Lost in love starlife update Friday 12 July 2024

Ishaan tells Yashwant that he learnt from Yashwant to stand by the decision whether it’s right or wrong and never back off, so his decision will not change and he expects his family to support him. He says he married Savi and will support her his whole life, etc. Family stands speechless. Ambulance driver stops ambulance and asks goon why is he not responding.

He gets out to check and panics not seeing Savi inside. Savi hits him and escapes. Goon runs behind her. Savi reaches road, stops a car, and requests it’s owner to save her from a goon. Car owner turns out to be goon’s friend. They all 3 run behind Savi.

Ishaan reaches Reeva’s house to apologize her, but Swati insults him for betraying Reeva and refuses to let him meet Reeva. Ishaan drives car recalling her words. Hospital’s nurse calls Ishaan and informs that they need Harini’s medicines and Savi is not reachable, and since his number was in emergency contact list, they called him.

Ishaan reaches hostel and scolds technician for malfunctioning CCTV camera. Nishi asks him and asks what happened. Ishaan says Savi is missing and corridor’s CCTV camera is not working, it’s a severe breach of security. Nishi asks him not to worry about Savi as she will return. Ishaan says he learnt that a hospital staff took Savi in an ambulance and when he question hospital staff, they informed that they didn’t send anyone at all; why would hospital send an ambulance to bring patient’s relative, something is really wrong.

He gets a call from Ramtek police station that Samrudh has escaped from jail and he and Savi should be careful. He says if Samrudh is behind all this, he will not spare Samrudh. Shukla says he noticed ambulance number.

Ishaan drives car with Shukla searching for Savi. He asks Shukla if he is sure he noticed ambulance number. Shukla says he saw Savi getting into that ambulance and leaving. Prateek calls him and shares ambulance’s live location. Shukla’s further describes him about the incident happened in temple. They reach ambulance and doesn’t find Savi even there. Savi throws mud on goons and runs again. Her dupatta falls down. Ishan reaches the venue and continues to search for her.

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