidnapped by his own father.

Jonathan Freudman

These are the faces we would be seeing when the series begins later this month. So guys how is the cast line up?



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