Lost in love starlife update Thursday 6 June 2024

Ishan tells Swati that Reeva had left him earlier and can leave him again, she can motivate her again to go again. Swati says she didn’t motivate Reeva but threatened to commit suicide. Ishan is shocked to hear that. Swati says she had sent Reeva away from Ishan as she thought Reeva won’t move on in her professional life if she stays with him, she didn’t Reeva to lose her talent, but Reeva loves him so immensely that she left everything for him.

She hopes if she had stopped their meeting, Reeva’s life wouldn’t have been shattered; says he is trying to take revenge from Reeva that he can’t see her pain, shame on him. Ishan is shocked that Reeva’s mother blackmailed her to go way from him.

Vinayak surprises Savi by creating a sari tent reliving their childhood memory. Savi feels immensely happy and emotional. Vinayak says he realized his mistake when he opposed Bhavani’s decision to sell this house and Savi slapped him for his mistake, reminding him of their parents. He shows her their old name plate and says they both will work hard and buy back their Chavan nivas and will take back their grandparents there. Savi emotionally hugs and thanks him for returning his elder brother. Vinayak promises to support her always.

Surekha walks to Ishan’s room with servant instructing him to serve milk to Ishan daily every evening. She finds a maid there and asks where is Ishan and what is she doing here. Maid says Ishan went out and she saw the room stuff shattered and hence cleaning it. Surekha thinks where must have Ishan gone at night. Ishan drives car and imagines Reeva in it. He stops car and gets out. Reeva asks where was he going. Ishan says he wasn’t going to meet her.

Reeva says like every time, he is running away from truth. Ishan says he learnt truth just now that his mother had blackmailed her, even then she shouldn’t have left him; anyways he doesn’t care if she leaves for USA again. Reeva says then why is he worried then. He says he is not. She says he should accept that he still loves her and walks away. He says he doesn’t and nothing will change if she leaves. A passer by car driver scolds him for blocking the road.

Surekha continues to wait for Ishan and thinks where he must have gone at this time without informing her. Yashwant walks to her and asks if she is fine, why she is sweating. Surekha says she feels anxious. Yashwant asks her to relax as Ishan considers her as his mother and not Isha and didn’t agree to attend Isha and Shantanu’s conference. Surekha says Ishan didn’t tell that he hates Isha, Savi’s play has put some impact on his brain forf sure, she will visit him tomorrow at college and question him his opinion regarding Isha. Yashwant says she shouldn’t worry as Ishan is their son and take proper rest.

Next day, a businessman visit Ishan in his cabin and says he heard that his parents are invited by the prestigious London institute; he must be proud of them. Ishan nods yes. Man says he heard a news channel is interviewing them. Shantanu calls Ishan before the interview and he repeatedly disconnects it. Man says he should pick it as it looks urgent. Ishan picks call and asks Shantanu to speak. Shantanu says Ishan rejected his request to attend interview, but he should rethink as it’s good for institute and even they will feel good. Ishan disconnects call.

Surekha calls him next and says she is coming there with his favorite food, they will have lunch together. Ishan says okay. Businessman says he spoke to London institute about his parent’s achievement and about their interview to them, they are excited to be collaborated with his parents and offer scholarship to institute students, so it’s important for Ishan to attend this interview.

Savi represents Bhosale Institute during interview and briefs her opinion about Shantanu and Isha. Chavans get happy seeing Savi on TV. Host says that was Savi; they had even invited Isha and Shantanu’s son professor Ishan Bhosale, but they he can’t attend interview due to some reason. .She gets a message that Ishan has reached studio for the interview. Surekha reaches Ishan’s cabin and learns from Shukla that Ishan has gone for the interview and whole college is excited to watch his interview on TV. Surekha shattered seeing Ishan with Shantanu and Isha on TV.

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