Kylie Jenner finally breaks silence on pregnancy.

Over 101 million followers of Kylie Jenner, a global fashion icon and owner of Kyle cosmetics, were treated to both an apology and the news of her recent birth.

Kylie had gone on a social media sabbatistical in late December last year amidst speculations of her pregnancy.

Kylie Is pregnant, Kyle puts to bed
Kylie and Khloe pregnancy bump

Her family, the popular and influential Kardashians neither confirmed nor reputed the news, but a post on her instagram page on Monday, the 4th of February confirmed all speculations that she was indeed pregnant.

The proud mom also informed her followers that she had successfully put to bed on the 1st of February to a baby girl, amidst gushing over her motherhood journey.

Below is the post she put up:

The father of the child is purpoted to be Travis Scott and congratulatory messages have not stopped to flood her timeline since the announcement.

The internet is also burning up with the news of Kylie’s baby girl.

Kylie Jenner baby girl
Kylie Jenner has a baby girl.




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