My desire update Sunday 23 July 2023

My desire 23 July 2023: Preesha thinks she can’t hold the truth for long and would reveal to Rudra why she married Armaan. Rudra thinks Saransh is right, he will not let his ego ruin his happiness and would reveal Preesha why he is marrying Pihu. Pihu overhears him and thinks she will not let him reveal Rudra reveal the reason and how much he loves Preesha. She calls Digvijay to her room and informs that Saransh and Roohi convinced Rudra and Preesha that they love each other and should reveal the reason behind marrying Armaan and Pihu. She asks him to stop Rudra at any cost. Digvijay says will drop juice on Rudra and send him to have a bath, Pihu should stop Preesha somehow. Pihu says she will use Armaan for that.

Digvijay drops juice on Rudra, apologizes him and asks him to have a bathe first before he gets a skin reaction. Rudra says he has some important work. Digvijay insists and sends him to bathroom. Rudra thinks he will change his dress and then speak to Preesha. Pihu locks Preesha’s room door from outside and thinks she got some time to execute her plan. Preesha knocks door and requests to open it. She searches her phone to call Saransh and finds it missing. Armaan passes by. Pihu tempts him by having jam with finger. Armaan says its wrong to have jam with a finger. Pihu says it tastes really good with finger. Armaan enjoys jam with finger. Pihu thinks her plan is working perfectly till now.

Saransh returns to Roohi and tells her that Rudra is convinced and would speak to Preesha. Roohi says mamma and pappa will reconcile their differences and reunite. Saransh says Armaan and Pihu would be out of their lives and they would become a happy family again. Pihu takes Armaan via Preesha’s room. Armaan hears Preesha knocking door, opens it, and asks who locked the door. Preesha says she doesn’t know and asks Pihu if she saw who locked her room. Pihu says no. Armaan says Pihu taught her a new way to have jam and insists Preesha to try it. Pihu messages Digvijay to bring Rudra to Preesha’s room.

Rudra changes his dress. Digvijay says he looks good now like Pihu’s groom and says let us go down now. Rudra says he wants to visit Preesha to find out if she is fine now. Digvijay says even he will accompany him. Rudra asks him to go down and attend guests. Digvijay says even he will meet Preesha and then go downstairs. Pihu notices Rudra coming, pushes Armaan on Preesha, and hides. Rudra stands disheartendd seeing Armaan and Preesha in an intimate position. Digvijay comments husband and wife start wherever they want to. Rudra says if Armaan is a kid, how can they maintain husband and wife’s relationship. Digvijay says Armaan was fine when he married Preesha and would have developed a relationship then, though Armaan is a kid now, he didn’t forget romancing Preesha and Preesha is also allowing him to kiss her.

Preesha pushes Armaan away and stands shocked seeing Rudra in front of her. Rudra says he came to see something but saw what he never thought of, love and relationships don’t matter to a few people, says let us go from here and not disturb people from romancing. Pihu grins seeing her plan working. Preesha notices jam on her mouth and Armaan’s mouth thinks Rudra misunderstood that she was kissing Armaan, she should clear Rudra’s misunderstanding. Pihu stops her and asks where is she going. Preesha says Rudra misunderstood that she was kissing Armaan. Pihu says its not wrong if she was kissing her husband and she shouldn’t meet Rudra. Preesha gets adamant and leaves. Rudra gathers everyone and makes announcement that he is cancelling all his prewedding and wedding rituals with Pihu as he doesn’t love her.

Rudra says he realized that immensely loves Pihu and can’t stay away from her even for a day and hence will marry Pihu tomorrow in a court without any prewedding riutals. Pihu and Digvijay feel happy hearing that. Saransh and Roohi get tensed hearing that. Pihu tells Preesha that she should go to her would be husband and stands holding Rudra’s hand. Preesha thinks once again Rudra ruined everything in anger without letting her explain, they won’t be able to reunite again. Saransh walks to her and says Rudra ruined everything, he and Roohi were waiting for them to reunite. Preesha says she didn’t get a chance to reveal truth to Rudra. Saransh asks why. Preesha explains how Rudra misunderstood seeing Armaan on her. Saransh says he should reveal truth to Rudra and stop him from marrying Pihu. Preesha agrees.

They both go to Rudra’s room and finds him missing. Rudra takes Pihu on a long drive and asks Pihu why she wanted to go on a long drive when they have wedding tomorrow. Pihu sys she is craving to have ice cream. Rudra recalls Preesha craving for pani puri and ice cream during her pregnancy and says he knows what Pihu is feeling and hence will not complain. Sharda notices Preesha in Rudra’s room and asks what is she doing here as after troubling Rudra so much. Saransh says Preesha wants to talk to Rudra something important and asks where is he. Sharda says he took Pihu out. Saransh says they will wait for Rudra then.

Pihu thanks Rudra for buying her ice cream and says they are nearby her house and insists to meet Digvijay. Rudra takes her to Digvijay’s house. Digvijay asks what are they doing here. Pihu says they had come to have icecream nearby and came to pick her stuff. She signals Digvijay and walks to her room. Digvijay recalls Pihu asking him to hold Rudra at his house tonight when she brings Rudra home after some time. He requests him to let Pihu stay at his house as he can’t take any risk before wedding seeing all the recent incidents and wants them to stay together till their wedding. Pihu returns and tells that she can’t stay back at her dad’s house as she gets pregnancy-related morning sickness and doesn’t want to feel embarrassed in front of her dad, asks Rudra to stay back instead and let her return to his house. Rudra agrees.

Pihu returns to Rudra’s house and seeing Preesha and Saransh there asks what are they doing here. Saransh says they want to talk to Rudra. Pihu humiliates them and sends them out. Preesha tells Saransh that she will meet Rudra directly in court and reveal him truth, then she will see how will Rudra marry Pihu. Next moring, Preesha hurriedly tries to leave house for court hearing when Pihu clashes with her and yells at her for crossing her way inauspiciouslhy. Sharda asks her to calm down. Pihu asks Preesha to stay at home and welcome her with aarti when she returns after marrying Rudra. Roohi confronts Preesha for not doing anything to save her love. Preesha determines to stop Pihu and Rudra’s marriage at any cost and heads towards court.

Rudra gets ready in groom’s attire and recalls his quality moments with Preesha. He thinks why is he remembering preesha when she forgot him, he should marry Pihu as she needs him and will give Pihu’s baby his name. Digvijay walks to him and asks if he is ready. Rudra says he is. Digvijay asks him to come down while he gets car out.

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