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If you were not there 13 August 2023: Niyati is standing when the women questions who is she, Niyati reveals that she is the mother of the child who was kidnapped by her husband and in the process died, Niyati questions what does she know about it, Bella turns to leave but Niyati informs that she has come to ask her help since she knows her husband did it all on the orders of someone, his name is Angad but she has been trying to find her for the past six years.

Abhimanyu is driving the car, he recalls how Nidtiya applied the color on his face, revealing they have met twice and now become friends with each other because of the special connection. Abhimanyu suddenly stops the car, he standing out of it exclaims that if her daughter was alive then she will also be like Nidtiya but because of the actions of Niyati, she got snatched

from him as Niyati did not listen to his request or the warning of the police, when Abhimanyu exclaims, he will never forgive her so she must not come in front of him because he would not even see her face.
Niyati is standing when a child calls her mother, she comes to Bella mentioning how the people applied the colors on her face, Bella asks her to go and take a shower, Niyati prays for the long life of her child, she explains if her daughter was alive then she would be of the same age revealing that she got killed because of Angad and he is living in that house without any worry, she needs to take revenge for the death of her daughter since her own husband is against her, Niyati requests Bella to tell the truth, Bella reveals that he was very happy the last time he came back, he assured they would get a very big amount tomorrow after which they are going to go back to their village, he however advised her to go and stay with her uncle if something happened to him since he has placed some proof there, Niyati gets relieved asking if she went and did he take the name of Angad, Bella replies she doesnot know anything about it since she never went to her uncle’s house, she can give Niyati the address of her uncle’s house, Niyati is relieved hearing this, she holding the hand of Bella appreciates her for what she has done.
Amma jee standing with Gajender reveals that she knows Abhimanyu is suffering a lot, he tries to act as if he is fine in front of the whole world but she knows he cries in the night when he is alone, she is feeling something different twill happen today that will change the life of Abhimanyu, Mr Panday also prays for these evil times to end.

reveals that she knows Abhimanyu is suffering a lot, he tries to act as if he is fine in front of the whole world but she knows he cries in the night when he is alone, she is feeling something different twill happen today that will change the life of Abhimanyu, Mr Panday also prays for these evil times to end.

Sulochana is trying to catch Nidtiya but she is running revealing she will do anything else after having the Gujia, Nidtiya while eating it goes to Ram revealing that she even made a new friend today, he asks her about him, Nidtiya reveals even when he is much older than her she managed to befriend him Ram asks what is so nice about her friend, Nidtiya exclaims first of all he is really nice since she threw balloons at him but he did not scold her, secondly he also loves his mother and they all know that those who love their parents are really the best people. Sulochana asks Nidtiya what is the name of her friend but Nidtiya replies that she forgot his name, however Sulochana questions why is she making friend with strangers, Nidtiya questions how can he be a stranger when she is his friend, she feels they have a Kismat connection as they met twice in two days without any planning, Ram is shocked. Nidtiya questions where did her mother go since she saw her leaving in an auto.

Niyati gets out of the auto, she starts looking at the address and is really worried, some men are drinking on the road side and even pick some colors questioning each other if she is from their society, they mention if she was from their locality then they would have known her, but why has no one applied any color on her face even when she is so pretty, she slaps the person when he tries to apply it warning him to stay in his limits, she starts running from them.

Amma jee explains to Gaju how she is feeling that the time has come when the differences between Abhimanyu and Niyati will end, after that everything will turn for the better. Niyati is running with all her might from the people.

Gajender questions what is the need for such a hope as both Abhimanyu and Niyati have been living in the same city for six years but did not meet each other once, Amma jee exclaims she feels that everything will be fine.

Niyati is running when she bumps into Abhimanyu without knowing, he manages to catch her so starts looking her in the eyes, the color also gets applied on her forehead, they both are shocked to see each other. Abhimanyu thinks how he asked her to not come in front of her for the rest of her life, the people, she immediately stands away from him. The people stand behind Abhimanyu asking him to go away ordering Niyati to come with them but Abhimanyu stops him when he is about to reach for Niyati, he pushes them all away, hitting them one by one, the rest of them get scared seeing him, Niyati stops Abhimanyu when he asks why has she come in front of him when he warned her to not come ever again, he pushes her away when she exclaims, they met for the first time because of Kismat but it is the same this time. Abhimanyu exclaims those six years have passed and she doesnot have any regret but just stubbornness.

Niyati mentions she felt the pain of losing her child and also feels the pain to trust him, she will be stubborn to find out the truth of the person who killed her, even when he has blamed her for all these years, Abhimanyu gets frustrated asking her to not lie, but Niyati replies that he put the life of their daughter at risk when he stopped to bring the belongings of Angad yet he did not listen to her, Niyati reveals he is always doing whatever his mother’s tells him to do without worrying for what might be right, Niyati exclaims her mother is ruining the life of one of her son while protecting the other, she reveals that Maa is good but what is the need for such goodness when it just ruins the life of someone, Niyati exclaims he always does what she tells him to do but when he will find out the truth, he would not be able to live with himself, she leaves assuring she is going to prove the truth of Angad and his mother. Niyati reveals it was her biggest mistake to trust his love since he cannot love anyone other than his mother.

Abhimanyu from behind exclaims she is blaming them to hide her own fault since she is the reason that his daughter died and now Niyati has filed a case against them, she must not come before him otherwise he would make it difficult for her to even live.Niyati is walking while the people are playing Holi, she is heartbroken and taking out the address is sure that the wardboy would have left some proof against Angad on this address, she wipes off her tears.

Niyati asks the person if he is the uncle of keshar Sahu, she reveals that his wife sent her and he before the murder sent the proof, Keshar questions what does she need from him, he is about to close the door when Niyati reveals that he sent the proof which will prove that Angad is the one who kidnapped her daughter and also murdered his keshar, the uncle informs he doesnot do anything for free, Niyati gives him all the money which she has when he s not happy since the amount is not enough, he however accepts because today is the festival day so he brings the mobile, Niyati asks if he knows what is in the video but the uncle informs that he has not opened it. She asks for the charger but he demands some extra money, she hands the bangles and requests if she can charge it for some time.

Niyati starts looking at the video in which Angad advises Keshar to first kidnap the daughter and then demand ransom from them, he should not let the child return to them at any cost. She vows that the bad time of Angad is going to start, Niyati goes to the police station when she says to the inspector that he did not accept her for the past six years and she always said that the case is not strong enough but this time she has against him, the proof against him, she shows the video seeing which the inspector apologizes and goes away asking her to wait.

Angad is sitting in the room, he is informing that they made a mistake by not giving him the tender for the Highway and now must forget to win the next election, he gets a call from, the inspector who asks him to be ready as his bad time has started, he reveals that Niyati is sitting in his office with proof against Angad, hearing this he gets mad questioning how did he dare to think that he can arrest him when he has been enjoying on his money for the past six years, inspector informs that his hands are tied and he cannot do anything about it, he would in either case have to arrest him, Angad questions what did Niyati tell him, he reveals everything hearing which Angad exclaims that it has been six years but Niyati is not leaving the city and not even allowing the case to end, he made a mistake by involving the ward boy in the kidnapping.

Niyati is on the call with Ram and Sulochana, she informs that finally Guriya is going to get the right, Abhimanyu would have to take back all the blames which he placed on her, as no one can deny such a big proof, today all the truth will come out, Ram exclaims she won as anyone else in her place would have accepted defeat but she remained stead fast to provide justice to her daughter, Niyati asks them to speak slowly otherwise Nidtiya will hear, Sulochana reveals that she helped Nidtiya fall asleep, ram offers to come to the police station but Niyati replies this is her fight and she will be the one to fight it alone, Nidtiya coming out of the room questions why did her mother go to the police station, she questions her Grandfather when Sulochana reveals she went to complain about Sharma uncle because he threw garbage at their door and even got in a fight with her mother so she went to the police station, Ram asks her to go and wash her face since they will have to do the homework, Nidtiya going in the corner thinks that they believe she is a little child so doesnot know but they cannot lie to her anymore.

Abhimanyu is with kaviya playing, she requests him to put her down since she has done her homework and now they need to play the games but after that she starts smiling exclaiming that she made a fool of him, Abhimanyu mentions that now this is the time for fighting, they start a pillow fight which causes the vase to fall, Meera is really angry seeing it, Abhimanyu and Kaviya both apologize to her when she exclaims today kaviya will be punished since now he would not save her, Abhimanyu replies he will protect her and not let anyone harm his daughter,. He immediately calls her as his niece when Angad knocks on the door calling Abhimanyu, he leaves with him.

Angad exclaims there has been a problem so he should call back Maa, Abhimanyu questions what sort of problem when Angad says he should ask his wife as she has been adamant and not let the case close even after six years, Angad exclaims he cannot watch his mother go in jail and she ahs even made a tampered proof, he shows Abhimanyu the voice note in which Niyati is also blaming Manaroma for the death of her daughter, Angad exclaims if this is the case then he can go to take the blame however Abhimanyu leaves in anger while Angad is smiling.

Niyati sitting in the police station, recalls how Abhimanyu blamed her for being the reason of their daughter’s death, he broke their relationship and the kismet connection forever, Abhimanyu calls Niyati how much would she lie since she blamed Angad and his mother for the past six years for the crime which she committed, Abhimanyu mentions she blamed them all but not herself, Niyati reveals Manaroma is responsible, She has found the proof which proves Angad is responsible and Maa knew about it, even then she did not stop Angad so she is surely responsible for the death of her daughter. Abhimanyu mentions he could not think she will stoop so low but Niyati replies she is not wrong and Abhimanyu broke her vow, he is still doing the same but Niyati reveals Angad never wanted to give back their daughter, he desired to kill her from the start and she rushes to bring the mobile, mentioning it has the video when the inspector questions why are they fighting like this since they are standing in a police station, he takes them both outside when Niyati is just worried about the phone but the inspector says she must calm down, Niyati and Abhimanyu are standing on the opposite corners when Abhimanyu why is she worried about the case when everything has been ruined, she says he can blame her after seeing the video, she asks him to check it after she brings the mobile. Abhimanyu starts recalling the day when Guriya got kidnapped, Niyati asks him to turn it on and see the video in which Angad is accepting the same crime which she is blaming him, Niyati questions if he is hesitant because if his blames prove to be lie, he will not be able to talk with the mother of his daughter, Abhimanyu questions where is the video, he shows her the gallery is empty, Niyati is shocked seeing it.

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