Imlie starlife Wednesday 7 June 2023

Imlie 7 June 2023: Aryan finds Imlie’s anklet on the road. An ambulance passes behind him with Imlie. Aryan shouts Imlie. Cheeni runs to him and asks if he saw Imlie. Malini asks her to forget Imlie as she will not return again. Aryan thinks Imlie left even Cheeni, he has to handle even Cheeni along with himself now. He hopes Imlie is safe wherever she is. After 9 months, Aryan is busy at work. Arpita shows him Cheeni’s unfinished food. Aryan says he will make Cheeni understand that Imlie will not return and feed him. Imlie’s anklet falls down. Arpita asks if he is convinced that Cheeni is gone. He silently takes food plate from her and leaves.

Malini relaxes and gets pedicure done via a beautician. Anu asks her why she sends Cheeni to Rathore house every Saturday and Sunday even after knowing that Cheeni may reveal that Malini frightened her. Malini says she needs a time to time break from Cheeni; she is giving Cheeni a best education and luxuries and is sending her to Aryan to frighten her that she can snatch even him. Anu says even then. Malini asks her to relax as they are spending a peaceful like since 9 years, she needs to get ready to go and pick up Cheeni.

Aryan takes food to Cheeni. Cheeni hides her Imlie’s drawing. Aryan says he knows her pain and her drawing. He takes her drawing and says she is drawing Imlie’s sketch since 9 months and sticking it everywhere. Cheeni recalls Malini threatening her and thinks Imlie is everything to her, why didn’t Imlie come even after she left so many clues for her. Aryan says she will be in more pain if she remembers Imlie, so she should stop. Cheeni says Imlie is missing, isn’t he worried for her. She asks him to help her fix Imlie’s missing poster. They box fix posters in market. Aryan recalls Imlie joking on him when he gets ready for office, getting romantic, and promising him to be in touch wherever she is. He thinks she didn’t fulfill one more promise. He tells Cheeni that he is getting late for office. Cheeni prays god to send back Imlie soon. Aryan thinks breaking promises is Imlie’s hobby, will she really return, wherein she.

Imlie is seen in coma with Meethi sitting beside her and vaidya/doctor checking her. Meethi says she got a call from a government hospital 9 months ago that Imlie is admitted there after accident, she rushed there and since then, Imlie is in coma. Vaidya says Imlie is alive and can hear her, just that she lost her hope to live. He asks her to pray god for her speedy recovery and leaves. Meethi cries that she brought Imlie far from everyone and prays god to bring back Imlie’s hope to live. Aryan reaches a lead location and searches for the lead. He shows address to someone and asks if this is the place. Man says it is. Aryan thinks if he came early. Imlie opens eyes and shakes her hand. Meethi notices that and runs to call Vaidya.

Aryan notices her and without seeing her face thiks there is some emergency, he needs to go and check. He walks towards Imlie’s house.Meethi gets happy seeing Imlie getting out of coma after 9 months and runs to call vaidya/doctor. Aryan without noticing her face calls and thinking there is some emergency walks towards her house to check. He enters house and then gets into Imlie’s room. Imlie wakes up from bed and moves curtain aside. They both are amazed to see each other. Tere Liye Hum Hain Jiye.. song plays in the background. She holds his hand and collapses again. Aryan holds her. Meethi returns with vaidya and is shocked to see Aryan. Vaidya says its a miracle that she is out of coma and asks his assistant to bring her medicines.

Aryan accompanies assistant. Meethi makes Imlie rest on bed and tells vaidya that Imlie’s medicine has already arrived and she will get well soon.Arpita and Narmada are busy selecting saris when Neela walks to them and asks Narmada to concentrate on her son as he has become an unmarried father to a girl and Anu is determined to make him as her son-in-law, she should get her son out of their grips. Arpita asks if she wants to fix Aryan with someone else. Sundar says Aryan knows what he needs. Neela says he is stuck with Imlie still now. Cheeni cries remembering Imlie. Malini warns her not to take Imlie’s name. Cheeni in her usual rudest tone says khali mali is pestered by Imlie’s name, what if she comes in front of her.

Malini asks if Imlie at least called her in 9 months. She gets a message that Aryan used company accounts to buy some medicines. Cheeni asks what happened khali mali. Malini warns her to behave and asks if Imlie didn’t teach her manners. She calls driver and asks where is Aryan. Driver reveals that Aryan bought medicines for Imlie and is with her now. She drops phone in shock. Cheeni asks if she got Imlie’s information and takes phone. Malini takes it back from her and thinks how could Imlie get alive after dying.

Vaidya checks Imlie and tells Meethi that Imlie’s health has improved a lot suddenly. Aryan thinks if Imlie is pregnant. Vaidya tells him that because of him, Imlie is back to life and now she can deliver a baby without any problems. Meethi walks to Aryan and reveals that Imlie met with an accident while trying to meet Cheeni and was in coma for 9 months. She then asks about Cheeni and goes to get something. Aryan thinks Imlie was in coma and he was misunderstanding her, Imlie is pregnant means she has moved on with someone else and he cannot question her decision. Cheeni celebrates after hearing news of Imlie and asks servants to play the music and dance with her. Anu enters and shoos servants away and runs behind Cheeni to catch her. Malini enters. Cheeni bumps on her and gets afraid.

Aryan sits besides Imlie. They both ask if they are fine. She coughs. He gives her water. She says Narmada, Arpita, Cheeni must have cried a lot and he must have tried to find her. Aryan says he thought she doesn’t want to return to them, he and Cheeni missed her a lot. she says already 9 months passed and asks if Cheeni is going to school now. He says whole day she talks only about Imlie, if he had know that she was in this condition here, he would have.. He then asks who stays here. She says she and her mother. He asks where is baby’s father. She thinks she didn’t inform him about that night, even he doesn’t remember anything. He says he will not force her, but can she reveal who baby’s father is. She thinks he didn’t trust her before and considered a lie as truth; she controlled herself when he left her 6 years ago, but if he leaves her again, she won’t be able to control herself.

She says she doesn’t want to talk about baby’s father. He asks if she can’t answer his simple question. She asks why did he let Malini kick her out of the house.

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