Lost in love starlife update Saturday 8 June 2024

Ishan breaks down seeing Surekha’s condition. Shantanu tries to comfort him. Ishan tells Yashwant that Surekha will be fine soon. Yashwant blames Ishan for Surekha’s condition. Ishan says he didn’t do anything, he went to attend Shantanu’s interview. Shantanu backs Ishan.

Yashwant says whatever the reason is, Surekha’s life is in danger. Nishi says Surekha got a heart attack while watching Ishan’s interview, it was good that Reeva performed CPR on time and brought her to hospital. Doctor comes out and informs that Surekha’s condition is stable now and they can meet her in some time. Ishan emotionally hugs Reeva and thanks her for saving Surekha’s life. He says if something had happened to Surekha, he wouldn’t have forgiven himself. He continues to thank her with folded hands. Reeva says she did whatever is right and she is happy that she could save Surekha’s life. Yashwant gets a call and walks away. Ishan continues to hug Reeva tightly. Reeva feels happy.

Bhavani and Ashwini select a dress for Savi for her satkar ceremony. They both argue with their selection. Bhavani selects jeans pant. Ashwini asks if Savi will wear it for Maratha satkar ceremony. Bhavani they are honoring her for her achievement and not dressing sense. Argument continues. Harini brings a new sari for Savi and says she knows what Savi likes. Savi rejects even that. Ninad says let Savi decide what she wants to wear; after spending so many years with Ashwini, he learnt that if a woman rejects everything, it means she has selected something. They ask what she has selected. Savi brings Sai’s sari and says she will wear this sari which her mother wore during her satkar ceremony. Ninad says he knew it. They all get emotional. Harini gets calls from jail and gets tensed. Savi asks whose call was it. Harini says from office.

Anvi requests Ishan to have something as he didn’t have anything since morning. Yashwant says Ishan feels guilty for hurting Surekha and hence is not feeling hungry. Ishan continues to cry. Reeva walks to him and tries to comfort him. She explains him that love means not hatred but to wait for some one, it’s a beautiful feeling which can just be felt, etc. Ishan recalls his rude behavior towards Reeva and feels guilty even for that. He removes a feather from Reeva’s hair and fixes it on a Christmas tree. Reeva says he shouldn’t trouble himself, apologize Surekha, and wait for her forgiveness. Ishan thanks her for clearing his confusion. She offers him juice to get some energy before speaking to Surekha. Yashwant notices them together.

Savi plays carrom with family and frowns recalling Ishan’s anger towards her. Harini says Savi calls Ishan as chidkiya and herself looks chidkiya now. Ashwini asks what are they gossiping. Ninad asks if he can get some tea. Harini says vada pav would be an add-on. She takes Savi along to prepare tea and vada pav and asks her to stop frowning recalling Ishan. Savi says Ishan misbehaved with her like always. Harini says she should look at the positive side also where Ishan attended his mother’s interview and even called her aayi. Savi says Ishan will never change and lives in his own delusional world of self-obsession. Door bell rings. Harini checks and finds a gift for Savi. They open it and find a costly sari and discuss who must have sent it.

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